Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 1)

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There was plenty to talk about after the first week of the CFL season as football returned with plenty of changes to critique.

Some new coaches were successful in their debuts with new teams while others fell short.

New players made an impact and other went silent in their first games leading some to begin wondering if their team made the right calls this off-season.

Of course, this is all after the first week of the season and most performances in that first week won’t mean a lot when the season ends in November.

A lot of the problems that some teams have had won’t be around halfway through the season as teams will fix issues and change things in order to get that ticket to Toronto.

There are some things that could affect the longer season though as some teams have already run into some of their biggest concerns.

Chief among them was the Ottawa REDBLACKS who were already dealing with injury trouble before the season officially began.

It started with an injury to William Powell who was set to be their starting running back before the first pre-season game.

In that game, he injured his knee and will now miss the entire season leaving the REDBLACKS looking to young unproven talent in the backfield.

It was the first shot in a season that had some questions as a team that was full of players having career seasons was hoping to be back in the Grey Cup for a second straight year.

The problem was that those performances were likely not going to happen again and their luck on the injury front wasn’t going to keep going.

Powell was the first sign that the season might be different for the REDBLACKS and only if they were prepared enough could they find their way back.

In Week 1 that same thought popped up again when their leader both on and off of the field went down.

Henry Burris had the best season of his career last year at the age of 40 winning the MOP and leading the league in almost every passing category.

In Week 1 he was at it again as he started to get going until a hand-off caused Burris to seemingly dislocate his finger.

It was the worst case scenario for the REDBLACKS but luckily for the team they had prepared for their worst-case scenario.

In the off-season, the REDBLACKS signed their heir-apparent to the ageing Burris taking Trevor Harris from the Argonauts.football-sidebar

After filling in well for Ricky Ray most of the last season he was one of the most popular free agents this year.

The REDBLACKS signed him thinking that he could learn the offence and in a few years take over for Burris who was likely not going to be playing much longer.

The injury to Burris hurried up the plans though as Harris was forced to enter in the first game with his new team.

It turned out to be great though as on his first pass Harris threw to Chris Williams for a touchdown.

In a game that turned out to be a firefight, Harris led the REDBLACKS to the win in the Grey Cup rematch.

For Week 2 it has already been announced that Harris will start for the REDBLACKS and in the CFL that could bring a lot of challenges.

The league is notorious for going with the hot hand and not changing anything that is working.

If Harris can take another win and have a great performance the REDBLACKS all of a sudden have a tough decision to make.

Do they go back to the defending MOP who is now 41-years old but can clearly still play or do they go with the young gun and start his time earlier than they thought?

It is going to be a tough division but Harris can make it that much more difficult in the second week as he gets the start and will have every opportunity to win the starting role.

If he can do it the first major controversy of the season may be underway as Ottawa debates what quarterback to use.

In some ways, it is a good problem to have as some teams would love just one good quarterback.

The reality is slightly different though as comfort is a major part of playing well and if the REDBLACKS do it wrong they may make a good situation very bad and hurt their chances of returning to the Grey Cup.

There is still plenty unknown though as the season has just begun and more than one team has some things to figure out as the season moves on.

Fourth Down:
(More news this week in the CFL)

Bombers Hopeful for Dressler
Injuries were not limited to Ottawa as the first game saw big new signing Weston Dressler go down with an apparent concussion in the first game but he Bombers are hopeful that he will be back in the lineup for the second week

From South Bend to the Hammer
With the Tiger-Cats still looking for some stability under centre until Collaros returns and their third string quarterback out they made a big addition signing former Notre Dame and Florida State QB Everett Golson to the practice roster

Starting Out Right
The season opened in mixed fashion as the Argos took a beating against their long-time rivals but in that beating they seemed to have figured out their stadium woes with BMO field opening to a near sellout crowd as the Argos hope that turnout continues with their new stadium


Week 1:
Hamilton Tiger-Cats 42 – 20 Toronto Argonauts
– The Toronto Argonauts opened BMO with plenty of fanfare but that couldn’t help them in the game as the line on both sides had little for the Ti-Cats who rolled over their rivals ruining the opening night in Toronto and taking their first win

Montreal Alouettes 22 – 14 Winnipeg Blue Bombers
– The Blue Bombers were a team that was supposed to be improved while the Alouettes had uncertainty at quarterback but none of that mattered as the Als took the win with Kevin Glenn leading the way

Ottawa REDBLACKS 45 – 37 Edmonton Eskimos
– It didn’t start all that well but it turned out to be the best game of the week as the Esks and REDBLACKS went back and forth in a shootout that the Eskimos couldn’t finish off with the REDBLACKS getting revenge for their Grey Cup loss

BC Lions 20 – 18 Calgary Stampeders
– The Stamps were expected to give the Lions plenty of issues in the opening game but as with every opening game it wasn’t the case as the Lions took the win barely getting by Calgary to get an early two-point lead in the division

Week 2:
Ottawa REDBLACKS vs. Montreal Alouettes (Thursday, June 30th; 7:00 pm ET)
– The Alouettes surprised many in their opening game but will they be able to keep up with the output of the REDBLACKS as Trevor Harris takes over under centre after helping to put up 45 points in Week 1

Toronto Argonauts vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders (Thursday, June 30th; 10:00 pm ET)
– The Argonauts didn’t start the way they were hoping as their home opener was spoiled and now they try to do the same to the Roughriders who will open their season with new head coach Chris jones looking to make an impression

BC Lions vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (Friday, July 1st; 7:00 pm ET)
– The Ti-Cats had a pretty good showing even without their star quarterback and they will try to keep things going without Collaros against the Lions who looked better in their Week 1 win as they try to prove that they are better by getting past the Ti-Cats

Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Calgary Stampeders (Friday, July 1st; 10:00 pm ET)
– The Bombers started their season in familiar fashion with plenty of hope leading to disappointment but they will try to turn things around against the Stamps who have something to prove after losing their first game of the year

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