MLB Week in Review (June 17-23)

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The sports world can be a cruel one especially for fans that usually live or die with their favourite teams.

Although they are not on the field with the team they claim a little bit of the team as true fans.

They are a community and without them, sports simply don’t exist so they play some part in keeping the industry alive.

The So although they don’t put in the effort or the time it takes to be great they still live and die with how their teams play.

When their team gets a championship it is great as fans get to brag and get to be a part of a successful community.

Those championships don’t come all that often though as every league has their share of droughts that have gone on for a long time.

For some, it is more about the city itself, like Cleveland who got their first professional championship in 52 years.

It seems like that is becoming more common though as teams with long playoff and championship droughts are falling every year.

There is one that stands out among the rest though as the Chicago Cubs are the team with the longest championship drought in the history of North American Sports.

It has been a tough 107 years for the Cubs fans but every year since their last championship they have come back hoping that this was the year.

They have supported their team as some of the best fans in the league and yet every year they are never rewarded.

There have been times where it seemed like they were ready to end the drought but with strange happenings all credited to a curse of the Billy Goat, it seems like they can never get to that title.

It got bad a few years ago when they seemed to constantly stay in the bottom of the league.

The run was not a good one but it seemed to be all according to plan as they started to build a very talented young team from the farm system out.

It is beginning to pay-off as the Cubs looked good a year ago but came up short and now they look even better.

They are the best team in baseball right now and look close to unstoppable.

They are taking over the NL Central and are on pace to break the all-time winningest team record this year.

The Cubs have one of the best pitchers in baseball in Jake Arrieta while the rest of the team has helped to put in the league’s best ERA.

They also hold the third best offence in the league led by young players like Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo.

For once everything seems to be going right for the Cubbies but this is baseball and it is tough to predict

The halfway point of the season is approaching and the Cubs are doing well but there is still more than half of the season to go before the postseason.

In baseball, all it takes is a key injury to end the hopes of a team or just things stop working out.

The bouncing stop going a team’s way and batters can’t find the ball as well while pitchers are missing their spot.

It can all change in a matter of weeks and Cubs fans know this more than any other fans in the MLB.

The hype is only building for the Cubs as the season moves on and there is bound to be a downturn at some point.

The biggest question will be whether or not that downturn lasts a long time or if it happens at the worst time.

The Cubs look like the team to beat this year but famous collapses fill the record books and the Cubs will just hope not to be the next one.

There is no doubt that it is going to be a challenge as the season rolls on in what is one of the toughest marathons in team sports.

With more than half of the 162 game season left the Cubs have a chance to make history but they will need to avoid the pitfalls that have hurt so many other great teams.

Extra Innings
(More on this week in baseball)

Heading to Sin City?
With the NHL announcing that the league will expand to Las Vegas in 2017 other leagues are taking a serious look at the location including the MBL as Rob Manfred said that Vegas deserves serious consideration for expansion

Retirement Regrets
David Ortiz is having one of the best seasons of his career but it will be his last after announcing he will retire after the year a decision he now regrets as he is not happy about the season-long celebration in his honour

Falling Aces
It is approaching the middle of the season and for some teams, it is the toughest part especially the Nationals and Mets who are struggling to keep their aces on the mound as Stephen Strasburg and Noah Syndergaard have had health issues


Key Series:
Cleveland Indians 3-0 Chicago White Sox
– The Indians have come out of nowhere to take over the AL Central which is quickly becoming one of the most entertaining divisions in the league as only a few weeks ago the White Sox were at the top, but their journey back got tougher in the sweep

Chicago Cubs 3-0 Pittsburgh Pirates
– The Cubs are truly taking over the league as the Pirates seemed to be a team to challenge them but after this weekend sweep the gap between the two only got bigger with the Cardinals sitting in between this budding rivalry

St. Louis cardinals 3-0 Chicago Cubs
– The Cubs came in on a real role as they took over the league but the Cardinals are used to being the top teams and they showed why when they swept the Cubs in a surprising result for the Central division

Los Angeles Dodgers 3-0 Washington Nationals
– The Nationals were looking to prove that they were ready to compete with the best teams but the Dodgers had different ideas as they swept the Eastern division leaders to continue their fight in the west against the Giants

Upcoming Series:
Houston Astros vs. Kansas City Royals [June 24-26]
– The Astros looked like the moves they made in the off-season were not going to pay-off but they have seemingly figured things out making a massive run that they will try to continue when they take on the defending champions

Boston Red Sox vs. Texas Rangers [June 24-26]
– The Red Sox will travel to Texas in a match-up of two of the best teams in the American League with both teams sitting at or near the top of their division the entire season as they face-off to continue their runs this year

New York Mets vs. Washington Nationals [June 27-29]
– Last year the Mets were able to overtake the Nationals for the division title and they are looking to do the same this time around but the Nationals seem to be a better team this year as they look to get a bigger lead in the division race

Toronto Blue Jays vs. Colorado Rockies [June 27-29]
– For the first time since he left Troy Tulowitzki will return to the only city he ever played for as the welcome back is certain to be a big one but he will try to make the return worthwhile for the Jays who continue to move slowly up the standings in the east

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