2016 IIHF World Championship Report (Medal Day)

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Medal Day at the IIHF World Championship was a test for all four teams but for very different reasons.

In the bronze medal game, the challenge has been the same every year in the world championship and any major championship.

It is the challenge of getting up for a game that nobody wants to play in when the tournament begins.

Every team comes into the national championship looking to play for the gold and wanting to make that gold medal.

When a team exits early it is disappointing but their tournament is done and they don’t have to try to get up for another game.

When a team loses in the semi-finals they have to get up to play another game the next day.

Recovering from a bad loss is tough but losing the final game of the tournament and leaving without anything.

That was the case for Russia and the USA as both dropped their semi-final matchups and had to play for bronze.

As is the case with most bronze medal games one team didn’t show up as the Americans could not get anything going.

The Russians took the easy win in what will be a disappointing tournament in front of their home crowd but one where they at least leave with a medal.

On the other side, there was no problem getting up to the gold medal game featured two very motivated teams.

For Finland, it was supposed to be the conclusion of a spectacular international hockey season where they won the U18 and World Juniors.

Winning the world championship meant sweeping the golds which no team had done before.

For the Canadians, it was simply about defending their title after a much worse international hockey season.

After losing in the U18 and the World Juniors the Canadians wanted to get at least one title in the year and continue their rule over the hockey world.hockey-sidebar

After winning in 2015 taking another title winning back-to-back titles for the first time since 2003 and 2004.

The game was a rematch of the final round robin game in Group B, a game that the Finns easily won 4-0.

Finland knew they could beat the Canadians but needed to realise that the Canadians would change their approach and try to get the win.

The Canadians had to make those changes and play a far better game that the first time these two teams faced.

The Canadians were a different team when the two countries took the ice as they looked to shut down the Finnish offence more than anything else.

The Finns had both a great defence and an explosive offence that could put u points while allowing few shots on goal.

The Canadians began playing a more defensively sound game to ensure that the Finns couldn’t take the lead and coast with a great defence.

Instead, the Canadians came out early scoring their first goal in the first period.

That goal was enough for the defending champions as they shut down the Finns and despite not being able to put anymore by the Finnish goalie the Canadians didn’t let anything into their net.

As time wound down the Canadians added their second goal on an empty net with a second left in the game.

The celebration was on as the Canadians had ended the Finnish dominance and snapped their world championship win streak.

They took their second straight title and stayed on top of the hockey world for another year climbing closer to the Russian’s gold medal total.


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