2016 IIHF World Championship Report (Day 8)

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The World Championship brings an interesting group of players from every walk of life in the world of hockey.

The majority of the players in the World Championship come from their own countries in the multiple domestic leagues that make-up European hockey.

Almost every country has their own domestic league where the majority of the best players play.

They tend to stay local where there are more opportunities and for many teams that is where they find their players.

Whether it be Liiga in Finland, The Czech Extraliga, the DEL in Germany, or the NLA in Switzerland.

Players from their own countries get a chance to play professional hockey and develop their skills.

The national teams of these countries take a look into all of these leagues to find their roster providing plenty of domestic players for the tournament.

Of course, these leagues are not necessarily the biggest in the world as one league gets that distinction above all of them.

The NHL is the league that everyone wants to be a part of when they start playing hockey and is also the toughest league to be a part of.

Only the best in the world play in the NHL which is why the rewards are so great and why the Stanley Cup is often seen as one of, if not the biggest prize in the sport.

More countries than ever before are being represented in the league and often the players in the NHL that play for their countries are their top players.

There is one rival league to the NHL in the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) where many ex-NHLers play for bigger money.

The league has been successful but the money is no longer there to compete with the NHL.

There is little doubt that even despite the rise of the KHL the NHL is still the ultimate place to play.

Heading into the tournament that can be seen a little more as a number of players go into the tournament hoping to be discovered by the scouts that attend the tournament.

Many of the scouts are there to see the younger talent or players that have already been drafted but are still playing in Europe.

They are not necessarily on the lookout for new talent but if someone can impress they may just be discovered and be watched closer than they would have.

There are also the players that have moved on from the NHL only to look for another chance in the league.hockey-sidebar

Most notably Andrei and Sergei Kostitsyn who both were close to deals the last off-season with NHL teams.

It’s clear that both brothers are on the radar of some NHL teams and despite a reputation for not necessarily playing their best all of the time they still have a chance in the NHL.

If either of the brothers can play impressively enough for Belarus there is a chance that this off-season they receive a few calls from NHL teams.

So far neither have had an overly impressive performance with three points between them and no goals.

They still have time though and with more scouts headed to Russia, this is the time for them to attempt to make an impression.

They won’t be alone though as a number of players will be hoping to catch the eye of NHL scouts.

After all, there are few people in the tournament that began playing hockey with thoughts of playing in their domestic league.

Many began their careers hoping to make the NHL and some still have the ability to do that.

Whether it happens or not is entirely up to how well a player can play.

This tournament may mean a chance for a player to grab a championship with his country but for some, it is a lot more.

Whether they are veterans looking for a chance or undrafted young guns trying to get noticed this is a chance for people to take a look at them.

Not only that but drafted or draft eligible prospects to get a chance to be noticed as well with plenty of NHL eyes on the tournament that features some of the best players from around the world.


Day 8:
Czech Republic 3-1 Kazakhstan
– The Czechs continued their great tournament with another win this time over Kazakhstan who did not get further away from being relegated as they fell to the last spot with only a few games left in the tournament

USA 5-1 Hungary
– The Americans are finding their stride now and they showed it taking on the Hungarians in a game that many predicted would be easy and was easy for them as they put up five goals to keep themselves in the playoffs

Denmark 3-2 Latvia (SO)
– Latvia’s tournament has taken a bad turn after looking like they were going to be a lot stronger but they still took the Danes to a shootout and gained a very important point in their quest to remain in the top division

Germany 5-2 Belarus
– The Germans showed up against Canada but fell short although it didn’t stop them in their next game as they got by the Belarusians to keep their playoff hopes alive in the second half of the tournament

Day 9:
Norway vs. Sweden (Saturday, May 14th; 5:15 am ET)
– The Swedes get back to action looking to continue their recent momentum this time against the Norwegians with Norway hoping to gain some points in their hunt for the final playoff spot in Group A

France vs. Finland (Saturday, May 14th; 5:15 am ET)
– The Finns have been impressive so far this year and they are looking to keep up to Canada before their showdown at the end of the round robin as they take on the French who are looking for their own boost to their playoff hopes

Russia vs. Switzerland (Saturday, May 14th; 915 am ET)
– The Russians are getting better with any game and now with three new players, they may just hit their stride against the Swiss who have to deal with the reinforcements in hopes of solidifying their playoff spot

Hungary vs. Belarus (Saturday, May 14th; 9:15 am ET)
– Hungary has yet to win a game while the Belarusians have one win throughout the tournament but if Hungary can take the win they will start a very interesting battle to stay out of relegation

Kazakhstan vs. Latvia (Saturday, May 14th; 1:15 pm ET)
– Kazakhstan and Latvia started their tournament so well but both have fallen off recently and are now fighting to stay in the top division as a win for either team will go a long way to seeing who stays out of relegation this year

Canada vs. Slovakia (Saturday, May 14th; 1:15 pm ET)
– The Canadians have never had the easiest time with the Slovakians as they are a team that shouldn’t put up their toughest fight but often do as Canada hopes to avoid the upset and take another win to stay atop the group

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