UFC 198 Preview

ufc-198In combat sports anticipation can be the best weapon for promotions as it can build up interest in a particular fighter or fighter.

The UFC is well-versed in the use of anticipation as they have regularly built up fights for months.

Sometimes it comes about due to injury and the UFC simply rides the anticipation and other times the UFC does it entirely on purpose.

It can easily build up excitement and the more that a fight or fighter is talked about the more interest there is in him or her.

That makes for better pay per view numbers and ticket sales while it gets the mainstream media involved in the fights.

There will be plenty of anticipation throughout the year this year as returns of Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey after their first losses will be major events.

The anticipation has built up for the latest pay-per-view event as two fights will finally get underway after some waiting.

First up, will be the debut of one of the greatest female fighters in the history of MMA who will finally enter the UFC.

Cristiane Justino, better known as Cyborg, has been fighting long before Rousey entered the MMA game and has beaten the best of the best.

There is a pretty good debate to name her the greatest female fighter of all-time after fighting the biggest names in the sport.

She made headlines when she brutally knocked out Gina Carano, essentially Rousey before Rousey began fighting.

Fans had wanted to see Cyborg fight in the UFC for years but she has long been a fighter at 145 lbs where there is a lack of talent.

The UFC never wanted to create another women’s division as there is a small pool of talent for either of those divisions and another bigger division was not going to fare any better.

The demands grew though and when Cyborg signed with Invicta she was finally under the Zuffa umbrella making it possible for her to move to the UFC.

The next challenge was finding a fighter that wanted to take on the best female fighter in the world that isn’t even a part of their weight class.

After the UFC reportedly reached out multiple fighters Leslie Smith accepted the fight at 140 lbs catchweight.

The anticipation for UFC fans to see Cyborg on the biggest stage has been growing and finally they will get their wish.

Fans will finally see the power in the hands of Cyborg and Smith will try to avoid the big punches while landing her own in what could be one of the most entertaining women’s fights in UFC history.

Both fighters are stand-up artists and they are both powerful but Cyborg has yet to lose and Smith is no better than anyone Cyborg has faced as her debut will finish with another win.

The anticipation is not limited to a fighter debut at UFC 198 as there is also anticipation for a title fight long in the making.mma-sidebar.fw

The UFC has struggled to keep heavyweight title fights on cards with injuries destroying any chance of the division making progress through challengers.

Since unifying the belt a year ago, Fabricio Werdum has yet to defend taking a break after his fight with Cain Velasquez and then seeing two fights cancelled earlier this year.

With a Cain Velasquez rematch scheduled for UFC Fight Night 82, Velasquez was forced to drop out with an injury.

Stipe Miocic stepped in but Werdum was forced to withdraw due to injury as well and the title fight was cancelled.

Finally, it seems like all is ready for the heavyweight title to be on the line for the first time in a year.

Werdum will defend his belt against Miocic, who has had plenty of experience in anticipation as he has fought his way through the division and finally gets his shot.

With so many heavyweight fights recently the division is ready for this to be solved as challengers are lining up to find out who the champion will be when the night ends.

For fans, this is a chance to see the evolution of the division with one of the greatest BJJ practitioners in the UFC.

Werdum is a BJJ world champion and has won five fights in a row including two submissions as his talent level on the mat is higher than anyone else.

Miocic is on the other side though as one of the top boxers in the division with knockout power and technical ability that rivals any one of the heavyweights.

The fight has been a long wait for fans and both of the fighters as they finally get to see the heavyweight champion defend his belt.

The anticipation is finally over for both Cyborg and the heavyweight division as UFC 198 provides plenty of hyped fights with UFC’s return to Brazil.


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