UFC Fight Night 87 Preview

ufc-fn87In combat sports, there are different hotbeds where a certain discipline takes hold and that area begins to produce great talent.

Wrestlers from America, Jiu Jitsu practitioners from Brazil, Boxers from Britain, or Combat Samba fighters from Russia.

All of these areas have become a major part of the MMA world as fighters from every region have brought their own skill set to the octagon making the Mixed Martial Arts what it is today.

One region that has had a major impact on MMA is the Netherlands where kickboxing is king and fighters go to learn the finer points of the discipline.

There may not be a huge number of fighters from the area but the influence of Dutch kickboxing has been felt through the MMA world including the UFC.

There have been countless fighters that have travelled to the Netherlands to earn the knowledge that comes from trainers like Henry Joost.

It is not a country that has produced the same level of MMA fighters as they have kickboxing fighters but there is still a deep connection to combat sports.

That is why it seems strange that the UFC has never made the trip to the Netherlands to display their brand of combat sports.

That will end this weekend when the UFC travels to Rotterdam where they will have their first ever fight in the Netherlands.

It seems like great timing as well with two of the biggest Dutch stars, both originally kickboxers, will be featured on the UFC Fight Night 87 card.

First up, will be Stefan Struve who is a veteran in the UFC but is still only 28-years-old as he made his debut at a very young age.

At the start of his career, he seemed to be the wiz kid of Netherlands making waves in the heavyweight division.

At 7’0” he looked like an impossible riddle to solve in the division with a reach far exceeding anyone else as his run towards the title looked inevitable.

He could never gain the traction he needed though and lost important fights that would have put him in the title conversation.

Lately, those key losses have come closer together with three losses in his last four fights although all have been against top ranked fighters.

After a move to Florida and the Blackzillians, Struve is ready to make his comeback in the division and will do so in front of a home crowd.

He will take on Antonio Silva, who has had his own struggles lately, looking to get back to winning and back into the heavyweight rankings.

An impressive win will get people talking about Struve and is sure to electrify the crowd who will all be supporting their own on the night.mma-sidebar.fw

The new training will be put to the test as he hopes to reach a new level as his reach will a very important role in this fight.

Struve can fight on the ground but against Silva, it will likely be better to stay standing and keep his range while Silva tries to close the distance and use that knockout power or his BJJ background.

They will have another to cheer for in the main event too as arguably the best fighter to come out of the country is set for a very important heavyweight fight.

Alistair Overeem has had his share of controversy with PEDs but there is little question that he is one of the most successful Dutch fighters in MMA.

Currently, he is making his latest run up the UFC rankings in the heavyweight division and this new version of Overeem is a scary one.

With three straight wins against top talent, Overeem is looking better than he did when he first entered the UFC.

It will be a big night for Overeem as he hopes to take a win in front of his home crowd to make sure the night is a success for the fans and the UFC.

There is a good bet that it will be a good night as Overeem will take on another top-ranked veteran in the heavyweight division, Andrei Arlovski.

Both fighters are strikers first and despite their decent ground games, they prefer to use their striking to end fights early.

Arlovski is on his own comeback trail after returning to the UFC and putting together a four-fight win streak that was halted by Struve in his last fight.

Arlovski and Overeem are looking to be the next title challenger in the heavyweight division after Stipe Miocic and an impressive win could do that.

The Netherlands has long been a hotspot for combat sports and finally they will get to see two of their best MMA fighters on one of the biggest stages in MMA with both fighters looking to make an impression on their home fans.


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