UFC Fight Night 84 Preview

ufc-fn84A theme has emerged for the year with more fight announcements showing that 2016 will be the year of the comeback.

Former UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones will return in April to fight for the title after spending most of 2015 dealing with legal issues and having his belt stripped.

Khabib Nurmagomedov will also, at least hopefully, return after cancelling a number of fights in 2014 and 215 due to injury as he hopes to continue his pursuit of the lightweight title.

BJ Penn is also set to return this year coming out of retirement, although recent reports have delayed any announcement of when his return will be.

There are also plenty of other names reportedly set to come back, especially with UFC 200 upcoming and the promotion looking for some big names to fight.

It will all start at UFC Fight Night 84 though when one of the biggest names in the entire sport makes his return to the octagon.

Anderson Silva is widely regarded as the greatest fighter in UFC history thanks to his unprecedented run as the middleweight champion.

During his time on top, he effectively cleaned out the division and was beginning to make a run at the light heavyweight title.

Nobody could beat him as he continued to be the best that the UFC had ever seen, at least until he met Chris Weidman.

In their first meeting, nobody gave Wideman a chance but the underdog knocked the champion out ending the reign of Silva.

The next time they fought Silva lost again this time after he broke his leg ending his second UFC loss in devastation.

He came back from both of those losses though when he fought Nick Diaz at UFC 183 in what was built as the return of the champion on his way back to the title.

He won that fight but soon after was stripped of the win when it was revealed that he had failed a drug test for PEDs, Diaz didn’t get the win either when he failed a drug test for marijuana.

Now after serving his drug suspension he makes another return to the octagon in the hopes that he can get back to the title that he held for so long.

To start that run he will take on Michael Bisping and in an unfamiliar territory and territory that won’t be the most inviting.

When you’re the champion and the greatest fighter in the UFC more often than not you can fight at home in front of a favourable crowd.

That is not the case with Silva returning from his failed drug test as he travels to England where he walks into Bisping’s world.mma-sidebar.fw

It is a test for the former champion to show everyone that he is still the greatest not only in the division but in the UFC.

Bisping might not be a top contender but he is far from an easy out as one of the true veterans in the UFC who gets to fight in front of an intensely loyal fan base.

It won’t be easy but Silva has made matchups that look like they are his biggest test into easy wins and that is what he is trying to do this time around.

If he can do that he will officially return as that unstoppable fighter that most remember when he was the champion.

That type of win will surely put him right into the mix for the middleweight champion where Luke Rockhold is waiting for his next fight.

The match-up itself is nothing new of course with Bisping bringing that British boxing style against the much more awkward striking of Silva.

The Brazilian has consistently waited for fighters t come after him before he gets them in a bad situation but he might be more aggressive as he tries to prove something.

The best way that he can do that in this matchup is to take the fight to the ground where he can use his BJJ against the lackluster wrestling of Bisping.

If Silva gets this fight to the ground it doesn’t seem like Bisping will have anything to stop him from winning.

Standing is a different story as Bisping can take the win with some well-timed punches just like Wideman did before.

Knowing Silva though he will not leave things up to chance and will take the fight to the ground where he will submit Bisping in the second round to take the win.


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