Wednesday Morning QB (Championship Weekend)

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The Super Bowl is less than two weeks away as the Conference Championships are finished with two teams getting one more game before the off-season.

The championship games were a unique pair as one was very close but surprisingly boring, unless you were a fan of either team, and the other was a blowout with great plays but little competition.

They weren’t the greatest games to tide football fans over until the biggest event the NFL has ever hosted but they did provide plenty of insight for the game to come.

In the AFC it was yet another match-up between two of the veteran quarterbacks of the league and the two QBs considered the best in the league.

The NFC was a different mix as a veteran quarterback enjoying a resurgent season saw the future of the position on the other sideline.

In the end the Broncos took a close win to move onto the Super Bowl while the Carolina Panthers walked through the Cardinals to take their own spot in the big game.

What this set up was an interesting quarterback match-up that is sure to be the talk over the next two weeks before both teams step on the field.

On one side of the field will be Peyton Manning, a sure hall of famer and one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history.

This is the man with almost every significant QB record in the league and with his own Super Bowl win that has essentially guaranteed him a spot among the best to ever play the game.

He is also a quarterback with seemingly one foot out the door as his season has been one of his worst, at least statistically, ever and one where he was a back-up for the first time in his NFL career.

To many Super Bowl 50 seems to be the last time that Peyton Manning will ever play the game and what better way to go out than with his second Super Bowl, one that would match his younger brother Eli.

On the other sideline will be Cam Newton who is the consensus MVP of the league this year after one of the most dominant seasons by a quarterback ever.

He represents the new breed of QB that has been invading the NFL for a number of years, the dual threat

With his running ability and his great arm, Newton has given plenty of teams a reason to take another look at the type of QB that has yet to have sustained success in the NFL.

At only 26 years old this is far from the last ride for Newton with more than a few people believing this could just be the start of something in Carolina.

They are polar opposites in terms of how they play the game and have been polar opposites in their performance this year.

Where Newton doesn’t mind getting out of the pocket and making something happen with his athleticism, Manning prefers to do his playmaking before the ball is even snapped and enjoys the safety of the pocket.

This year Newton took over games when he needed to and had plenty of fun doing it while Manning struggled all year as the Broncos won games in spite of him rather than because of him.

Yet no matter how either QB got to this point the fact is they are here and they are ready to take their shot at winning a Super Bowl.

For Manning it is the send-off that every veteran wants and reminds a lot of people about winning one for John when John Elway, at the end of his career, became their inspiration.

For Newton it is a chance to begin a legacy and earn his first Super Bowl with one of the best seasons by any team.

He will try to set the bar and take a win for all of those young quarterbacks coming into the leagues with the same skill-set to show that they are worth giving a chance and worth adjusting to in the near future.

The Super Bowl is set and two opposite quarterbacks will look to take the biggest prize in the NFL at Super Bowl 50.

Fifth Quarter:
(Thoughts on Championship Weekend)

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