Wednesday Morning QB (Divisional Weekend)

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A week after every home team took losses the home teams came out on top throughout the divisional rounds.

The separation between the best teams in each conference and the rest of them were clear but they were not necessarily dominant at every turn.

The top two teams in each conference went through the regular season as the best teams in the league and stayed that way almost the entire year.

All four of them began the season with long winning streaks as members of the unprecedented amount of undefeated teams this year.

They all extended their winning streaks beyond most even if they did end up dropping games eventually.

They were always looked at as the teams to beat in either conference and although a few question arose at the end of the season they all took the top spots in the conference.

They sat by and watched the wild card teams take every game as they got healthy and prepared to end the trend of away teams winning games.

For New England they had to deal with one of the hottest teams in the league in Kansas City that shut out the Houston Texans in the wild card game.

The experienced Patriots did not have a hard time dealing with the Chiefs as they consistently put up points and were never in very much danger of losing the game.

The Patriots once again head to the AFC Championship game in hopes of returning to the Super Bowl and taking another championship.

In the NFC it was a little tougher for another Super Bowl favourite as the Arizona Cardinals had a fight on their hands with the Green Bay Packers.

It will likely go down as one of the best playoff games every as both teams went back and forth until a Hail Mary by Aaron Rodgers tied the game and sent it into overtime.

The Cardinals came out on top in the end after Larry Fitzgerald emerged as truly one of the best playoff receivers of all-time scoring the winning touchdown in overtime.

The Cards escaped and proved that they can play under adversity as they moved on to the NFC Championship game.

Both teams were expected to win and although they did it in different ways they both took the wins with few surprises along the way.

What was surprising was the top two teams in each conference and the issues they faced in the divisional weekend.

In the AFC the Denver Broncos looked to a healthy Peyton Manning to lead them to the championship

That decision became more tumultuous as the game went on and the offence continued to struggle to get anything in the end zone.

The good news for the Broncos was that their great defence that refused to let the Steelers into the end zone.

The Broncos stayed in the game and in the fourth quarter Manning managed to help the Broncos, along with a breakthrough by the running backs, to a touchdown that put them ahead for good.

In the NFC the Carolina Panthers took control against the Seahawks early and seemed like they were on their way to the easiest win of the year.

They had put up 31 points and shut out the Seahawks at halftime but the strange part came in the second half when the Panthers couldn’t find the end zone at all and allowed the Seahawks to get back into the game.

It wasn’t enough time for Seattle though as they lost the game giving the Panthers a ticket to the NFC Championship game.

The two championships will include the teams that everyone expected but the top two teams at the end of the year have reason for concern going into the final game before the Super Bowl.

The Broncos will wonder if Manning still has what it takes to go back and forth with Tom Brady in another Manning-Brady Bowl.

If he can’t the Patriots have more than enough to get ahead early and prevent the last minute drive from changing the game.

The Panthers showed that they can be shut down and the Cardinals are sure to take a close look at what the Seahawks did.

They likely won’t be able to put up 31 points in a half against the Cards and need to play a complete game to win their chance at a Super Bowl.

There are questions heading into this championship weekend as the home teams all try to take the win but unless they can solve their issues it might turn into a repeat of wild card weekend.

Fifth Quarter:
(Thoughts on Divisional Weekend)

Lynch Wants Out
Marshawn Lynch returned from injury for the divisional weekend but it might be the last time he puts on a Seahawks’ jersey as he has claimed that he doesn’t believe he is in the plans for the future of Seattle and that he doesn’t want to be with the team next year

Weight Issues
After their loss to the Cardinals the Packers cleaned out their locker room and held their year-end interviews which shed some light on Mike McCarthy’s thoughts on his team including that running back Eddie Lacy was simply too big and needed to lose weight before next season

Coaching Avalanche
The Browns, 49ers, Eagles, Giants, and Buccaneers found their new coaches this week in a week that every other coaching opening was field with some coaches leaving town for a new spot and others being promoted to head coaching positions

Chargers Closing in
The San Diego Chargers have yet to announce whether they will join the Rams in Los Angeles but according to court reports a request was put in to patent the name Los Angeles Chargers giving rise to the thought that they might be closer to moving than to staying in San Diego


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