Wednesday Morning QB (Week 16)

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As 2015 winds down the NFL is looking ahead to what they hope to be an uneventful year off of the field.

You can’t blame them either as the past few years have featured some of the toughest few years in NFL history.

There was the concussion issue that still leaves the league in a tough place and then the domestic violence issue that forced the league to create a policy on those crimes.

This past year it was “Deflategate” and in the bigger picture the battle between the players and Roger Goodell.

The league commissioner is the first and final say in all suspensions and according to most he gets the suspensions wrong.

Players are starting to fight back and requested that Goodell remove himself from discipline to bring in an independent disciplinarian.

Some are even suggesting that his mishandling of the Bounty Scandal, Ray Rice’s suspension, and Tom Brady’s suspension show that he is not fit for the commissioner’s job.

So it has been a few tough years for Goodell and the league, although many of the issues they have brought on themselves.

So when the news broke that a number of NFL players had been identified in an Al Jazeera investigation into an anti-aging clinic providing HGH to athletes the league took another deep breath and dove in to yet another scandal.

The report came from a documentary produced by the new network that looked into the Guyer Institute, an anti-aging clinic in Indiana, and a former employee Charlie Sly who claimed to have knowledge of MLB, Olympic, and NFL athletes who used HGH.

The biggest name on the list was Peyton Manning with the documentary stating that HGH was sent to his house during his recovery from neck surgery.

The report also named Nike Neal, Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers, James Harrison, and Dustin Keller as those who received HGH.

The NFL has launched an investigation into the allegations because they are required to do so when claims like this are made.

After the reports began to surface Manning was interviewed and angrily denied any wrongdoing saying that he had never used any PED and that he was likely to sue the network.

Sly came out stating that Manning was not a part of the list of people while the network defending their report stating that they never claimed that he used

Instead they stated that the documentary made the claim that HGH was sent to Manning’s wife on a regular basis.

Of course that is technically true but no news network is ignorant enough to believe that nobody was going to draw the conclusion that Manning might be using the illegal drugs that were going to his house, why even mention it otherwise.

A lot of people have come out to say that the new network is far from credible and that these allegations against any player should be taken with a grain of salt.

Only time will tell but for the NFL this is another major accusation that they have avoided for years.

In all of their problems over the last few years the NFL has never really faced a major PED scandal.

That was reserved for the MLB where multiple reports have named some of the biggest players in the sport and the league is still trying to recover from the damage done by those reports.

The NFL has been far from perfect in the past few years but they have always avoided any major PED scandal with only a few players being got thanks to the drug testing of the league.

There has never been a report naming big names in the league and linking them with PEDs.

That is until now with a new report that many would prefer to sweep under the carpet but despite the network’s reputation this is not something to ignore.

These drug issues have effected sports for a long time but professional sports are dealing with them now and it can do some major damage to the image of the league.

The NFL needs to take this as seriously as they have taken any other scandal, or maybe more serious than they have in the past, before things are uncovered that they don’t know about and can’t get ahead of.

Fifth Quarter:
(Thoughts on Week 16 in the NFL)

Cleveland Changes
The browns are one of the worst teams in the NFL but it doesn’t seem like the coach is the one that will pay for a bad year as the Browns seem to be blaming the GM Ray Farmer rather than Mike Pettine

Weddle Fined for Family
The relationship between Eric Weddle and San Diego seems to be souring and it took another turn this week when he did not enter the locker room at halftime instead staying out to watch his daughter perform on the field and the Chargers fined him

Grimes Family Troubles
Brent Grimes has stayed relatively out of trouble in the league but his wife is a different story as a tweet criticizing Ryan Tannehill this week from his wife was the latest in a long line of trouble that she has provided including being arrested earlier in the year outside of the stadium


Key Scores:
Washington 38 – 24 Philadelphia Eagles
– Washington was at the head of the NFC East in what was one of the best and worst battles of the year with every team hovering around .500 but they ended the race by beating the Eagles and clinching the East

Atlanta Falcons 20 – 13 Carolina Panthers
– The Falcons have no chance of making the playoffs but they had plenty of motivation this week when they took on the undefeated Panthers and handed them their first loss of the season and ending the bid for a perfect season

Baltimore Ravens 20 – 17 Pittsburgh Steelers
– The Ravens were not going to make the playoffs this year but that didn’t stop them from ruining the plans of their biggest rival as they were able to beat the Steelers pushing Pittsburgh out of the wild card

Arizona Cardinals 38 – 8 Green Bay Packers
– Once again the Packers took on a good team and barely competed as the Cardinals sacked Aaron Rodgers 8 times on their way to a dominant win that clinched a first round bye and set up a big game for the Packers in Week 17

Next Week:
New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills (Sunday January 3rd; 1:00 pm; ET)
– The Jets took a key win in Week 16 and got some help with a Baltimore win and now they have the chance to clinch a wild card spot if they can get past their former coach and the Buffalo Bills

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Houston Texans (Sunday January 3rd; 1:00 pm ET)
– Houston has sprung to life in the second half to take over the division lead and now they will look to complete the comeback by beating the Jaguars and clinching the AFC South ensuring that the Colts will miss the playoffs

Seattle Seahawks vs. Arizona Cardinals (Sunday January 3rd; 4:25 pm ET)
– Although this game won’t decide the division both teams want the win as the Cardinals can clinch a first round bye with a win and possibly first in the conference while the Seahawks can earn a wild card game against Washington with a win and some help

Minnesota Vikings vs. Green Bay Packers (Sunday January 3rd; 8:30 pm ET)
– This is the biggest battle of the week as the winner of this game will take home the title for the NFC North as the Packers try to get out of the funk they have been in to take their second win against the Vikings and Minnesota tries to continue their great play and unseat the Packers

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