NCAA Football Report (Week 15)

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The official end of the NCAA football season has come and gone as the Heisman Trophy has been handed out and the last regular season game has been played.

The Army-Navy game is the traditional end to the season as both armed forces academies face-off in long-held tradition.

The Navy Midshipmen were challenged more than usual in this year’s game but in the end they took home the win.

It was their 14th straight win in the rivalry but the Black Knights were finally in the game and have plenty of hope for a new season.

The end of the season also marked the naming of the best player in college football and this year it was far from a run-away race.

Throughout the year there were clear leaders but most of those clear leaders were shut down at one point or another.

In the end three players were invited to New York for the presentation of the Heisman Trophy and all represented very different aspects of the game.

There was Deshaun Watson who was the quarterback of the best team in the country and the only quarterback in the final three.

That is significant as a quarterback had won the Heisman for five straight years and Watson was the lone representative of that QB brotherhood.

Then there was the favourite for many in Derrick Henry who was the best running back in the NCAA with more yards than any other back for a big program in Alabama.

They are a playoff team and Henry is the best player on that team with many believing that the build-up around him was enough for him to win.

The other favourite for some was another running back from Stanford who by all accounts was the most valuable player to his team.

Henry is great but Christian McCaffrey wasn’t far off from Henry’s running totals while also adding over 500 yards receiving, 64 punt return yards, and 1,042 kickoff return

McCaffrey did everything for Stanford and as a result broke Barry Sanders’ record for all-purpose yards in a season.

For many that was enough to say that McCaffrey was the MVP but playing on a non-playoff team that was not in the headlines as much as Henry and the Tide might hurt him.

In the end it was the favourite in Henry who took home the top individual prize in college football becoming the first running back since Alabama’s Mark Ingram in 2009 to win the award.

The decision by the voters brought up plenty of controversy though as the two running backs have continued to be debated until today.

There is no doubt that both backs deserve credit for their performances this year and Henry will get to show off a little more in the playoff.

The fact is that McCaffrey simply did more for his team than Henry and although there is a pretty easy argument for Henry being better than McCaffrey at the position but the overall MVP is a different story.

The debate only intensifies as a result of the different things that McCaffrey did whereas Henry was a runner and that’s all he did.

The real separation between the two is the media coverage because the Heisman race will always be a media based award.

It is not necessarily the best player in college football but the best player on a good team that everyone gets to see throughout the season.

College football is so big with so many teams and so many great players that seeing the best is a challenge.

So it often is the player with the most media buzz behind him that gets the win, essentially the best player who is talked about every week when they are on national TV.

Unfortunately for Stanford they were not on TV every week and McCaffrey was only really talked about in the last few weeks of the season.

His candidacy took a big step up when Stanford beat Notre Dame but in that game he wasn’t himself, good game may have given him the Heisman.

Henry is the best in the game for this year but what hasn’t been mentioned is that McCaffrey is only a sophomore and has at least one more year at Stanford.

There is no doubt that McCaffrey will enter the new season as the Heisman favourite and if he can keep performing in every aspect for another year he may very well be back in New York next December.


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