TUF Alums on Display in Monterrey (UFC Fight Night 78 Review)


UFC Fight Night: Magny v Gastelum

Photo Credit: UFC.com

The Ultimate Fighter is the one thing that was responsible for the growth of the UFC throughout the world and the formula continues to produce.

The UFC takes a number of fighters, puts them in a house for six weeks, and makes them fight in a tournament where the winners earn a six-figure contract.

It has produced great fighters but not all of those great fighters came from winning the reality show as plenty of fighters have come from the show and impressed to earn their own deals.

The success of the formula leads the UFC to continue creating shows with new twists and new fighters including an international series of shows.

That includes The Ultimate Fighter: Latin America where fighters from around the mainly Spanish speaking world are given a chance to earn their own contracts.

That includes fighters from places like Spain, Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, and Mexico who have all been given a chance to fight for a contract.

The second season of the show ended at UFC Fight Night 78 in Monterrey, Mexico where two new fighters earned their contracts.

In the lightweight, Enrique Barzola beat Horacio Gutiérrez to win the tournament to become one of the first Peruvians in the UFC.

In the welterweight division Erick Montaño earned a split decision win over Enrique Marin with the cheers from the home fans in Mexico.

Both Barzola and Montano are now a part of the UFC roster of fighters and will get the chance to show just how good they are in the best promotion in the world.

There is no promotion with more great fighters than the UFC as people have seen time and time again as successful fighters from other promotions falter under the constant pressure of great fighters.

These two new fighters will need to prove that they survived and they got a good test in house as some great fighters earned their spot in the house and had to not only fight but live with their opponents in a mental and physical test.

Neither Barzola or Montaño had to look far to see what the possibilities could be as the card was loaded with TUF Alumni including Efrain Escudero, a coach on TUF: Latin America 2, and Diego Sanchez.

The main event was the true highlight though as both Kelvin Gastelum, winner of TUF 17 and coach in TUF: Latin America 2, and Neil Magny, semi-final loser during TUF 16, have taken full advantage of their opportunities.

Gastelum immediately got his chance after winning and signing a contract while Magny had to earn his after the show.

Either way these two fighters took that chance that they had to highlight their skills in the TUF house and took full advantage to prove that they belonged both on the show and since the show ended.

Gastelum began his UFC career with the win over Uriah Hall in the finale and followed that up with four more wins in his next four fights.mma-sidebar.fw

He rose quickly up the welterweight division but weight cut issues held him back from earning the big fights while a loss to Tyron Woodley ended his rise.

In a brief move up to the middleweight division saw Gastelum get back on the winning track in earning a TKO over Nate Marquardt.

That impressive showing has Gastelum poised for a great rise through either division but he returned to the welterweight division to take on Magny.

For Magny this fight was never supposed to happen but like he has been known to do he took a short notice fight in hopes that he can get back to winning.

After the show Magny struggled to impress anyone losing two of this first three fights after the show.

Then he entered 2014 with a renewed purpose and began a seven fight win streak that put him in the mix for the welterweight title.

A loss to Demian Maia ended the hope of fighting for a title but in August this year he accepted a short notice fight against Erick Silva and took a win.

He was called once again to put his fight total at five this year, the most in any one year by any fighter, as he hoped to show that the Maia fight was just a bump in the road.

He began doing just that in the fight as he was the clear aggressor throughout the beginning of the fight.

Magny smothered Gastelum in the clinch and earned some takedowns throughout the start of the fight.

Gastelum only got going near the end when he rocked Magny twice in the fourth round but it was not enough.

Magny earned the decision win for one of the most successful year’s in UFC history, winning four of five fights, and showing that the Maia loss was just one small set back.

The main event was what the two new fighters are hoping they can get to at some point as Barzola and Montaño hope to take their chance with a new contract and eventually become headliners in the UFC.



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