UFC Fight Night 78 Preview

ufc_fn78After the shock that rocked the MMA world the women’s division is in flux but the UFC moves on looking for new champions and new faces of the promotion.

A big part of that moving forward will be the continuation of the long-running minor leagues of the UFC.

Those minor leagues are located on TV with The Ultimate Fighter series that continues to provide more fighters for the UFC.

Not every fighter has risen to be the top of their divisions but there are plenty of successful fighters in the UFC that have either won the show or participated in the show.

The success of the American show has given rise to many more versions of the show in what has become the most successful recruiting tool in the UFC.

They have used this reality show to focus on not only bringing new American fighters into the UFC to compete but to find fighters from countries where the UFC wants to grow.

They have held shows in China, Japan, Brazil, and featured teams from Europe, Canada, and Australia in an attempt to bring more fighters from all of those countries and continents to the UFC.

Last year the UFC began a new version of the show in an attempt to get more Spanish speaking fans and adding more fighters of Latin descent.

The Ultimate Fighter: Latin America took fighters from the Spanish speaking world and put them in this competition with the hopes that a new contender could arise.

Fighters from Mexico took on fighters from countries like Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, and Argentina.

The show was a successful attempt at finding their way into Mexico a place that the UFC has now travelled to twice since the show began.

They will travel once again as they head to Monterrey, Mexico where the second season of The Ultimate Fighter: Latin America will end and bring two new fighters to the UFC.

This time around the UFC put two ultimate fighter products in charge as Kelvin Gastelum and Efrain Escudero were the coaches to a group of fighters from Mexico, Peru, and Spain along with other Spanish speaking countries to determine two champions.

In the Lightweight bracket Escudero’s teams wept with Enrique Barzola and Horacio Gutiérrez found their way to the final.

Both fighters began the season with decision wins before ending their semi-final fights early while they did things in different ways.

Gutiérrez got his spot in the final with a knockout as the striker showcased his power while Barzola earned a submission showcasing his wrestling ability.

In the welterweight division it was Gastelum’s team that earned the sweep with Enrique Marin and Erick Montaño set to face-off.

For Marin the tournament began with a decision win followed by a submission in the semi-finals while Montaño finished both of his fights, first with a TKO and then a submission.

Both of these fighters showed that they can strike as many hope for a stand-up war to earn another UFC contract.

Two more fighters will enter the UFC and after they earn their spots the two coaches and TUF alumni will have their own fights looking to move up the rankings.mma-sidebar.fw

For Escudero his fight against Leandro Silva will be one where both fighters are looking to get into that top 15 in the lightweight division.

The division is one of the toughest in the UFC and Escudero is looking to add to his two-fight win streak and end Silva’s own two-fight win streak.

The fight itself will feature the wrestler from Mexico and the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner from Brazil in what will be an interesting fight.

Both are very skilled on the ground but they may cancel each other out and turn this into a stand-up fight to open the main card.

Closing the main card is the man on the other side of the show in Gastelum who won his season of The Ultimate Fighter and has only lost one fight since winning the show.

He will take on a last-minute replacement in Neil Magny who will fill in for Matt Brown on late notice and try to get back on a winning path.

Magny was on a tear recently winning seven straight fights before he lost to Demian Maia and is looking to get back to a winning streak.

Both Gastelum and Magny were flying up the rankings before recent losses sent them to the bottom of the welterweight rankings.

Now they get a main event to show that the losses were just a bump in their road towards the title fight as they both look to take a big win.


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