UFC 193 Preview

ufc_193The UFC has come a long way and although there is still plenty of room to grow but UFC 193 will be a ground breaking event that will show just how far they have come.

Only a few years ago UFC President Dana White said the words that he will continue to eat for the rest of his life claiming that there were never going to be women in the UFC.

That all changed with Ronda Rousey who sat down with White and convinced him that women were worth letting into the UFC.

That was the start of the women’s movement in MMA as the Women’s Bantamweight Division was created and Rousey became the first champion.

Since that time Rousey has become the superstar that the UFC has been the star that the UFC has been looking for to bring them to the mainstream of the sports world.

She has appeared on national TV and magazine covers while making headlines on sports shows and entertainment news shows across North America.

She is the superstar that the UFC has wanted to help them get into the mainstream but one that was entirely unexpected.

Rousey was also the start of the women’s division in the UFC that has proven to provide some great fights in the years since it began.

Not only did she start the Bantamweight division but the success of those women brought about a second division which now has its own dominant champion.

Now Rousey takes another step in her superstardom as she leads an interesting card in what could be the biggest fight in UFC history.

The UFC goes to Melbourne at Etihad Stadium where the capacity can be up to 70,000 people.

The most fans at a UFC event was 55,724 when the UFC went to Rogers Centre for UFC 129 and shattered their previous record.

Women were never supposed to be a part of the UFC’s plans and now they will make up the main and co-main event of the biggest fight in UFC history.

In the co-main event the newest women’s champion looks to achieve the same level of dominance as her counter-part in the bantamweight division.

Joanna Jędrzejczyk did not come into the UFC like Rousey did as nobody knew who she was when she was signed by the promotion.

In fact she didn’t even make the top fighters when the UFC signed sixteen fighters to participate the in only all-female Ultimate Fighter that would determine the strawweight champion.

She came out of nowhere to beat the winner of that show, Carla Esparza, and has never looked back easily getting through Jessica Penne in her second title defence.

Now she is set to defend her belt for a second time and this one was an interesting choice by the UFC brass.

Valérie Létourneau has won three straight since entering the UFC but is only ranked #8 in the division with fighters like Rose Namajunas, Tecia Torres, Paige VanZant, and Randa Markos ahead of her and not beaten by the champion.

There were plenty of options but Létourneau was chosen and for Jędrzejczyk it is a new challenge that she has yet to face.

So far Jędrzejczyk has faced plenty of women who are great on the ground but she has beat all of them with her outstanding stand-up.mma-sidebar.fw

Now she faces another top-level striker in Létourneau who grew up in Muay Thai and might just have the skills on the feet to challenge Jędrzejczyk.

It should be a good stand-up brawl but Jędrzejczyk seems unbeatable and will likely take the win against a yet to be tested Létourneau.

In the main event it is the same story as it has been since Rousey entered the UFC in 2013, as it all centres around whether or not another highly skilled fighter can be as good as one of the greatest in MMA.

Rousey has mowed through competition that was supposed to challenge her with her last four fights not even matching the total of a single round.

Holly Holm is supposed to be the next one as she is the most accomplished fighter that Rousey has ever fought.

Holm is a boxing champion that has done everything one can in that world and now looks to do the same in MMA.

Rousey has truly never faced someone with the technique that Holm possesses on the feet now that she has turned into a great stand-up game with multiple head kick knockouts to go along with her boxing.

Rousey has never faced this type of fighter before but that has been the case in almost every fight and still nobody stands a chance.

As good as Holm has been there is little to say that she can do what 12 fighters have failed to do and failed so miserably to do since Rousey started her MMA career.

Rousey will take the fight again and although it might not be as quick as her previous fights Rousey will still finish the fight with her signature armbar.


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