Legend Renewed in Sao Paulo (UFC FN 77 Review)

ufc_fn77The UFC returned to Sao Paulo for UFC Fight Night 77 where two legends finally got to settle the score in the final fight of a great trilogy.

Vitor Belfort and Dan Henderson were set to face-off for the third time in their long careers that have been full of amazing fights and accomplishments.

For Henderson this was a chance to prove that he still has what it takes to compete with the best in the sport.

For the last few years Henderson has not been dominant as his losses continue to pile up and often show that his chin is not what it used to be.

Every time that the rumours begin he tends to get a big win and show that his power hasn’t gone anywhere.

He is a difficult legend to solve as nobody wants him to go out like Chuck Liddell did in losing a handful of fights before Dana White essentially told him that he shouldn’t be fighting anymore.

The second time Henderson faced Belfort was in the UFC and it was a brutal head kick knockout that sent Henderson to the mat.

This is a chance to gain some revenge for that loss and show that he is still around as his title hopes are dwindling fast.

As much as it is about revenge for Henderson this fight is a chance to prove something for Belfort as well.

After the second fight in this trilogy Belfort was given a title shot against Chris Weidman and then Belfort’s career took a turn.

That title fight was cancelled when Belfort withdrew from the fight when the Nevada State Athletic Commission instituted a ban on Testosterone Replacement Therapy, something that Belfort had used for years.

He has also failed a drug test that showed elevated levels of testosterone and the talk about his cheating, or at least walking the line, began.

His next fight was supposed to be against Chael Sonnen later in 2014 but Sonnen failed a drug test and the fight was cancelled.

To continue the strange period in a long career two more title fights against Weidman were cancelled due to injuries suffered by Weidman.

Instead of staying active Belfort continued to train for Weidman and waited for the champion to return before finally get a shot earlier in 2015.

Belfort lost that title shot as Weidman earned the first round knockout and Belfort’s long wait for a title shot was over.

The talk then became about Belfort and his ability to be the same aggressive and powerful fighter that he had always been without the TRT.

He clearly didn’t have what made him great in his title fight but any number of factors could be the reason as he had to wait for over a year to fight and Weidman is a great fighter that might have been that much better.

Belfort is at a point where he still has a chance at a title shot as he ranks #4 in the middleweight division.

If he can beat Henderson he will be back on track and although this is not going to be a title challenge fight without a win he only gets further away from returning to the title fight.mma-sidebar.fw

There is plenty for both of these legends of MMA to prove when they face off and especially when the focus in the UFC is on next week when the UFC puts on the biggest fight in UFC history.

Belfort and Henderson will be looking to prove that they still have plenty in the tank to put on great fights.

They hope to do that against each other as they are sure to exchange some big shots both looking for the knockout that can impress fans and the UFC.

They started out cautious both realizing that the power of their opponent could end things quickly.

Belfort seemed to be taking more of a back seat staying away from Henderson big overhand punches while taking a few good leg kicks.

There wasn’t a lot of action for much of the start of the round until Belfort decided that it was time to come forward.

The new Belfort doesn’t simply go forward but picks his shots and then attacks which is exactly what he did for a second time.

Belfort launched a big head kick that sent Henderson stumbling into the cage and the Brazilian sensed blood going in for his usual flurry attack.

Belfort finished it off and for the second time in a row knocked out another legend with a big kick and a flurry.

For Henderson the loss will once again bring up the questions about whether or not he belongs in the UFC anymore and if he should hang up the gloves.

Another bad knockout is not going to bring much confidence from the UFC brass that Henderson can continue and make another run.

For Belfort it is a renewed life in the division as the win was impressive and is sure to keep him among the top five in the division.

He may even be on his way to a top five fight that could give him another chance at the title as his legendary career is not over yet gaining some new life with another big knockout win.



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