The Most Annoying/Best Team in the MLB


The Royals’ bench clears after the last out of the 2015 World Series

The Kansas City Royals are the best team in baseball and they did it by also becoming the most annoying team in baseball.

Only a few short years ago the Royals stacked their farm system with talented young players but it was much different from how many teams stack their system.

Instead of trying to find a bunch of power bats that make a line-up a virtual murderers row of batters that strikes fear into the pitchers they face, the Royals brought in a bunch of small-ball players.

They lacked the big bats that many teams want for at least the middle of their line-up but for the Royals that was exactly the plan.

After all they play in one of the worst hitters parks in the MLB and to load up a team where home runs turn into long fly balls doesn’t make a lot of sense.

The young players earned their way into the MLB and in 2014 the long rebuilding process along with a lack of power made an impact.

The Royals became the postseason darlings in 2014 when everyone got to see what having a lot of good, albeit not powerful, hitters can do when they play for each other.

They made the postseason for the first time in 28 years with the wild card and never lost a game until the World Series.

They met another small hitting team with better pitching when they got there and although they extended a series with the San Francisco Giants to seven games they ultimately dropped the chance to win their first World Series since 1985.

In 2015 the small-ball took on a brand new level as they easily became the most annoying team in baseball on the way to the second best record in the MLB.

Annoying is not necessarily a bad thing, and they certainly weren’t annoying to their fans, as they were the team that nobody could put away.


Salvador Perez Celebrating the World Series win and his World Series MVP

They had a knack for just continually hitting singles or doubles and before the other team knew it they were on top 5-0 early in the game.

Even if they didn’t get on top early they launched big innings near the end of games, again with small ball, to get the win.

What made them so annoying is the fact that it wasn’t one missed pitch that made a team pay like they would against a hard hitting team.

Instead it was the entire line-up finding the gaps in the defence to put men on base and eventually drive them in.

When a team scores like that it can be extremely frustrating because there are more than enough times to get them out of the game and yet it seems impossible to put them away.

They simply continue to hit singles and doubles or sac flies or bunts or they steal bases or any other way to ensure they move the base runners and get them home.

For opposing teams it is a frustrating way to lose a game as they never seem to overwhelm you until it’s too late and they put together a big inning.

It is the way the Royals rose to the top of the American League and made it through the postseason against some very good teams.

They began their run as the best team in the American League taking on the Houston Astros, a power heavy team with the second most home runs in the MLB.

The Astros were able to hit plenty of home runs off of the Royals, especially the starters who were not particularly strong, but the Royals never gave in.

If they went down early and couldn’t find their offence all they had to do was wait a few innings until the bullpen came in.

Once that happened they found their way and began putting up runs and even though ti took five games the Royals were able to overcome one power team.


Royals’ manager Ned Yost getting the Gatorade bath.

They moved on to a more powerful team in the Toronto Blue Jays who had scored the most points in the MLB and had the most home runs in the league.

Once again the Royals overcame the powerful lineup with their frustrating offence as their pitching was not great but was enough to prevent the long ball while the Royals put together big innings to get wins.

After five games the series was over and the Royals were headed to their second straight World Series.

They took on the Mets, a team that wasn’t necessarily a power hitting team but a team with the best rotation in the postseason.

It was an interesting matchup to see if the overpowering pitching could overcome the small-ball of the Royals.

It seemed pretty clear from the start the small-ball was winning out and thanks to a few great performances from their pitchers they were able to shut down a team that seemed to be on a role.

The Mets managed only one win and in the final clinching game the Royals showed exactly why they are the champions.

After going ahead behind a strong performance from Matt Harvey the Royals waited him out and tied the game in the 9th inning.

Then after three more innings the Royals once again began to build their offence before exploding for five runs in the 12th.

It was the perfect way for the Royals to clinch their first title since 1985 and after coming back to win an MLB record 7 games in the postseason it was only fitting that the most annoying team in the MLB won the World Series in the most annoying way possible, at least for the Mets and their fans.


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