Wednesday Morning QB (Week 6)

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For the better part of the last decade the NFL has seen the rule of two quarterbacks as the best players in the league.

Peyton Manning and tom Brady were the leaders of a new era of football when the passing game began to take over the NFL.

They were leading the way and eventually became the blueprints for what teams wanted and needed in quarterbacks.

Times have changed since both QBs entered the league and they may no longer be the standard of the position.

Still they are always among any list of elite quarterbacks in the league with plenty of debate about which one is the better QB.

That debate seems to have ended through the last few years though as Brady continues to win and lead the league.

The Patriots remain one of the best teams with one of the best offences in the league and Brady is at the helm, despite the controversy surrounding some of their wins.

Meanwhile Manning has not been the same quarterback that he was only a few short years ago.

When Manning was on the free agent market in 2012 he was one of the most sought after free agents in recent memory.

The Denver Broncos landed the future hall of famer and the offence immediately jumped up to be one of the best in the league.

With manning leading the way they were efficient and potent as they easily marched down the field against anybody.

That success translated to a Super Bowl appearance in 2014, the year Manning won his fifth MVP award.

Although that game was a disaster the expectations remained high for the foreseeable future as Manning was likely a Bronco for the rest of his career.

Last year though there was some concern for the QB as his arm strength seemed to be dwindling.

Many wondered how much longer Manning had in his career and the doubt about his ability to lead a powerful offence began to grow.

It has continued this year as Manning has not looked like himself through the first six weeks of the

His arm strength is not the same as it once was and his hold of the offence is nowhere near what it was even a year ago.

Most people will say that it is evidence of Manning losing his touch and staying in the league far too long.

The real reason is much more complicated and isn’t entirely on Manning.

Yes, he has lost something on his throws and neck surgery plus time will do that to any quarterback.

Still he was still one of the best last year and the year before that and it all came after his neck surgery.

The biggest change this year is on the sidelines where Gary Kubiak has taken over as the offensive coordinator.

The one thing that Manning has done throughout his entire career better than anyone else in the history of the league was run his own offence.

His coordinators always gave him the leniency to call and change plays in the huddle depending on what he saw when he came to the line.

Kubiak, by many accounts, is not that lenient as a coordinator. He is the type of coordinator who wants to run his offence with little to no change in how it is run.

That means taking away the best part of Manning’s game and has been a reason for his lack of performance.

Kubiak has adjusted somewhat but Manning is not taking the same control as he has in other years and that coupled with his declining arm strength has made this one of the worst since his rookie year.

A funny thing is happening though, even with Manning’s decline, as the Broncos are winning games.

They have won their Week 6 game in spite of Manning, who threw three interceptions to one touchdown on the day, but they still won.

The Broncos are undefeated and will enter a bye week before massive face-off with the green Bay Packers in a game between undefeated teams.

Manning may not be having his best year personally but his team, and mainly his defence, is as they remain undefeated through six weeks and are one of the early favourites for the Super Bowl, at least this far into the season.

Fifth Quarter:
(Thoughts on Week 6 in the NFL)

Rookie Year Cut Short?
Marcus Mariota is quietly having a great rookie year but the Tennessee quarterback is now going through his first bit of adversity after being hit low this week and spraining is MCL while nobody knows if he will return this week or down the road

Manziel Standards
Johnny Manziel is in trouble again but is seems like he is dealing with different standards as the quarterback who was in rehab this off-season for alcoholism was pulled over after fighting with his girlfriend and drinking but he never got violent and wasn’t under the influence

One of the best
Everyone’s favourite frat boy is showing that he has plenty of game to back up his big personality as Rob Gronkowski became the fastest tight end to earn 60 touchdowns in his career setting him up to be one of the best

Another Milestone
Joining the milestone tracker on the week was Aaron Rodgers who struggled to keep the offence going against San Diego and didn’t match the output of Philip Rivers but he did become the fastest quarterback to 30,000 yards in a career


Key Scores:
New Orleans Saints 31 – 21 Atlanta Falcons
– The Atlanta Falcons came into the game undefeated but the Saints always represent a major problem for their division rivals and did it once again as the Saints earned the win and ended the winning streak of the Falcons

Detroit Lions 37 – 34 Chicago Bears (OT)
– The two NFC north teams began the season sluggish with both failing to earn a win in the first three weeks and just as the Bears seemed to be finding their way back they met the winless Lions who took the win with an overtime field goal

Denver Broncos 26 – 23 Cleveland Browns (OT)
– The Broncos had a scare from a team that is quickly becoming one of the most exciting in the league as the Browns went into overtime for the second week in a row but couldn’t take advantage of turnovers in overtime as the Broncos remained undefeated

Green Bay Packers 27 – 20 San Diego Chargers
– Philip Rivers threw for over 500 yards on the day while Rodgers only managed 255 but the Chargers couldn’t make good on the great performance as Rivers only managed two touchdowns and couldn’t get the touchdown that could have tied the game

Next Week:
Seattle Seahawks vs. San Francisco 49ers (Thursday October 22nd; 8:25 pm ET)
– Neither team is as good as they have been over the past few years when they were the two teams fighting for the NFC West as they now fight to stay out of the basement but anytime these teams face-off it will be interesting

Cleveland Browns vs. St. Louis Rams (Sunday October 25th; 1:00 pm ET)
– The Browns have come up short despite their never-say-die attitude going to overtime in the last two weeks and only winning one of them as they take on another team that has looked better than their record in the Rams

New York Jets vs. New England Patriots (Sunday October 25th; 1:00 pm ET)
– The Jets-Patriots rivalry isn’t the same as when the Jets had Rex Ryan but it is still there as the great defence of the Jets tries to shut down the Patriots’ offence and take the Pats out of the list of undefeated teams

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants (Sunday October 25th; 4:25 pm ET)
– The Giants struggle to find any consistency in their season and now take on one of their biggest rivals who are looking to a new quarterback to lead them back to the win column while Dez Bryant could return to help him out

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