NCAA Football Report (Week 3)

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In sports there are great players, great teams, and great coaches that can establish themselves as the best in the league.

As good as all of these teams, players, or coaches are they will almost always run into that thorn in their side.

The thorn in their side is another team, player, or coach that seems to just have their number.

Something that they just can’t seem to overcome no matter how dominant they are every week.

It is a player that just has that perfect match for the other in order to disturb everything that the dominant player does.

The coach that knows how to plan for a dominant coach while the dominant coach can’t seem to get through that game plan.

A team that just seems to do everything right against the dominant team to give them the toughest game every year.

This past week it seems like the Alabama Crimson Tide found their thorn in the Ole Miss Rebels who for the second year in a row upset the #2 team in the country.

The Crimson Tide have been one of the most dominant teams of this decade and a lot of it has to do with Nick Saban.

In 2007 the Tide made the controversial decision to hire Saban after he spent only a year in the NFL with the Miami Dolphins.

Since that decision the Tide have won three National Championships and have been consistently ranked at the top of the NCAA.

They have simply been one of the best teams in recent memory and are always favourites in almost every game except the always tight Iron Bowl at the end of the game.

Recently though they have not been as invincible as they once were dropping at least one game in the last five seasons although more often than not they have overcome that loss to move into contention for the National Championship.

This year is beginning to follow that pattern once again as Week 3 marked the first loss of the year for the Tide.

The team responsible for that loss is the thorn in their side, the Ole Miss Rebels.

The series between these two SEC teams has been very one-sided as Alabama is dominating the life-time series 47-10-2 before the 2015 season.

The Rebels have been a good team more often than not in their time in the NCAA but when it came to the Tide it was just too

Then the 2014 season began and the Rebels began to look like real contenders for the first ever playoff.

They needed to face the Tide to have a chance though and for many that was going to be the end of their year.

Not the Rebels though, as they surprised everyone in the NCAA by beating the Tide 23-17.

It was one of the biggest upsets of the year and it threw a wrench into the plans for the first playoff.

In the end Alabama rose to the top four again and Ole Miss could not make the playoff but they had taken out one of the best teams in the country.

This year the Tide were looking for redemption from the loss a year ago and remain one of the best teams in the country.

They came into the game as the #2 team in the country and with the fact that the Rebels had never beaten them two years in a row since they began playing each other in 1894.

Once again though nobody told the Rebels about those issues and once again the Rebels got past the Tide.

It was an offensive explosion for the Rebels against a good defence with the Rebels leading 30-10 in the third quarter.

The Tide tried to mount a comeback but the Rebels stood strong and ended the game ahead 43-37.

It was the Rebels’ second win in as many years against the tide and once again it surprised everyone in the NCAA.

These two will continue to face-off as SEC opponents and for the Rebels it is what they hope to be the start of a great run.

For now though both teams are placed in a brand new spot as the Tide were dropped out of the top 10 and the Rebels found their way from #15 to #3 in the AP Poll.

It is yet another year where the Tide have lost to the Rebels and it is beginning to look like one of the most dominant teams in the NCAA has found that one team that seems to have their number.

Only time will tell if that is true but for now the damage is done and the NCAA world has been turned around heading into their fourth week.


Key Scores:
#8 Notre Dame Fighting Irish 30 – 22 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets #14
– The Irish headed into this game without their starting running back, tight end, and quarterback but still were able to pull out their biggest test of the year even if they did lose their starting safety in the process

#13 LSU Tigers 45 – 21 Auburn Tigers #18
– The battle of the Tigers proved just where Auburn stands as they lost a shocker a week ago and started off their SEC schedule with a loss as their hope of a playoff spot seems to be gone after their second straight loss

#15 Ole Miss Rebels 43 – 37 Alabama Crimson Tide #2
– It was the shocker that rocked the NCAA this week as the first major upset of the year with the Rebels taking their second straight win against the Crimson Tide and changing the make-up of the national rankings

#10 UCLA Bruins 24 – 23 BYU Cougars #19
– The Bruins had their biggest test so far this year as they continue to climb the rankings looking for that playoff spot as they just got by the Cougars as their defence held off BYU in the fourth quarter to beat the ranked team

Next Week:
#22 BYU Cougars vs. Michigan Wolverines (Saturday September 26th; 12:00 pm ET)
– The Cougars started their year so well with plenty of hype after their Hail Mary win in Week 1 but a loss in Week 3 has put them near the bottom of the rankings as they head to the Big House looking to beat Harbaugh’s Wolverines and stay in the top 25

Vanderbilt Commodores vs. #3 Ole Miss Rebels (Saturday September 26th; 7:00 pm ET)
– The Rebels are coming off of yet another big win against one of the best teams in the NCAA and now they must avoid a letdown from that game as they take on the unranked Commodores who will try to create an upset of their own

#9 UCLA Bruins vs. #16 Arizona Wildcats (Saturday September 26th; 8:00 pm ET)
– The Bruins continue to move up the rankings after another win in Week 3 and now they take on another challenge in the Wildcats for their second straight ranked teams as they try to stay in the top 10 and move closer to the top 4

#18 Utah Utes vs. #13 Oregon Ducks (Saturday September 26th; 8:30 pm ET)
– The Ducks’ hopes of another playoff berth took a hit in Week 2 but they still have a shot and will look to move back up the rankings taking on the ranked Utah Utes and trying to put up a strong performance

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