Wednesday Morning QB (NFL Week 1)

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After a month of preparation the NFL season is underway and even before the season began there were teams making adjustments thanks to losses on the field.

Players like Jordy Nelson and Kelvin Benjamin didn’t even get a snap in the regular season.

Both were injured in pre-season forcing their teams to make some major adjustments before the season began.

The injuries to major players have only continued though as the first week of the season became a minefield where many teams just hoped to get out without losing one of their best players.

The Dallas Cowboys lost their top receiver as Dez Bryant was lost for at least four weeks after breaking a bone in his foot and undergoing surgery.

The Arizona Cardinals lost their starting runner in Andre Ellington for 2-3 weeks after he sprained his PCL in Week 1 action.

Washington lost their biggest target in DeSean Jackson who could miss four weeks after suffering a strained hamstring.

Meanwhile one of the biggest blows came to Baltimore as their best pass rusher in Terrell Suggs for the season after he tore his Achilles in the first game.

NFL teams throughout the league are now having to deal with some major injuries issues only after the first week of play.

All the plans that these teams had to utilize their best players now must be thrown out and redone to adjust for the time where their players will not be around.

It is a big adjustment especially in the regular season where there is only a week to make the adjustments before they play their next game.

Some teams are looking for replacements in the fee agent market while others use the next man up strategy.

One team taking that next man up strategy, mainly out of necessity, will be the team that has had their plans for the season changed entirely.

The Cleveland Browns had a different plan, as they often do, heading into this season as they were hoping to finally solve their quarterback issues.

It wasn’t a plan that was going to fix their issues under centre immediately but it was preparing for the future.

They had signed Josh McCown to be their starting quarterback for the year. Behind him was the future of the position as Johnny Manziel had been drafted the year

After being thrown into the starting job last year it was clear that Manziel might not be ready for the responsibility.

Then the off-season came and Manziel entered a treatment facility for alcohol abuse and when he came out he seemed to be a changed man as the immaturity that plagued him the year before was gone.

He promised that his money touchdown celebration was never going to make an appearance again and the stories about him were now in football and football alone.

The attitude of the young QB seemed to change and with it he started to improve as a quarterback.

This change is what the Browns were hoping for and they were hoping to allow him to change for another year this time with McCown taking the reins of the offence.

With a solid starter, although not the best starter, leading the way it was clear that Manziel was the back-up for the rest of the year.

That gave him time to develop before ben thrown into the starting role, a role he was expected to compete for next off-season.

Then Week 1 came along and McCown was hit in the head diving towards the endzone and left the game with a concussion. Manziel came in and on his first drive threw his first touchdown pass in the NFL.

The Browns lost that game but bigger than that they have seen their plan for the quarterback position completely destroyed.

McCown will need to undergo concussion protocol before being able to return to the field and concussions are notoriously hard to overcome.

It seems like for at least Week 2 Manziel has become the starting quarterback for the Browns and he will enter that role looking to make the decision tough in the coming weeks.

Depending on how quickly McCown can return this could be Manziel’s team as the Browns are going through what many teams are going through after only one week.

Plans have changed and teams have taken on a new look as the NFL season has just started and already teams are trying to make adjustments to keep their hopes alive as the up and downs of a season have just begun.

Fifth Quarter:
(Thoughts on Week 1 in the NFL)

Dangerous Job
The injury bug did not stop at the players this week as a referee had to leave a game early after he was hit by a player and went to the hospital with broken ribs and a punctured lung showing that the players aren’t the only ones in danger on the field

No Punishment for Suh
Ndamukong Suh has gathered a reputation of being a player who plays constantly on the edge and in his first game as a Dolphin that reputation continued as he walked past an opposing player and kicked off his helmet but despite the incident he will not be fined

Pre-Season in Flux
The NFL is constantly changing and trying to find ways to improve the league, that includes reducing the pre-season to two games as the league has put together a committee to determine how much money the league might lose if they decided to reduce pre-season


Key Scores:
St. Louis Rams 34 – 31 Seattle Seahawks (OT)
– There were plenty of questions about whether or not Seattle could rise to the top of the NFC again after off-season changes and after one week it is uncertain as a retooled Rams team took the win in overtime in the week’s best game

Tennessee Titans 42 – 14 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
– It was a matchup of the top two draft picks from the 2015 draft and when all the dust was settled it was Marcus Mariota, the #2 pick, who threw for four touchdowns in his first game tying an NFL record while Jameis Winston, the #1 pick, was left running around

Dallas Cowboys 27 – 26 New York Giants
– The Giants and Cowboys kicked off the primetime season on Sunday Night Football and for a time it seemed like the Giants were ready to take the first win of the season until clock mismanagement gave the Cowboys just enough time to take the win

Atlanta Falcons 26 – 24 Philadelphia Eagles
– Chip Kelly’s retooled Eagles team got their first test as the Falcons opened their last season in the Georgia Dome with a win as Matt Ryan and Julio Jones showed that this offence is something to be feared

Next Week:
New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills (Sunday September 20th; 1:00 pm ET)
– Rex Ryan and Bill Belichick have always been polar opposites and that built a rivalry while Ryan was with the Jets, now that rivalry moves to Buffalo where the Bills welcome the defending champs to show that they are ready to compete

Tennessee Titans vs. Cleveland Browns (Sunday September 20th; 1:00 pm ET)
– The Browns look like they will have Manziel under centre as one of the most talked about quarterbacks enters the limelight against the second pick of last year’s draft who has already had one of the best starts to a rookie campaign ever and tries to continue that momentum

Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles (Sunday September 20th; 4:25 pm ET)
– The Cowboys barely got away with the win and now enter another game without their biggest target in Dez Bryant while the Eagles try to turn things around after a tough Week 1 loss where their new-look team didn’t finish

Seattle Seahawks vs. Green Bay Packers (Sunday September 20th; 8:30 pm ET)
– From “Fail Mary” to the 2015 NFC Championship game this rivalry has grown and has been very one-sided as the Packers try to finally have a complete game against the Seahawks while Seattle looks to continue their dominance and get their first win of the season

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