2015 NFL Preview: Early Playoff Outlook


The NFL will travel to Santa Clara in February when Levi’s Stadium hosts one of the biggest Super Bowls in the history of the league.

The 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl is a big deal for a league that, when the Super Bowl started, was almost a second thought in the sports world.

In 1966 baseball was king in the sports world and football was trying to find its place in that world.

The NFL had been around for years but was never the main league in the USA but it was growing when the AFL was created.

With the new league came new TV deals and a competition for players that neither team could survive.

So both league’s decided that the best option was to merge and before that merge they decided to play a game between both champions.

It was originally called the AFL-NFL Championship Game and many jokingly called it the Super Bowl.

The name stuck when both league’s merged and created the conferences and since then the league and the game has only grown.football-sidebar

The Super Bowl is now the biggest single day sporting event in North America while the league has grown to be the standard in North America.

It is a spectacle now as the NFL loves to put on a show and none will be bigger than this February where they celebrate a new season and so much more.

The NFL will look back throughout the year to the start of the Super Bowl until this year as they celebrate the history of the league and the big game.

It will be a welcome end for the NFL as they hope to finally focus on football after a rough off-season.

The NFL had to deal with plenty this off-season as the league once again had to answer for suspensions it handed out.

They were under pressure from the issues with domestic violence, concussions, and discipline that has been handed out.

The commissioner’s job is coming under fire while he tries to deal with the issues off of the field and on the field.

It has been a rough few years for the league in the off-season but one thing is always sure, when the season starts the talk turns to football.

With the season about to kick off they will hope to see the conversation return to football and move towards their big game.

For the teams it is once again not a marathon to get to the finish as all start the season 0-0 with an equal shot to get to the Super Bowl.

Some teams may seem to have less of a chance on paper but nothing is truly known until they get onto the field.

As big as the final game is the teams will all try to put that to the side and just play another season trying to find ways to win.

Last year the New England Patriots rose to the top of the league for another year as they continued their time near the top of the NFL.

Facing off with them in the Super Bowl was Seattle who made their second straight appearance in the big game.

The two teams have represented the two different conferences in perfectly last year as the competition in both leagues is vastly different.

In the AFC anyone can win and represent the conference in the Super Bowl while the NFC seems to have a few dominant teams that will make it.

That could continue this year as the AFC teams hope it does while the NFC team try to end the reign of the top teams.

The biggest Super Bowl in the history of the league will be a celebration of where the NFL has come from but also a celebration of getting back to football and what is sure to be an exciting season.


The AFC is a conference that has only had one team go to two Super Bowls in the last six years, that being the Patriots. New England had not won a Super Bowl since the 2004-05 season but that drought for one of the most dominant teams of the era is over. After winning another division title they found their way to the Super Bowl, deflated balls and all, to win another Super Bowl. Still in recent years the dominance of one team is very hard to come by whether they make the playoffs or not. The Patriots should be back this year in a division that doesn’t have a lot of great competition for them. They were the last team to win two Super Bowls in a row and they hope to be the next one. They will go into the season after a rough off-season and hope to end all of the talk about them with another win to solidify them as one of the greatest franchises of all-time. There will be plenty of teams looking to unseat them though as it is never an easy thing to repeat especially in this new AFC. The Baltimore Ravens are once again a strong team with a defence that can get the job done to help them win. Despite some changes they will win their division while the Cincinnati Bengals will take a wild card right behind them. The Bengals have the defence and offence to compete with the Ravens and after a tough battle they will make the playoffs for another year but just short of the division. Neither of the North teams will be much of a contender though as the Ravens may not have enough to really compete with the top teams in the playoffs while the Bengals seem to be allergic to winning in the playoff. The South will produce a contender though as Andrew Luck’s Colts are good enough to compete for one of the two byes in the conference. They have only been getting better and there are many that think it is their time after losing in the AFC Championship game a year ago. Their defence might see them fall just short of that bye giving them one extra game in the playoffs. The West will provide the classic matchup for the Patriots as the Denver Broncos will once again push the Patriots to finish at the top of the conference in a tight battle. Behind the Broncos will be an improved Chiefs team that will take a run at the division but will fall short to Manning and the Broncos. They will be a tough out this year though as they could make a run into the playoffs. The top of this conference remains the same as the Patriots and Broncos are the two best teams in the conference with Brady and Manning leading the way. The AFC Championship will once again be a meeting of two of the best quarterbacks of all-time but this time Manning comes out on top to go to another Super Bowl. It won’t be easy, nothing is in the AFC, but the Broncos have a great offence led by Manning and an improved defence that will overcome the issues that the Patriots will disguise all year with the play of Brady. There are plenty of teams that could make a great run and upset the balance but the Broncos seem to be the team to beat this year in the AFC.


AFC Champion:


The NFC is a very different conference than the AFC as they seem to have a few world-class teams while the rest are just good. The playoff teams for the NFC are good enough to compete but when it comes to the top teams it is going to be tough to beat them. Those teams are and have been the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks for the last few years. The Seahawks are coming off of a second straight Super Bowl appearance and are reeling from a close loss last year. That gives one of the most emotional and intense teams a lot more motivation to get back and get to a winning record in the big game. In their division there is just not enough competition to think that they will lose their division. Still they cannot look past the Arizona Cardinals who are a better team this year. They continue to rise and will compete for the division but will need to settle for a wild card spot instead. They could be the surprise in the NFC as they have the talent to make a run if things go right for them, Whether they win the conference is another question though as they will have teams to overcome. The Green Bay Packers are particularly a strong team even though they lost their top receiver. Any season that Aaron Rodgers can stay healthy is a season where the Packers can take a run at the Super Bowl. They will get a fight in their division but will come out on top to sit atop the North for another year. The battle for the division will be fought with the Detroit Lions who will finish a good season despite losing the heart of their defence. They will make the playoffs but they will do so on the back of an offence which rarely works out in the playoffs. Two of the younger teams in the league will look to make an impact as the rebuilt Eagles will likely finish last in the division title holders only for the battle that they are preparing for. The East is a rough place and the eagles are a new team as their additions will guide them to the playoffs but after a hard-fought battle with the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys will not win and will just miss out on the playoffs as the battle in the division will wear on both teams. The Carolina Panthers are a young team going through changes this year but their division is going through the same as they will take the division for a third year and find their way to the playoffs. The inexperience will show in the playoffs though as they will not make a deep run after taking the division. The matchup seems clear in the division barring one team have a great end to their year heading into the playoffs, the Packers and Seahawks will be headed for another conference face-off. Last year it seemed like the Packers were going to take an easy win before a late rally brought the Seahawks to another title. The Packers won’t make the same mistake this year as they head to the Super Bowl ending the reign of the Seahawks for the time being. They will need to avoid any more major injuries if they want to get their but they seem set up for a Super Bowl run again this year after a tough battle in the NFC.


NFC Champion:

Super Bowl 50
The Super Bowl will feature a quarterback nearing the end of his career against a quarterback in the prime of his. That will be the story as everyone will wonder whether or not either quarterback can take their second career Super Bowl win. It will be a battle of the quarterbacks but the defences will make a major difference in this one. Both are good but neither seem particularly dominant at this point in the season. It will make for an even battle between the two teams but it will be Manning that will take his Second Super Bowl in a very tight battle between two teams that are built very similar. Manning will just have a defence behind him that will take big steps this year with their new additions and coordinators that will make the difference as a rematch of the 1997 Super Bowl will end the same way it did almost 20 years ago.


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