MLB Week in Review (August 7-13)

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It is about that time again as the MLB is racing towards the postseason with less than two months left in the season.

It is a thrilling time in the season as teams try to find their way into the postseason with every game becoming that much more important in finding that goal.

It seems like every year in the last few seasons there has been one or more teams that have captured the imagination of fans everywhere.

Last year the Kansas City Royals were that team as they made every fan have a small part of them cheer for the Royals.

A big part of that was the fact that he Royals were riding the longest active postseason drought in the MLB and the second longest of all-time.

After 28 years they were marching towards the postseason and eventually all the way to the World Series.

It was one of the most inspirational runs in recent memory and it captured everyone’s attention, even though they lost in the World Series after seven games.

This year there are two new teams looking to play the role of the Royals and potentially could meet in the World Series in what could be one of the craziest postseason races and postseasons ever.

In the National League it is the New York Mets who have been the butt of jokes for years. They are not quite the Royals as their postseason drought only stretches 8 years but after financial issues and bad management they finally seem on the right path.

They have one of the best pitching staffs in the game and all but one of them is under 30-years-old.

Before August the Mets were sitting 3.5 games back of the wild card and looking like they were about to have another Mets season.

At the start of the season they were one of the strongest teams in the league but began falling after the halfway point of the season.

Then came August where the season began to turn around once again and the young pitching staff took over.

At the end of this week the Mets have won four games in a row and have moved their way past the Washington Nationals for first place in the NL

The Mets have a shot at this and for long-suffering New York Mets fans it is beginning to cause a buzz.

As great as the Mets’ run has been there is one team that has almost officially become the Royals of the 2015 season and have plenty of connections with last year’s Cinderella team.

After the Royals ended their postseason drought last year the Toronto Blue Jays moved to the top spot in the longest active postseason drought.

It has been 21 years since the Blue Jays made the postseason after winning the 1993 World Series.

They have been one of the more active teams over the last few years in trying to add more pieces to end that streak but so far have fallen short every season.

This year they made another effort in some big moves at the start of the year to bring in Josh Donaldson and Russell Martin.

They also made some blockbuster moves at the deadline in trading for Troy Tulowitzki and David Price.

Since the deadline the Jays have lost a total of one game. Their current 11-game winning streak began against the Royals and is their second such streak of the year.

Before the trades near the deadline the Jays were sitting three games back of the wild card. Now they sit atop the AL East with a one game lead over the struggling Yankees.

The Mets and the Blue Jays are capturing the minds and hearts of their fan bases and the rest of the league but it is still August.

There have been plenty of teams that have met September and collapsed to fall out of the playoffs.

Both teams have to be careful not to read into their own hype as the race is far from over despite the great performances so far.

Extra Innings
(More on this week in baseball)

Puig’s Time in LA Done?
The trade deadline might be over but the waiver trade deadline allows teams to still move players which seemed to be what the Dodgers tried to do with Yasiel Puig before pulling him from revocable waivers when a team made a claim

Melvin Done in Milwaukee
With some teams in the heart of the postseason race others are looking to a rebuild including the Milwaukee Brewers who saw their long time General Manager, Doug Melvin step down this week as they begin a rebuild from the front office

Trade Talks continue
The Trade deadline is past but teams can still exchange players which continues with Chase Utley passing through waivers giving plenty of speculation that he will be headed to a new team in the next few days


Key Series:
Chicago Cubs 4 – 0 San Francisco Giants
– It was an important series for the defending champions and this year’s preseason favourite as the Giants held a wild card with the Cubs sitting just outside and after a series weep he Cubs took the wild card and put together a good lead

Toronto Blue Jays 3 – 0 New York Yankees
– The Blue Jays had already made a run towards the wild card but they looked to a series in New York to take over the division and did just that sweeping the Yankees in an impressive series that has made them a favourite to make some noise in the postseason

New York Mets 4 – 0 Colorado Rockies
– The series had little reward for the Rockies who are not too close to the postseason but for the Mets it was different as their four game sweep helped them build a lead in the division as they try to make their way to the postseason

St. Louis Cardinals 2 – 0 Pittsburgh Pirates
– The Pirates came into this series looking to make up ground on the big division lead built by the Cards but they couldn’t get it done losing two games to the division leaders and falling further back in the division race

Upcoming Series:
New York Yankees vs. Toronto Blue Jays [August 14/15/16]
– The Yankees are in a funk while the Jays are flying high but the divide between the two teams for the AL East is not that big and the Yankees will travel to Toronto as they look to pass the Jays and take back first place

Chicago Cubs vs. Chicago White Sox [August 14/15/16]
– the Crosstown Showdown won’t have a lot of impact for the White Sox but they hope to play spoilers to their city rivals as the Cubs try to hold on to the wild card and make their postseason hopes more realistic

Minnesota Twins vs. New York Yankees [August 17/18/19]
– The Yankees will hope to be in first place after the weekend but if they aren’t the Twins will be looking to make some progress on their wild card spot hopes after falling out of the last spot last week

San Francisco Giants vs. St. Louis Cardinals [August 17/18/19]
– The Giants are headed towards the same pattern as the last four years as they sit outside of the postseason only a year after winning the title but will hope to fight their way back by taking on the best team in the NL to gain some ground on the wild card

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