CFHOF Profile: Larry Reda

main-story-slider-CJFL2014-LarryReda_largeThe Canadian Football Hall of fame is a unique place in the sports world as it is not reserved for the professional players and builders.

The Hall of Fame in Canada is one that recognizes everyone that has had an impact on the game of football in Canada.

It is a lot more than just those players who get to go out on the major league fields and play the game in front of thousands of fans.

It is more than the handful of people who sit in offices and look to create winning teams and put on a good product for the fans.

The Canadian Football Hall of Fame is about honouring those people who have made a significant impact on the game even if that is outside of the pros.

They may never be known to the majority of Canadian football fans but the fact is that they continue to grow this game more than the players on those fields.

That is the case for Larry Reda who has been a fixture of football in British Columbia for decades.

There is almost no level of BC Football that Reda has not been involved in whether as a player or an administrator.

After some time in the CJFL in BC Reda took his love of football to the sidelines where he coached at every level from community teams to high school to junior football.

As a coach Reda brought the North Shore Wildcats three championships in 1960, ’61, and ’63 before moving on to coach high school.

After a long coaching career Reda then entered the administrative side of the game where he held multiple titles throughout BC Football.

From Director and President of BC Junior Football to his current positions as the GM of BC’s U-18 team and chairman of the Subway Bowl, BC’s high school championship.

Along with all of the contributions to the game Reda founded the Western Canadian All-Star Football Camp at Simon Fraser University.

That camp was a passion project for Reda and still runs to this day after he sold it after 23 years of running it.Larry-Reda_web

He not only was a person to provide services for the players but someone who also wanted BC to be a hot bed of football in the country.

With the camp and his multiple roles Reda was a large reason to why BC is one of the hotbeds of the sport in Canada with a great junior program that has produced the likes of Andrew Harris.

Reda is the type of person that Canadian football needs more of if there is any hope of growing the sport throughout the country.

It is something that the CFL and Football Canada are constantly attempting to foster throughout the country.

People like Reda are the ones who keep everything running from the smallest level to right before university football.

Without people like Reda giving their time to different organizations there is nowhere for the talent pool in Canada to play and use their talents.

Without the passion of people like Reda there is no minor football and therefore no new Canadian talent coming into the CFL.

For that reason the Canadian Football Hall of Fame makes space for those people who make the CFL possible.

Without them football could fall to a forgotten past time but luckily there are countless people just like Reda who will continue to give their time for the sport.

They will also feel good in the fact that there is a spot among the best players, managers, and coaches in the hall of fame.

That is the Canadian way after all as anyone who has made a significant impact on the game deserves to be recognized just like Reda.


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