Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 7)

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In case you didn’t hear from watching the CFL this week Michael Sam made his CFL debut with the Montreal Alouettes.

The broadcast of the Montreal-Ottawa game was full of Michal Sam coverage as he has been one of the most talked about players in recent memory.

The main reason for that is that he made headlines in 2014 as the first openly gay football player to be drafted into the NFL.

His time in the NFL throughout the 2014 season never worked out as he never made a main roster, whether it was because of the fact that he came out or he just didn’t fit in the NFL game at that moment is still up for debate.

The fact is he had to find a new place to play football and with the Montreal Alouettes owning his CFL rights he decided to move up north and see if he could follow the path of so many that started in the CFL and ended up in the NFL.

Sam was a lot more than just the first openly gay player though as he also shared the SEC defensive player of the year award in his last year in the NCAA.

He was deemed one of the best defensive players in the best defensive conference in the NCAA and he happened to come out before the draft.

So when the Alouettes got a chance to see him in the Bleu Blanc et Rouge they were getting a potentially great player that could provide a game changer on the line.

That was until he arrived at training camp and almost immediately left the team without an explanation.

The team claimed it was for personal reasons and that he would be back at some point but nothing further was revealed.

Sam eventually did return to the team and began his process back to playing shape until finally in Week 7 he was put onto the field as a starting defensive end for the Alouettes.

After the game that impactful player that the Alouettes had hopefully received was nowhere to be found as he was shut out for the entire game.

He had no tackles throughout his first game and to many it was a disappointment after all of the hype surrounding his first game.

The fact is though that Sam simply had a typical start for an American player making an adjustment to a brand new game.

The CFL is a different world from the American game and the NFL in so many ways. That is especially true for defensive lineman who have to make plenty of adjustments if they want to play the Canadian game.football-sidebar

American defensive lineman have played within an inch of the ball on a play clock that runs for 40 seconds.

They have also played on a field that runs just over 50 yards wide and 100 yards from endzone to endzone.

All of a sudden without much practice they are thrown into a game where they have to line up a full yard in front of the ball and deal with a 20 second play clock.

That forces them to line up quickly and go against their instincts in terms of where to line up.

Not to mention that the pursuit of any layer on the outside is much longer and trying to run down players can turn into a marathon.

It is a testament also the talent playing in the CFL as many Americans, possibly Sam but there is no guarantee, believe that they are the superior football players because they have had interest from NFL teams.

That is not necessarily the case and too often players come up to the CFL to restart or start their careers expecting to dominant.

They enter a game and immediately see that the talent is still there which can shock most and force some to be better.

There is no way to know if Sam believed he was better and just got a rude awakening or if he just needs some time to adjust.

Either way his transition will be watched closely and will be used as an example of what it truly takes to be a CFL player.

You can’t just come in and dominate because CFL players are there to play and nobody in the league is an easy opponent.

Fourth Down:
(Thoughts on Week 7 in the CFL)

Partnering to Protect Players
The CFL and NFL announced a new partnership this week with the BC Lions, Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Calgary Stampeders, and Edmonton Eskimos set to partner with the NFL to increase concussion testing for players

Taking the right Step
The CFL made another big announcement this week when they officially unveiled their domestic violence policy in an environment where there is a strong need for rules outlining the punishment for those players who commit these acts

Willy Down Again
Drew Willy has been one of the few quarterbacks to avoid major injury but it hasn’t been easy with a few injuries ending games and now that time might be done after injuring his knee again this week putting his season at risk once again


Week 7 Scores:
BC Lions 26 – 23 Edmonton Eskimos
– It was a bit of reverse of fortunes for the Lions this week as they fell behind early and came back to take the game after two weeks of losing with the lead early on while the Esks got a taste of exactly what that was like

Ottawa REDBLACKS 26 – 23 Montreal Alouettes
– It is turning into a much better rivalry after only two years as the REDBLACKS took the win, their second of the season series, to continue to keep pace in the East while dropping the Als to the bottom of the division

Toronto Argonauts 30 – 26 Saskatchewan Roughriders
– The Argos and Riders put together a total of 43 penalties in the game, the second most in CFL history, in a rough game for both sides until the Argos busted out in the fourth quarter and held of the Riders for the win and handed the Riders their seventh straight loss

Hamilton Tiger-Cats 38 – 8 Winnipeg Blue Bombers
– The Ti-Cats continue to be one of the most dominant home teams over the last two years as they continued their Tim Hortons Field winning streak with a dominant win over the Bombers with the Bombers losing their starting QB

Week 8 Matchups:
Edmonton Eskimos vs. Montreal Alouettes (Thursday August 13th; 7:30 pm ET)
– The Eskimos and Als are both coming off of losses in Week 7 and they hope to turn things back to the winning column this week when the Esks try to keep pace in the West by traveling to Montreal and beating the Als

Toronto Argonauts vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (Friday August 14th; 8:00 pm ET)
– The Argos barely escaped their home opener with a win thanks to undisciplined play and they hope to tighten things up against the Bombers who may very well be going in with a back-up quarterback this week

BC Lions vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (Saturday August 15th; 7:00 pm ET)
– The Ti-Cats remain one of the best home teams in the league having never lost at Tim Hortons Field and they look to make that nine games in a row against the Lions who will try to gain some consistency and get their second win in a row to break the streak

Ottawa REDBLACKS vs. Calgary Stampeders (Saturday August 15th; 10:00 pm ET)
– The last time these two teams met the REDBLACKS took home a win in one of the biggest wins for the franchise and now they look to earn a repeat performance while the west leading Stamps try to exact some revenge

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