UFC Fight Night 73 Preview

ufc_fn73The light heavyweight division is looking to recover from one of the worst scandal that the UFC has seen in a long time.

When Jon Jones was involved in a hit and run the division was thrown into a place that they hadn’t been in a long time as they had no champion.

There were plenty of challengers but none were seemingly good enough to really show that they were at the level that Jones had reached.

So the division was left to find their next title holder and an older challenger emerged as the new champion in Daniel Cormier.

There is still a lot to figure out though as Cormier has yet to defend his title but will do so against Alexander Gustafsson in a big fight for both fighters.

The division used to be one of the best but recently they have fallen out of the headlines as Cormier winning was the last time anyone was talking about the division.

That’s a far fall from the days when the division used to be the crown jewel of the UFC and produced the biggest stars.

Glover Teixeira was a star at the tail end of the high point of the division when he came into the UFC with plenty of legend behind him.

Before he entered the UFC Teixeira had built a reputation of being one of the most powerful fighters in the weight class.

Throughout the Brazilian circuit, Teixeira impressed and made a major impact that was seen by the UFC.

They brought him in with the idea that he could be the first fighter to truly challenge for the title against a dominant Jones.

He proved the hype right when he entered the UFC as he put together a five-fight win streak on his way to the title fight against Jones.

There was so much hype for the fight and it seemed like Teixeira was ready to push jones further than anyone had ever done before.

That did not happen as Teixeira underwhelmed in the fight losing to Jones in a unanimous decision.

That loss to Jones ended the rise of Teixeira and another loss to Phil Davis soon followed as his lore had worn thin.

Since that Davis loss in 2014 Teixeira has seen a number of fights fall through due to injury either to him or to his opponent.

It has been a frustrating year for the Brazilian boxer as he has been unable to show that he is far from done in the division.

He starts up again looking to try to find his way back to the top of the division and bring some excitement back to what used the be the best division in the UFC.mma-sidebar.fw

Teixeira has been waiting a long time for his chance to prove that he is far from done but he didn’t get an easy return to the octagon.

Ovince St. Preux has been one of the more exciting fighters in the division over the last two years and is beginning to make his way to the top of the division.

After two straight knockout wins OSP is finding his way towards the title but needs to get through more top competition to get there.

Teixeira represents that competition as he will look to keep his #4 spot in the division against the fast rising St. Preux.

The fight itself should be an interesting one as both fighters are cut from the same cloth.

Both began competing on the mat with St. Preux coming from wrestling and Teixeira coming from jiu jitsu.

Yet despite their strong ground games they have chosen to stay standing in the majority of their fights and use their great boxing.

There is little doubt that they will do the same thing again when they face off as both will try to finish the night early on the feet.

If it goes to the ground it will be interesting to see which fighter has the upper hand but there is sure to be some great exchanges in this one.

Teixeira provides the experienced fighter but St. Preux is a different fighter right now and not much is going to stop him on his way to the title as he takes the win with a second round knockout.


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