UFC 190 Preview

ufc_190UFC 190 has received a massive facelift in recent months but this one is a much better facelift than other cards have seen.

After UFC Fight Night 70 was destroyed by visa issues the UFC decided to move the majority of the fights to UFC 190.

That will make it that much better as Brazilian fans will get to see the official end of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil.

It has been a long time coming but two new fighters will earn their way into the UFC after going through the gauntlet that is The Ultimate Fighter.

All have had some extra time to prepare for their fights but they all will look to earn that UFC contract and represent the new wave of Brazilian fighters in front of their home crowd.

First up will be the Bantamweights as Dileno Lopes and Reginaldo Vieira face-off after both putting up one submission and one unanimous decision in their road to the final.

Both have a base in jiu jitsu while Vieira showed more proficiency in the stand-up game throughout the show in what could be an interesting fight.

The Lightweight side of the bracket will be decided between Glaico França and Fernando Bruno.

In this matchup it was França who may have been more impressive after winning both of his fights on the show via submission while Bruno took two unanimous decisions.

The finishes for Franca were somewhat strange too as he is a striker first but earned submissions showing his versatility even though he will likely stick to the stand-up against a jiu jitsu practitioner in Bruno.

Only two fighters will get the chance to become UFC fighters though and both will get to do it in front of the Brazilian crowd.

After these new fighters are determined the coaches of the new season will face-off as well with Maricio Rua taking on Antonio Rogerio Nogueira.

Nogueira was not always the matchup for Rua though as Anderson Silva was removed from the show after his failed drug test.

Now both fighters will face-off looking to make some progress in the light heavyweight division that is now in a strange spot.

With Daniel Cormier taking over for Anthony Johnson as a champion there is an uncertainty as to who will be up next and what happens if Jon Jones returns.

In that uncertainty fighters are trying to move into contention and that will be what both Rua and Nogueira attempt to do after both falling out of the conversation for the title.

Both are legendary fighters but have not been close to the title in a few years as they look to get close now before their time is up.

Although all of these fights will be big nights for the Brazilian fans there is nothing bigger than the main event for the women’s bantamweight champion.

On one side is the fan favourite, even in Brazil, Ronda Rousey who has run through every challenger she has ever faced in the octagon.

On the other side is the Brazilian challenger in Bethe Correia who will be the first Brazilian woman to fight for a women’s title in the UFC.

Fans will be divided in this one as Rousey is a favourite of Brazilian fans but they also have their countrywoman to cheer for.

The fans will also need to choose sides in the fact that this has been a massive war of words leading up to the fight.

It all started when Correia beat Jessamyn Duke via Unanimous Decision and immediately called out Rousey.

Duke is a training partner of Rousey and is a member of the four horsewomen, a group of friends and training partners led by Rousey.

When Correia beat Duke she held up four fingers and dropped one in a clear message to Rousey that she was coming after her and her training partners.

The next fight for Correia was against another member of the training team in Shayna Baszler who Correia beat with a TKO win.mma-sidebar.fw

Once again Correia called out the training team and Rousey and got Rousey’s attention with the champion calling for a fight with Correia after her win against Cat Zingano.

Since that time both have exchanged plenty of shots back and forth as they have both claimed that they will finish their careers undefeated.

Correia did take it a bit too far though as she claimed that Rousey would want to “kill herself” after the fight because she was going to take the belt away.

Rousey’s story is widely known and that story includes the fact that her father committed suicide when she was young so Correia making that comment hit a chord for Rousey and fans.

The talking back and forth has made this a massive match-up between two well-rounded fighters that have both not been solved yet.

Correia has shown her strength in the stand-up with a TKO win over Baszler but has a BJJ base and will be a challenge if she can stay on top in the ground game.

Then there is Rousey who bring world-class judo to the octagon and has shown recently that her striking game is beginning to be something to be feared.

Rousey has been getting better in every fight and for someone who has won every fight while spending under a minute in the octagon through her last two fights combined that is a scary thing.

Rousey usually finishes fights quickly and has won the majority of her fights with a first round armbar.

Then again she has claimed that those quick fights are for people she respects and that Correia is in for a punishing fight that she vows not to end quickly.

Correia is the toughest test that Rousey has ever faced but the fact is to bet against Rousey is always a mistake as she will take the win and do it with a TKO in round 2 to retain the belt.


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