UFC on FOX 16 Preview

ufc_FOX16It was just over a year ago when T.J. Dillashaw shocked the world and set off to become the most surprising champion of the year.

It was not that Dillashaw was all that bad but rather that Barão was considered to be just that good.

Throughout the UFC’s championship history there are plenty of dominant champions and the establishment of the Bantamweight division was no different.

First it was Dominick Cruz who seemed to be unbeatable when ACL injuries ended his reign without ever being beaten.

Barão took over from Cruz and seemed to be holding the belt as long as it took for Cruz to come back as not many could beat him.

Then came Dillashaw who took on Barão in a fight that almost everyone thought was an easier win for Barão.

It was another warm-up before Cruz could come back but everyone failed to tell Dillashaw about the fact that he was supposed to lose and he shocked the world with a knockout win over the man many thought was going to be a champion for a long time.

Immediately the talk began though as many thought it may have been a lucky win by Dillashaw who caught Barão off guard.

Everyone wanted to see the rematch where one of the two fighters could prove that they truly belong at the top of the division as the champion.

For Barão it was going to be a chance to show that Dillashaw caught him on an off night rather than that he was truly better and the true champion.

For Dillashaw it was a chance to prove that he truly is the better fighter and to end the doubt about whether or not he truly is the class of the division.

It was all going to take place at UFC 177 only three months after Dillashaw took the first fight between the two.

The timing was not great for Barão as he tried to cut weight in time but passed out before the weigh-ins forcing him to withdraw.

Dillashaw went on to beat last-minute replacement Joe Soto in a predictable win against a fighter who just got word a day before the fight.

The rematch was once again scheduled for UFC 186 this past April but Dillashaw fractured his rib during training and once again the fight was cancelled.

Now at UFC on FOX 16 the rematch that has been more than a year in the making will finally take place, unless something else happens within the last few days.

Barring that unfortunate circumstance again these two fighters will finally get the chance to prove themselves in the octagon.

They won’t surprise each other much with what they have as both have already fought and have prepared for each other for a long time.

Barão brings the classic Nova Unão fight style to the octagon as the Brazilian gym trains well-rounded fighters that often have a base in BJJ.

The former champion will bring that BJJ ability along with some devastating kicks and good striking against Dillashaw.

Where he struggled the last time he fought was trying to catch up to the speed of Dillashaw and he is sure to have worked on cutting off the octagon and not allowing Dillashaw to get shots off and moving out.mma-sidebar.fw

Dillashaw will clearly attempt to repeat his championship performance as he will try to be the faster fighter and use his great striking to move around the octagon.

If the fight happens to go to the ground Dillashaw will be comfortable there as well but if he goes to his back he might be in trouble.

Dillashaw has great wrestling and ground and pound but on his back he will be no match for Barão’s submission game.

The chess match is sure to go back and forth with both fighters having figured out how they want to fight this match.

It may not be the thrilling finish that was seen the first time they faced off and it definitely won’t be as big an upset as it was the first time around.

Still the fight is sure to be a great one but expect more of it to take place on the ground where Barão will likely look to take it after losing on the feet the first time around.

If Barão can keep it on the ground and stay on top, which will be easier said than done, he may just take this fight.

Dillashaw’s reign might be cut short in this fight as Barão is a smarter fighter that will earn the submission win in the third round to take back the title and set up a trilogy.


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