UFC Keeps the Fights Coming (UFC Fight Night 71 Review)

ufc_fn71The UFC is at it again as they load up fights in the middle of the summer in perfect time to capitalize on a slow sports week.

With every major sport in North America either in the off-season or on a break there is plenty of potential air time for other events.

The UFC knows this and so they decided that the MLB All-Star break was the time to put together multiple fight cards and keep people watching them.

It all started with UFC 189 that ended International Fight Week in Vegas and produced a new interim champion in the featherweight division.

Only a day after that pay-per-view event the UFC put on another show as they brought an end to a new season of The Ultimate Fighter.

That ended with the Blackzillians winning the last fight and $300,000 for the gym after Kamru Usman won the final fight.

Now the UFC enters the end of their busy week with UFC fight Night 71 and UFC Fight Night 72 all in the same week.

It is a hectic schedule but it is also a display on just how big the UFC has gotten since they started in 1997.

At that time there is no chance that even two fights in a month was going to work for the organization.

Now the UFC fights almost every single week and in every fight there are good crowds and plenty of fans watching their fights.

So they take on bigger challenges putting fights all around the world and trying to reach every corner of the globe.

That is expressed in their next fight which travels to Scotland for the first time, while shows in new parts of the USA like Nashville and new parts of other countries like Saskatoon are about to be held.

They also take on new challenges in putting on four new fight cards within a week of each other.

By doing this many would assume that they are spreading themselves too thin but that is not the case.

They continue to be successful with every fight and put on great shows no matter how many times they fight within a week.

This week is no difference as plenty have come out to watch every fight and the UFC remains a successful promotion no matter how many they string together.

There may have been another reason for the load of fights as the UFC used this week to debut the new Reebok Fight it.

The UFC has uniforms now and the time of the old sponsorship filled shorts are over as the new deal kicks in now.

Every fighter will wear a custom-made uniform with their name on it and fans were exposed throughout the last few fight cards just as they did at UFC Fight Night 71.mma-sidebar.fw

The latest to wear the uniforms were Frank Mir and Todd Duffee as both fighters looked to make some noise in their new duds.

Mir and Duffee are complete opposites in the UFC Fight Night 71 as on rising start that loves to stand and trade met a savvy veteran who prefers the fight on the ground.

Both fighters wanted it as they headed into the octagon but for much different reasons as Mir tried to extend his career while Duffee is trying to make noise in a division as a young rising star.

With a long career nearing the end Mir was looking for a win in what is likely his last run towards a title while Duffee was just looking to add to the start of his career and make his way up the rankings for his first true title run in the UFC.

The fight itself did not last long and was a bit surprising in terms of who finished and how they did finish the fight.

Mir came out completely different than usual as he came out swinging wildly instead of picking his spots and putting the fight on the ground.

The results were great as Mir rocked Duffee early and continued to unload for almost the entire first round.

Duffee got some of his own shots in and sent Mir back but in the end Mir took a big left hand and put Duffee to sleep.

The fight was over and everyone realized that Mir is still an evolving fighter and despite the fact that he might not have a ton of time left he is sure to move up the rankings.

Duffee took the loss and will drop but will attempt to recover and has the time to do just that as he is still a young fighter.

Mir on the other hand is making his way and is still a few fights away but if he continues to be impressive like he was at UFC Fight Night 71 he might get another chance at the title.



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