Disaster Averted in Hollywood (UFC Fight Night 70 Review)

ufc_fn70There were plenty of issues heading into UFC’s first time in Hollywood, Florida as Visa issues prevented the card from taking place the way it was built.

The Ultimate Fighter Brazil was supposed to finish in Florida while a number of big Brazilian stars were supposed to fight.

Many of the fights were cancelled due to these issues and the UFC was forced to put together a card on last-minute fights.

One fight always remained though and it was an important one in the world of the middleweights.

Despite all of the issues for many other fighters Lyoto Machida and Yoel Romero remained at the top of the card as the main event.

Both have been somewhat victimized by the state of affairs in the middleweight division as of late as contenders have not been changing much.

After Chris Weidman ended the reign of Anderson Silva there was plenty to figure out in the middleweight division but not much action to figure it out.

A group of great fighters were all looking to find their way to the division title but there were few that could make it to the top.

Machida was one of the few that got there but it wasn’t an easy process as Weidman had trouble staying healthy.

First Weidman had a fight cancelled when Vitor Belfort was stripped of his licence due to the use of an illegal drug.

Then Weidman was to face Machida for the title and the champion hurt his knee delaying the fight by two months.

Machida lost that fight and Weidman moved on to his next contender in Belfort where two more fights were cancelled due to Weidman injuries.

Weidman eventually beat Belfort earlier this year but the delays had done their damage in the division where some great fighters were being held back.

Luke Rockhold, Romero, and Jacare Souza were all winning fights but never getting the chance to get a title shot.

Finally things seem to be moving though as Weidman will move on to face Rockhold after an impressive win against Machida.

With Rockhold set to take on the champion two more top contenders were ready to take their spot in line as Romero and Souza seemed ready to take that step.

They could never get a fight together though as both fighters were forced to withdraw from the fight.

They are both still looking to find their way to the title and although a fight between each other might be the only thing to get them there they need to keep winning for that to be a possibility.

So they move on for now and for Romero that meant taking on a legend in the world of MMA in Machida.

It was simply a stepping stone for Romero as he hoped to find his way to the top of the division and wait for his next fight, likely a title contention fight, after going through a veteran.mma-sidebar.fw

For Machida it was completely different as he was looking to show everyone that he is far from finished in this sport.

He has been fighting for a long time and has held a UFC title in the light heavyweight division but lately his time seemed to be winding down.

A loss to Weidman showed that he was slowing down but he beat C.B. Dolloway in his next fight before losing to Rockhold.

He has been up and down through the last few years and now he went into another fight trying to show that he can still compete with the best in the division.

His fighting style had always been a problem for opponents as his karate stance and his ability to counter has never been matched by any fighter.

There is nobody that can imitate the style of Machida but if he continues to lose a step that confusion from his style won’t matter.

He hoped to show it against Romero who is a world-class wrestler who won a silver medal in the Olympics and has won multiple world championships.

His wrestling background makes him one of the top wrestlers in the division and the UFC but as he evolves as an MMA fighter he has gained more confidence in his stand-up.

That confidence showed early in the fight as Romero didn’t even look to take the Brazilian down until the end of the second round.

Even though Romero was standing with a great striker he still showed plenty of experience in the stand-up.

Both fighters landed their fair share of strikes throughout the start of the fight but as the fight progressed Romero began landing bigger and better strikes.

He was starting to get more confident as the fight moved on and in the third that confidence proved to work well.

In only his second takedown attempt of the fight, Romero put Machida on his back with a trip and began unleashing vicious elbows.

After the first few elbows Machida was out and the fight was over as Romero showed his evolution and the reason he is considered one of the top contenders in the division.

The loss is a big one for Machida as he has once again taken a loss to a younger fighter and is beginning to slide out of contention in the UFC.

He will try to make a comeback and could do it but his career might be closer to the end with another loss.

Romero meanwhile will likely take on Souza for his next fight which should determine the next title contender as he continues to make a run at the middleweight division.



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