UFC Fight Night 70 Preview

ufc_fn70The UFC has seen its fair share of road blocks when it comes to putting fights together which is natural when there are as many fights as they have.

Putting on so many fights there are bound to be problems and often those problems are a result of training hard for fights.

More often than not cards are massively changed because one of the top fighters is injured leaving the UFC without a true main event.

There are also the odd outside of the octagon issues that have hurt cards but mostly it is injuries or sickness that can destroy a card.

What happened for UFC Fight Night 70 is a different story though as a night to celebrate The Ultimate Fighter Brazil has turned into a scramble for fights.

Only a week before the fight the UFC ran into Visa issues with a total of twelve fighters on the UFC Fight Night 70 card.

Originally scheduled to take place in Brazil the UFC decided to move the fight to Hollywood, Florida and that turned out to be a major issue.

The card was supposed to be full of Brazilian fighters including two fights that were to determine the winners of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 4.

With the end of that show as some of the featured fights on the night the rest of the card was to feature some of the top Brazilian talent.

The change of location made that a little tough as a technical issues at the Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs meant that many of the Brazilian fighters couldn’t receive Visas to fight in the USA.

In all twelve fighters were forced to be taken off of the card including all four fighters involved in The Ultimate Fighter Brazil finals.

The UFC was forced to scramble to fill out the rest of the card after every TUF Brazil fighter could not get Visa along with Erick Silva, who was in the co-main event, along with Rani Yahya who was fighting in the undercard.

Many of the fights were cancelled due to this Visa issue and so the UFC had to find new fights but there was some good news for the promotion.

The main event stayed intact as Lyoto Machida and Yoel Romero were both unaffected by the Visa issue and will remain the top fight on the card.

That is a great thing for the UFC as the match-up is an important one in the middleweight division.

Machida and Romero are top ten fighters in the middleweight division and will look to get themselves closer to the title.

After Luke Rockhold’s great knockout of Machida he will take on Chris Weidman for the title in his next fight.mma-sidebar.fw

After that there are a number of top contenders all looking to make an impression and earn a spot behind Rockhold in the line of contenders.

For Machida beating Romero is a boost to his title hopes although he won’t get the next shot if he can win against Romero.

The knockout loss against Rockhold hurt his chances of returning to the title before his long career is done but beating Romero is a good start to returning to the conversation.

Meanwhile Romero was supposed to fight the other major contender in the division in Ronaldo Souza but that fight had been cancelled twice due to injuries and illness.

Now he gets to finally get into the octagon and prove that he belongs among the top contenders in the division.

Although a win in this fight won’t necessarily get him a shot it is sure to put him in the running while another win will likely get him the title shot he has been waiting for.

Beating Machida is a lot easier said than done though as there are few fighters who can emulate the style of the veteran.

The karate style made famous by Machida is not used too often making it a challenge for fighters to adjust.

He has a different stance and throws punches from different angles but the toughest part of his game is his counter striking.

He is a master of the counter strike as it is always a dangerous proposition to come in against Machida.

Romero won’t be trying to test that counter striking ability though as he is an Olympic wrestling medalist and a wrestling world champion so it is clear that he wants the fight on the ground.

Machida has some experience in that aspect as a BJJ black belt while Romero has experience in BJJ but is not at the level of Machida.

Although this fight might not end up as a slugfest it looks to be a great battle between two BJJ practitioners who will look to end the fight early.

As good as Machida has been over his long career it is Romero’s time and he will earn the win with a unanimous decision in beating a legend.


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