Bloody Night in Brazil (UFC Fight Night 67 Review)

GOIANIA, BRAZIL - MAY 31:  Carlos Condit of the United States kicks Thiago Alves of Brazil in their welterweight UFC bout during the UFC Fight Night event at Arena Goiania on May 30, 2015 in Goiania, Brazil.   (Photo by Buda Mendes/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

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Heading into UFC Fight Night 67 there were a number of fighters just trying to prove something when they got the chance.

After all that is the purpose of getting a shot in the main card as fighters are always trying to prove that they belong.

It was a little bit more for some fighters though as they had some big reasons to impress the UFC brass in Brazil.

First up were two fighters looking to prove that one was better than the other in a rematch of a much earlier fight.

In 2011 both fighters went into UFC on Versus 4 looking to make an impression in the lightweight division.

They certainly did in a great fight that ended with plenty of controversy as Oliveira took the win after kneeing Lentz, with both of Lentz’s knees on the ground, and sinking in a choke.

The win was clearly illegal and the athletic commission agreed stripping Oliveira of the win and moving the fight to a no contest.

Both fighters were supposed to face off as featherweights last year but the weight cut got to Oliveira and he became sick the day of the fight forcing a cancellation.

Now four years after Lentz took a loss due to an illegal knee and even though it was overturned there is some bitterness left that was stewing for four years.

Now Lentz gets to prove he is better and Oliveira gets to prove that he can still beat Lentz even without the illegal knee.

There was plenty between these two and it all came out in the octagon as they faced off in the co-main event of the night.

The fight was another back and forth battle as both fighters landed their shots on the feet and showed good ground game.

It was a tight battle through as Oliveira took an early lead thanks to some great knees but allowed Lentz to get back in it with a controlling ground game.

Then in the final round Lentz was caught in a familiar position, Oliveira’s guillotine choke as “Do Bronz” locked in a standing guillotine and then took the submission to the mat.

Lentz had heart in refusing to tap out for so long but he lost to the very move that earn him the first loss before the athletic commission overturned the decision.

Oliveira meanwhile proved that it was no fluke that he had one the first time and that he could beat Lentz with illegal knees.

By proving that point Oliveira is likely to see a bump in his #8 ranking and removes a big question mark from his record.

Oliveira and Lentz were not the only fighters trying to prove something though as two welterweights came into the main event looking not only to prove that they belong in the championship conversation but simply that they belong.

Carlos Condit and Thiago Alves have spent a long time in the welterweight division moving up and down but now are in positions where they must show they belong.

For Alves it is as simple as the fact that he has been doing this a long time as he has been in the UFC since 2005.

He has been in title contention multiple times through his career and now sits in the #12 spot in the welterweight rankings at 31 years

He has been at it a long time and if he continues not to be at his best the UFC won’t hesitate to cut him loose.

Meanwhile his opponent is trying to come back from an ACL injury as Condit has not fought for a year.

He has remained in the title talk since his injury as he is the #4 ranked fighter in the division but he is trying to show that he belongs in this new look division.

After being beaten by Georges St. Pierre, Condit is looking to be a title contender once again as he hopes his knee holds up and that he remains a solid contender in the division.

They both had a chance to prove to the UFC brass that they belong in the title conversation and in the welterweight division after some up and down years in what is now a new look division.

The fight was a wild one as both Condit and Alves came out trying to hack the other down with big kicks.

As they started to find their range Condit got more aggressive and began landing some big shots that eventually dropped Alves.

Condit continued to swarm in the second round as he saw an opening to finish the fight and tried to do just that in any way possible.

Landing big punches and elbows along with scrambling on the ground to earn submissions, Condit was trying everything but could not shut out the heart of Alves.

That heart was never going to empty but after a brutal second round the doctor stopped the fight due to the damage done to Alves’ nose.

The loss is the latest in a number of setbacks for Alves who will need to figure out if he still wants to fight or if he has a job in the UFC after a brutal beating by Condit that is sure to sink him in the rankings.

Meanwhile Condit showed that fire that made his such a great title contender as his knee looked great and his want for an end was easily seen.

The impressive performance is sure to boost his standing in the division and one more fight could stand between him and another shot at the welterweight title.

There was plenty to prove at UFC Fight Night 67 and two fighters did their part while another two fell apart in some impressive wins by two fighters who need impressive wins.



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