UFC Fight Night 67 Preview

ufc_fn67The UFC continues its busy few months with another Fight Night after one of the biggest cards of the year.

This card may not compare to the card at UFC 187 when two titles and three other divisions were on full display.

During that card many divisions were given a bit more of a clear view on their title races while at UFC Fight Night 67 another division looks to get a clearer view with their title fight approaching.

The welterweight division has been an interesting division over the last few years as a dominant champion remains on the sidelines while the title continues to change hands.

For a long time Georges St. Pierre ruled over the division with little to no challenge as he had all but cleaned out a division.

Then he went into semi-retirement and has yet to indicate whether he will return to the UFC or not.

That left a gap at the top and as of right now there still remains a gap as no champion has been able to sustain much of a run.

Johny Hendricks took the title in the first championship fight since GSP but in his first title defence lost to his former opponent Robbie Lawler.

Now Lawler is beginning his title defence at UFC 189 when he takes on Rory MacDonald who has been working his way up the division for years.

With that fight ready to go in July the rest of the division is trying to shuffle their way into contention as the championship remains up in the air.

Lawler looks like a good champion but MacDonald has been great over the last few years and another reign could be cut short.

If that happens the division will only get more difficult to define as there are a number of top fighters that can take a chance at earning a title fight.

Two of those fighters will face-off at UFC Fight Night 67 when Carlos Condit and Thiago Alves square-off in the main event.

Both have had their taste of the title race in the division with both at one point had fought for the title during the GSP era.

Condit won the interim title against Nick Diaz in 2012 only to lose his next fight against the champion, ending his title run.

Alves’ attempt goes back longer as he fought for the title in 2009 and like Condit took a loss to the champion, St. Pierre.

Since the title fights it has been a mixed bag for both fighters as Condit has lost three of to fights while Alves is 4-3.

Neither have had great success since they lost their title fight but both are still among the best in the division.

In the rankings it is slightly different though as Condit ranks as the #4 fighter while Alves has fallen to the #12 ranking.

For both fighters this is a chance to show the UFC that they still belong among the title contenders.

It will be a tough go for both fighters though as they take on well-balanced opponents that will be happy to see the fight go anywhere.

Condit is a finisher with 14 knockout wins and 13 submissions wins in his time in the UFC, proving that he prefers to end fights early.

He loves to strike with great boxing but has a ground game that focuses on ending fights rather than grinding out wins.

Alves also loves to strike but does not use his boxing, instead choosing to use his Muay Thai background to gain the advantage.

With 13 wins by knockout, it is clear that Alves loves to get in the clinch and unleash devastating Muay Thai knees to end fights.

On the ground is a bit different story as he is comfortable on the ground with a background in jiu jitsu but he is not as aggressive only finishing one fight via submission.

It will all be about who can take the fight where they want it as Condit will be fine standing as long as he stays out of the clinch while Alves will try to get in close and stay off of the ground.

When it comes down to it though Condit has been more well-rounded in his UFC career and will be happy to change the fight as it develops.

For that he will earn the win with a TKO in the second round and will earn serious consideration for the title in the welterweight division.


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