UFC Fight Night 66 Preview

ufc_fn66The UFC has had a long history of dealing with fans that want super fights to figure out who the best of the best truly is in the UFC.

When Anderson Silva was clearing out the middleweight division and Georges St. Pierre was doing the same in the welterweight division everyone wanted to see those two face off.

When Jon Jones began what would have been a great career in the light heavyweight division most wanted to see Silva, who had a few fights in that weight class, move up to fight Jones.

These super fights have been talked about constantly and yet they have never been put together despite all of the rumours.

Much of that has to do with the paths of all three of those fighters involved as GSP is now semi-retired, Silva is dealing with PED issues, and Jones may never fight again.

These fights never happened but that doesn’t mean that there have never been super fights between two of the best fighters.

They may not have been between those three biggest names but that doesn’t mean they haven’t happened.

A super fight is somewhat difficult to define as many times it just is a super fight without much thinking but in the UFC that could mean only the three fighters mentioned before.

If those three fighters are the only people who can make a super fight then there could not be super fights all too often.

Instead a super fight in the UFC is one between two fighters that are at the top of their game and often fight between weight classes with one or both fighters having little to no motivation to fight other than to prove that they are better than the other fighter.

There haven’t been many as only one may meet the qualifications for a super fight as Frankie Edgar and José Aldo faced off in 2013.

Aldo was, and remains, one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world and is the only featherweight champion in UFC history.

At the time of the fight Edgar had just come off of a run as the lightweight champion and was considered one of the best fighters in the world.

Both faced off for the featherweight title as Edgar dropped a weight class to fight for the title in what truly was one of the only super fights in the UFC.

Aldo won the fight in what ended up being the Fight of the Night and likely was the closest fight Aldo had ever been a part of while at the UFC.

Now Edgar is back in the spotlight for another super fight as he takes on Urijah Faber at UFC Fight Night 66.

Both fighters are ranked among the top three in their respective divisions and although they may not rank among the best pound-for-pound they are still two of the biggest names in the UFC.

Faber has been at the top of the MMA world since he entered the sport as one of the most marketable fighters.

When he entered the UFC he remained one of the top fighters and has rarely fallen out of title contention in any weight class he enters.

Edgar has not always been a top fighter but rose through the ranks in the lightweight division to be champion. It seemed as though he could be the dominant champion that the division could never find.

He did eventually lose the title and decided to move down in weight class where he was better suited.

Since moving into the featherweight division Edgar has rarely stayed out of the top of the division and has beaten every challenger except Aldo.mma-sidebar.fw

Both fighters have continued to be the top of their weight classes and now they face off in what can be defined as a true super fight.

It may not involve Silva, Jones, or St. Pierre but it does involve two fighters that are ranked among the best in their respective divisions and neither truly gaining the upper hand in their respective division title races.

Faber will drop in a weight class this time around to take on Edgar at his new natural weight class as both simply look to continue their winning ways and look to prove that they are better.

After all that is what this fight will be about as both fighters are just looking to challenge themselves by facing another great fighter.

It will be a challenge for both as they take on well-rounded opponents with Faber and Edgar marking two fighters that don’t mind where the fight goes.

Edgar has a wrestling background that makes his ground game good but his boxing makes him a much bigger danger.

He prefers ground and pound to submissions and his stand-up is great for the weight class.

Meanwhile Faber is also a wrestler but instead of the ground and pound style he uses his BJJ to submit opponents.

While standing he uses his speed to get around opponents and launch big numbers of shots.

Both fighters will be fine wherever the fight goes as the only end to this fight comes after one fighter makes a mistake.

With that in mind there will be few mistakes in this fight as Edgar will take the win but will do so with a decision win.


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