2015 CFL Draft Preview


The CFL Draft is an important day in the CFL calendar but it is a day unlike any other in sports as well.

Unlike most drafts the CFL has to compete with a much larger entity that can take away some of the top prospects.

The CFL draft is only for the best Canadian football players whether from the CIS or the NCAA.

The problem the CFL teams face is that the top Canadian talent does not go unnoticed by the beast that is the NFL.

The NFL draft was only a few short weeks ago and there were plenty of the best Canadians that were seen by NFL teams.

Not all were drafted, only one Canadian was taken in the draft, but many top prospects did find themselves a home in the NFL.

The undrafted free agent pool is always ripe with Canadian talent as many Canadian players find themselves at smaller schools that NFL teams don’t see enough of to justify picking them in the first seven rounds.

It happens every year where the best Canadian football players move to the big money of the NFL, and rightfully so, as they look for the bigger payday south of the border.

This year was no different as the top prospect in the CFL Scouting Bureau Spring Rankings, Christian Covington, was drafted by the Houston Texans late on the third day of the draft.

Covington was the only Canadian to be selected in the draft but he was not the only Canadian that found a team in the NFL.football-sidebar

Brett Boyko, the #2 ranked prospect, signed with the Eagles, Tyler Varga, the #4 ranked prospect, signed with the Colts.

The second ranked prospect also found a home as Alex Mateas was invited to the New York Jets rookie camp.

All four ranked as some of the best Canadian talent available in the CFL draft but now all are going to be given at least a shot at making the NFL.

Some will be given a better chance than others but the fact is that they are closer to never playing a snap on a CFL field than many other available players.

That makes all of the top four prospects a challenge when evaluating them for the CFL draft.

That is where the biggest difficulty comes in as the CFL teams must decide between taking the best player in the draft or the player that can make the biggest impact as soon as possible.

With the Ottawa REDBLACKs picking first this year the decision is a big one as they could pick Covington first overall but they may never see him suit up for the REDBLACKS.

Then again they could take him and if he cannot make an NFL team they get the best talent in the CFL draft.

The debate is one that has to be played for so many teams this year as four players are all going to NFL camps but all four may not make the team and could move on to the CFL within this season.

Then again they could all make an NFL team and the Canadian teams waste a pick on a hope that they see them north of the border.

It makes the CFL Draft an interesting debate in war rooms across the country as they figure out what they need and how bad they need it.

This is why the best player in the draft, Covington, may not be taken first overall as teams try to find players early that will play while later they find those great players left to keep their rights just in case.

That balancing act also goes along with the constant free agent signings in the CFL to create an event that might provide the next superstar or just another good player.

It is still essential though as teams try to beat the Canadian quota by adding players that can make a difference on the field.

The balancing act continues again this year as CFL teams prepare of the draft with an eye on the upcoming season where nines teams look to earn a ticket to Winnipeg in November.


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