2015 NFL Draft: What Happened?

1297695240587_ORIGINALThe NFL Draft is over and for 256 players their lives move on to the ultra-competitive world of NFL football.

Many of these players have only achieved a fraction of their dream after the three-day display of NFL’s popularity.

These players may have heard their name called or received a phone call from an NFL team but they are far from guaranteed a spot on the roster come September.

The work is just starting for most of them as they now have the chance to earn a spot on an NFL roster during training camp.

That is not the case for everyone though as teams invested top picks in players that will likely have an impact immediately.

For two players that received the most buzz heading into the draft, the work to make the team was not nearly as much.

Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota were the most analyzed pair of players in the draft. Both were outstanding quarterbacks in the NCAA and both had won a Heisman Trophy.

They each had faults too though as Winston had seen some major off-field and maturity issues while Mariota played in a system where he didn’t have to call plays making an adjustment to the NFL potentially difficult.

As the draft drew closer it seemed as though Winston was the top pick as the most NFL ready quarterback in the draft despite his off-field issues.

Meanwhile Mariota seemed to be dropping in most rankings as the majority of experts thought that not many teams at the top of the draft wanted to take the time to help him along. His drop in mock drafts was staggering but just before the draft trade talks emerged that made it seem like he was ready to go #2.

The Cleveland Browns had offered a lot of picks to move up while reports of other potential trades flooded the hours before the draft began.

In the end no moves were made and after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers predictably selected Winston first overall the Tennessee Titans picked Mariota second overall ending all of the speculation that he was not desirable for NFL teams.

With the two best quarterbacks gone quickly the concentration turned to the rest of the field and the major questions of the draft every year.

One was the value of running backs as no running back had been taken in the first round since 2012.

With the focus on platoon backs and the passing game becoming more important running backs have not been valued as much in recent drafts.

This year the debate began again as many were wondering when the first running back would go.football-sidebar

It didn’t take long though as the St. Louis Rams moved up in the draft to take Todd Gurley at #10 overall. Gurley wasn’t the only back taken in the first either as Melvin Gordon was taken five picks later by the San Diego Chargers.

The running backs have returned to the first round and although there were less to take near the top teams still broke the trend and spent important picks on a position that has been under fire recently.

It wasn’t the only question to answer on the night though as another major question heading into every draft. How important is character when selecting young players?

With Winston taken first overall it seemed as though teams were willing to forgive off-field issues.

Winston turned out to be one of the few that was immune to the issues off of the field. Two players in particular were punished for their issues after heading into the draft with major incidents.

Randy Gregory failed the Combine drug test with Marijuana in his system.

A top tier athlete that was expected to be drafted as the top defensive lineman fell to the second round where the Dallas Cowboys selected him.

Some believed that it was a fairly soft punishment, but going from one of the best pass rushers in the draft to being the last person in the green room and falling to the second round is something that should wake him up.

The bigger message was sent with La’el Collins though as he was one of the top offensive lineman in the draft.

The issue was that he came into the draft with police wanting to talk to him about the shooting death of a pregnant woman, whose baby was delivered but died.

The fact that Collins was wanted for questioning, he is not a suspect, in the death of this woman and her child gave NFL teams a reason to take a stand.

That is what happened as he went undrafted this year and has not signed as a free agent. His issues off of the field were just too much for NFL teams to overlook and in the end a very talented player will not be playing football next year due to off-field issues.

It was a stand that many hoped would happen in the NFL and at least for now the question of character concerns was somewhat answered.

The draft solved a lot of issues and questions for many teams but not every team had a successful three days.

Some teams made questionable decisions while others made all the right ones as another group of NFL players begin their journey to truly being NFL players.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

1. Jameis Winston, QB (FSU) 34. Donovan Smith, OT (PAS)
61. Ali Marpet, C (HWSC) 124. Kwon Alexander, OLB (LSU)
162. Kenny Bell, WR (UNE) 184.  Kaelin Clay, WR (UUT)
231. Joey Iosefa, FB (UHI)
Taking the most pro ready quarterback in the draft was a no-brainer but the Bucs went to work building around him after the first round. Adding two lineman with their next two picks was a good move while they filled some needs with the rest of the draft. Still they failed to take a good edge rusher and Winston is still a question mark. Overall it was a good draft but not one that was entirely challenging for the league’s worst team.

Tennessee Titans

2. Marcus Mariota, QB (UOR) 40. Dorial Green-Beckham, WR (UMO)
66. Jeremiah Poutasi, OG (UUT) 100. Angelo Blackson, DT (AUB)
108. Jalston Fowler, FB (UAL) 138. David Cobb, RB (UMN)
177. Deiontrez Mount, OLB (LOU) 208. Andy Galik, C (BSC)
245. Tre McBride, WR (WMR)
It was a show of where the Titans are going in their new year but the moves were not necessarily going to make them contenders next year. They immediately upgraded their offence with Mariota, Green-Beckham, Fowler, and Cobb. All have huge upside but none are guaranteed to be effective right away. Meanwhile the defence was essentially ignored. The Titans did a good job but the rebuild is far from done after this draft.

Jacksonville Jaguars

3. Dante Fowler Jr., OLB (UFL) 36. T.J. Yeldon, RB (UAL)
67. A.J. Cann, OG (SCAR) 104. James Sample, SS (LOU)
139. Rashad Greene, WR (FSU) 180. Michael Bennett, DT (OHS)
220. Neal Sterling, WR (MON) 229. Ben Koyack, TE (NDM)
From start to finish the Jags made every right decision. They added a great pass rusher, a great running back, and a great interior lineman in the first three rounds. Then they got massive value picks in Greene and Koyack late and filled almost every hole that they had heading into the draft. Bottom line, the Jags are a better team after the 2015 draft and they could be headed to some great years ahead.

Oakland Raiders

4. Amari Cooper, WR (UAL) 35. Mario Edwards Jr., DT (FSU)
68. Clive Walford, TE (MFL) 128. Jon Feliciano, OG (MFL)
140. Ben Heeney, ILB (UKS) 161. Neiron Ball, OLB (UFL)
179. Max Valles,OLB (UVA) 218. Anthony Morris, OL (TNS)
221. Andre Debose, WR (UFL) 242. Dexter McDonald, CB (UKS)
Derek Carr has some new weapons to play with after the draft but the Raiders went for style over substance right away. Cooper is an NFL ready receiver with size and speed but passing on Leonard Williams in the first only to take an inconsistent Edwards in the second seems a bit confusing. Still the Raiders did focus on a big need in the passing game and for that it was a successful draft for the Raiders.


5. Brandon Scherff, OG (UIA) 38. Preston Smith, DE (MSS)
95. Matt Jones, RB (UFL) 105. Jamison Crowder, WR (DUK)
112. Arie Kouandijo, OG (UAL) 141. Martrell Spaight, OLB (UAR)
181. Kyshoen Jarrett, SS (VAT) 182. Tevin Mitchel, CB (UAR)
187. Evan Spencer, WR (OHS) 222. Austin Reiter, C (SFL)
Washington took this draft as a chance to get bigger and meaner. They took some big guys throughout the draft and all are tough. That will provide a new attitude in Washington and one that should help them get better. Still the move to take Scherff that early was one of the biggest surprises of the first round but they clearly believe in protecting their major investment in RGIII with a great interior lineman.

New York Jets

6. Leonard Williams, DE (SCA) 37. Devin Smith, WR (OHS)
82. Lorenzo Mauldin, OLB (LOU) 103. Bryce Petty, QB (BAY)
152. Jarvis Harrison, OG (TAM) 223. Deon Simon, NT (NWS)
The Williams pick was simply taking potentially the best defensive player in the draft when given that chance. Meanwhile the addition of Smith is a big receiver that might have to wait to play with a deep receiving pool. The addition of Petty had a lot scratching their head but with time to bring him along he may very well end up as the QB the Jets have been looking for. Overall they got some good pieces for now and the future.

Chicago Bears

7. Kevin White, WR (UWV) 39. Eddie Goldman, DT (FSU)
71. Hroniss Grasu, C (UOR) 106. Jeremy Langford, RB (MSU)
142. Adrian Amos, FS (PAS) 183. Tayo Fabuluje, OT (TCU)
This draft was all about plugging holes for the Bears and they did that in great fashion. White will fill the hole left by Brandon Marshall and gives Jay Cutler another deep threat to burn defences. Meanwhile Goldman fills a big need on defence and Grasu could challenge for the starting centre this year. The rest of the picks filled some major holes as the Bears weren’t flashy in the draft but did everything they needed to do over the three days.

Atlanta Falcons

8. Vic Beasley, OLB (CLE) 42. Jalen Collins, CB (LSU)
73. Tevin Coleman, RB (UIN) 107. Justin Hardy, WR (ECU)
137. Grady Jarrett, NT (CLE) 225. Jake Rodgers, OT (EWA)
249. Akeem King, DB (San Jose St.)
The Falcons found a lot of value in this draft as they made the right decisions at the right times to help in their biggest issues. That big issue was the pass rush and adding Beasley immediately makes it better while adding his teammate in the fifth round even after Jarrett was thought to be a second rounder is a steal. Collins is also a steal in the second as the Falcons seemed to find good players later than they thought in a successful draft.

New York Giants

9. Ereck Flowers, OG (MFL) 33. Landon Collins, SS (UAL)
74. Owamagbe Odighizuwa, DE (UCLA) 144. Mykkele Thompson, S (UTX)
186. Geremy Davis, WR (UCT) 226. Bobby Hart, OG (FSU)
The draft didn’t start well for the Giants as they took Flowers early with better tackles on the board but Big Blue did find their way back. Adding Collins in the second round was a great pick-up along with Odighizuwa in the third round. There are starters in this draft for the Giants but the fact is that a lot of their picks will need some work if they want to be real stars in the NFL.

St. Louis Rams

10. Todd Gurley, RB (UGA) 57. Rob Havenstein, OT (UWI)
72. Jamon Brown, OT (LOU) 89. Sean Mannion, QB (ORS)
119. Andrew Donnal, OT (UIA) 201. Bud Sasser, WR (UMO)
215. Cody Wichmanm, OG (FRS) 224. Bryce Hager, ILB (BAY)
227. Martin Ifedi, DE (MEM)
The Rams were looking for one thing and one thing only in this draft as they went all out to improve their running game. The first pick announced that as they took Gurley who could be a huge player if his ACL is truly healed. Then they went about taking four lineman that can all play a big role on the line very soon. The Rams didn’t do much else in the draft but they achieved what they were looking for this year.

Minnesota Vikings

11. Trae Wayans, CB (MSU) 45. Eric Kendricks, ILB (UCLA)
88. Danielle Hunter, DE (LSU) 110. T.J. Clemmings, OT (PIT)
143. MyCole Pruitt, TE (SIL) 146. Stefon Diggs, WR (UMD)
185. Tyrus Thompson, OT (UOK) 193. B.J. Dubose, DE (LOU)
228. Austin Shepherd, OT (UAL) 232. Edmond Robinson, OLB (NC)
The Vikings went to work early getting what they needed in picking up the best corner in the draft in Wayans. After that there were some good pick-ups that will have an impact next season. That being said they also picked up a lot of guys that won’t be seen next season, or at least shouldn’t be. The fact that they filled the major holes is a big plus but this draft could have been better.

Cleveland Browns

12. Danny Shelton, NT (UWA) 19. Cameron Erving, C (FSU)
51. Nate Orchard, DE (UUT) 77. Duke Johnson, RM (MFL)
96. Xavier Cooper, DT (WAS) 115. Ibraheim Campbell, SS (NWU)
123. Vince Mayle, WR (WAS) 189. Charles Gaines, CB (LOU)
195. Malcolm Johnson, TE (MSS) 198. Randall Telfer, TE (USC)
219. Hayes Pullard, ILB (USC) 241. Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, CB (UOR)
After all of the rumours the Browns stayed relatively inactive at the top of the draft but were one of the most active with twelve total picks. With those picks the Browns added some great players but the big question in Cleveland is where everyone fits. Many of the new players may have to fight for a spot as they don’t fit immediately but they focused on a big need in the run defence making this a good draft.

New Orleans Saints

13. Andrus Peat, OT (STA) 31. Stephone Anthony, ILB (CLE)
44. Hau’oli Kikaha, OLB (UWA) 75. Garrett Grayson, QB (COS)
78. P.J. Williams, CB (FSU) 148. Davis Tull, OLB (TNC)
154. Tyeler Davison, DT (FRS) 167. Damian Swann, CB (UGA)
230. Marcus Murphy, RB (UMO)
The Saints seemed to pick a lot of good players but the time at which they took them was a little strange. They definitely reached for some players when they might have been able to wait but at the same time they picked up players that fit needs. The Anthony pick was likely the worst as he was not the best inside backer available but picking Grayson is great for the future. All-in-all the Saints filled their needs despite reaching for some players.

Miami Dolphins

14. DeVante Parker, WR (LOU) 52. Jordan Phillips, NT (UOK)
114. Jamil Douglas, OG (ASU) 145. Bobby McCain, CB (MEM)
149. Jay Ajayi, RB (BOI) 150. Cedric Thompson, FS (UMN)
156. Tony Lippett, WR (MSU)
The Dolphins fell into some great talent in the draft as they were the lucky recipients of nobody picking Parker or Phillips before them. Those two picks boosted this year’s draft for the Dolphins as the rest of the picks were good but not enough to trump the first two days of the draft. Those two pick-ups alone give the Dolphins a better chance next year as they were happy to find these gamebreakers.

San Francisco 49ers

17. Arik Armstead, DE (UOR) 46. Jaquiski Tartt, SS (SAM)
79. Eli Harold, OLB (UVA) 117. Blake Bell, TE (UOK)
126. Mike Davis, RB (SCAR) 132. DeAndre Smelter, WR (GAT)
165. Bradley Pinion, P (CLE) 190. Ian Silberman, OG (BSC)
244. Trenton Brown, OG (UFL) 254. Rory Anderson, TE (SCAR)
The Niners have once again added a lot of talent to their team but once again this talent might not see the field in 2015. It is becoming a pattern for San Francisco as they continue to find good raw talent but few of these players end up starting right away. That is the theme of this year as well with very good raw talent in Armstead and Tartt but no guarantee that they play right away making this draft a bit of a mystery.

Houston Texans

16. Kevin Johnson, CB (WFU) 43. Benardrick McKinney, ILB (MSS)
70. Jaelen Strong, WR (ASU) 175. Keith Mumphrey, WR (MSU)
211. Reshard Cliett, OLB (SFL) 216. Christian Covington, DT (RIC)
235. Kenny Hilliard, RB (LSU)
The Texans went to work making sure that they replaced those that left them or are about to leave them. Johnson is a back-up plan for Johnathan Joseph entering free agency next year while Strong and Mumphrey are an attempt to replace Andre Johnson. They also picked up a physical presence in McKinney on a successful few days that are sure to bring talent immediately to the team.

San Diego Chargers

15. Melvin Gordon, RB (UWI) 48. Denzel Perryman, ILB (MFL)
83. Craig Mager, CB (TXS) 153. Kyle Emanuel, OLB (NDSU)
192. Darius Philon, DT (UAR)
The Chargers needed an offensive lineman but they failed to pick one up this year making their draft slightly worse than it could have been. Other than the failure to pick up a lineman the Chargers did find their running back of the future in Gordon while Perryman might have a fight to earn a starting role but has the potential to be a Pro Bowler. There weren’t many picks for the Chargers but they gained two great players in a solid draft.

Kansas City Chiefs

18. Marcus Peters, CB (UWA) 49. Mitch Morse, OG (UMO)
76. Chris Conley, WR (UGA) 98. Steven Nelson, CB (ORS)
118. Ramik Wilson, ILB (UGA) 172. D.J. Alexander, OLB (ORS)
173. James O’Shaughnessy, TE (ILS) 217. Rakeem Nunez-Roches, DT (SMS)
233. Da’Ron Brown, WR (NIL)
The Chiefs upgraded at corner with Peters but the Morse pick seems strange with the revelation that he looks to be a backup centre despite his ability to play anywhere along the line. As good as their first pick was they will need to work on his off-field issues but the rest of the additions are good depth picks. The Chiefs may have made a strange choice with Morse but it doesn’t change the good group they got this year.

Buffalo Bills

50. Ronald Darby, CB (FSU) 81. John Miller, OG (LOU)
155. Karlos Williams, RB (FSU) 188. Tony Steward, OLB (CLE)
194. Nick O’Leary, TE (FSU 234. Dezmin Lewis, WR (CAR)
Without a first round pick the Bills had to go to work in the later rounds to try to fill some holes for a team that looks like it could compete next year. That is tough when they see the best players taken far before them. The Darby pick is the best of the bunch but it falls off after that. There is not a lot to get excited about with the rest of the picks as none will have much of an impact making it a tough few days for the Bills.

Philadelphia Eagles

20. Nelson Agholor, WR (USC) 47. Eric Rowe, CB (UUT)
84. Jordan Hicks, OLB (UTX) 191. JaCorey Shepherd, CB (UKS)
196. Randall Evans, CB (KSS) 237. Brian Mihalik, DE (BSC)
The Eagles were a part of the trade rumours throughout the draft but didn’t pull off any major trades like many thought. With trades falling short they went to work replacing Jeremy Maclin with Agholor and filled in some big holes in the secondary. Despite the failure to move up in the draft the Eagles still did what they needed and made smart picks throughout the three days.

Cincinnati Bengals

21. Cedric Ogbuehi, OT (TAM) 53. Jake Fisher, OT (UOR)
85. Tyler Kroft, TE (RUT) 99. Paul Dawson, ILB (TCU)
120. Josh Shaw, CB (USC) 135. Marcus Hardison, DE (ASU)
157. C.J. Uzomah, TE (AUB) 197. Derron Smith, FS (FRS)
238. Mario Alford, WR (UWV)
The Bengals started their draft addressing the future and preparing for next year’s free agent departures that could have damaged the line. The picks of Ogbuehi and Fisher fill holes next year and give them options while Kroft brought a back-up to the oft-injured Eifert. The rest of the draft was full of value picks that will provide depth for the Bengals in a draft that won’t pay off immediately but will soon.

Pittsburgh Steelers

22. Bud Dupree, DE (UKY) 56. Senquez Golson, CB (IMS)
87. Sammie Coates, WR (AUB) 121. Doran Grant, CB (OHS)
160. Jesse James, TE (PAS) 199. Leterrius Walton, DT (CMI)
212. Anthony Chickillo, DE (MFL) 239. Gerod Holliman, FS (LOU)
The Steelers did not necessarily fill a need in picking Dupree but they did gain a great player while adding Golson and Grant does the opposite. Coates could be a great receiver but he will take a lot of work to get that potential onto the NFL field. The Steelers overall did a good job of finding some good pieces and didn’t make many mistakes but they didn’t do anything overly impressive either.

Detroit Lions

28. Laken Tomlinson, OG (DUK) 54. Ameer Abdullah, RB (UNE)
80. Alex Carter, CB (STA) 113. Gabe Wright, DT (AUB)
168. Michael Burton, FB (RUT) 200. Quandre Diggs, CB (UTX)
240. Corey Robinson, OT (SCAR)
The Lions have long been a pass-happy offence but in this draft they brought another aspect to their offensive game. Picking Tomlinson and Abdullah with their first two picks is an immediate upgrade to their ground game. Wright won’t replace Suh but he is a good tackle and Diggs could be a great corner while Carter could be a great safety. Every move was a smart one as the Lions had a successful three days in Chicago.

Arizona Cardinals

24. D.J. Humphries, OT (UFL) 58. Markus Golden, DE (UMO)
86. David Johnson, RB (NIA) 116. Rodney Gunter, DT (DES)
158. Shaquille Riddick, DE (UWV) 159. J.J. Nelson, WR (UAB)
256. Gerald Christian, TE (LOU)
The Cardinals solidified a big need at left tackle with Humphries as long as he can stay healthy while the additions of Golden and Riddick provide great potential. Meanwhile Johnson is a pick that provides a massive running back to add to their ground game which will make it more effective. The Cards did will this time around as they solidified spots for the future and added some great talent on the defence.

Carolina Panthers

25. Shaq Thompson, OLB (UWA) 41. Devin Funchess, WR (UMI)
102. Daryl Williams, OG (UOK) 169. David Mayo, LB (TXS)
174. Cameron Artis-Payne, RB (AUB)
Thompson was a bit of a reach in the first round with most experts putting him at a second round grade but they still earned a great linebacker who can fill in a running back. The biggest issue of the Panthers’ draft was that they waited too long to take an offensive lineman and missed on much better lineman. Funchess is a great addition and helped the Panthers to a good, although not great, draft.

Baltimore Ravens

26. Breshad Perriman, WR (UCF) 55. Maxx Williams, TE (UMN)
90. Carl Davis, DT (UIA) 122. Za’Darius Smith, DE (UKY)
125. Javorius Allen, RB (USC) 136. Tray Walker, CB (STX)
171. Nick Boyle, TE (UDE) 176. Robert Myers, OG (TNS)
204. Darren Waller, WR (GAT)
With a lack of great receivers the Ravens went after pass catchers immediately, taking the great potential in Perriman and an immediate impact end in Williams. The best part of the draft came in the middle rounds in what has become a signature for the Ravens. They picked up big talent late in the draft including Smith, All, and Waller giving the Ravens another great three days.

Dallas Cowboys

27. Byron Jones, CB (UCN) 60. Randy Gregory, OLB (UNE)
91. Chaz Green, OT (UFL) 127. Damien Wilson, ILB (UMN)
163. Ryan Russell, DE (PUR) 236. Mark Nzeocha, OLB (UWY)
243. Laurence Gibson, OT (VAT) 246. Geoff Swaim, TE (UTX)
The Cowboys were smart for the second straight year in their first pick when they took a need in Jones instead of a flashier pick. Then it went south again as they took Gregory who has plenty of talent but massive character issues. If he can stay out of trouble they got one of the best defensive players in the draft with a second round pick. It wasn’t a bad draft as they added talent but those character concerns could cause a bust.

Denver Broncos

23. Shane Ray, DE (UMO) 59. Ty Sambrailo, OT (COS)
92. Jeff Heuerman, TE (OHS) 133. Max Garcia, C (UFL)
164. Lorenzo Doss, CB (TLS) 203. Darius Kilgo, NT (UMD)
250. Trevor Siemian, QB (NWU) 251. Taurean Nixon, DB (TLS)
252. Josh Furman, DB (OKS)
If he can stay out of trouble Ray is going to be the biggest addition to the team but past that there is not a lot else. The rest of the picks are not overly great but they are good. That includes Heuerman who could be the best value pick for the Broncos this year. It wasn’t a draft that will get fans excited but the fact is the Broncos did what they needed to do through their draft.

Indianapolis Colts

29. Phillip Dorsett, WR (MFL) 65. D’Joun Smith, CB (FAU)
93. Henry Anderson, DE (STA) 109. Clayton Geathers, SS (CFL)
151. David Parry, NT (STA) 205. Josh Robinson, RB (MSS)
207. Amarlo Herrera, ILB (UGA) 255. Denzell Goode, OT (MHC)
The Colts may have missed the mark this year, which is disappointing considering they are very close to earning a Super Bowl with their roster. It is not a complete waste to take Dorsett in the first but the fact is that the Colts didn’t need another receiver and could have used an offensive tackle instead. They went with the best available theory though and that led to great picks after but there is still some promise in this class.

Green Bay Packers

30. Damarious Randall, S (ASU) 62. Quinten Rollins, CB (MOH)
94. Ty Montgomery, WR (STA) 129. Jake Ryan, ILB (UMI)
147. Brett Hundley, QB (UCLA) 206. Aaron Ripkowski, FB (UOK)
210. Christian Ringo, DE (LAL) 213. Kennard Backman, TE (UAB)
It is rare that Ted Thompson screws up in the draft and he had another successful few days taking a safety and cornerback in the first two rounds to upgrade their secondary. The most interesting pick was Hundley who needs time to develop into an NFL QB and could serve as a solid back-up to the oft-injured Rodgers. The rest of the draft focused on filling in depth to the roster in another successful draft.

Seattle Seahawks

63. Frank Clark, DE (UMI) 69. Tyler Lockett, WR (KSS)
130. Terry Poole, OG (SDSU) 134. Mark Glowinski, OG (UWV)
170. Tye Smith, CB (TOW) 209. Obum Gwacham, DE (ORS)
214. Kristjan Sokoll, DT (BUF) 248. Ryan Murphy, DB (ORS)
Clark was a very controversial pick to open their draft as he had been kicked off of the Michigan team for domestic abuse. Now he gets a shot with the Seahawks and will need to be great if a second round pick is worth it. The rest of the draft was good but they did nothing impressive aside from picking up Lockett who provides a great returner. The draft was not overly impressive but good enough.

New England Patriots

32. Malcom Brown, DT (UTX) 64. Jordan Richards, SS (STA)
97. Geneo Grissom, DE (UOK) 101. Trey Flowers, DE (UAR)
111. Tre’ Jackson, OG (FSU) 131. Shaq Mason, C (GAT)
166. Joe Cardona, LS (NAV) 178. Matthew Wells, LB (MSS)
202. A.J. Derby, TE (UAR) 247. Darryl Roberts, CB (MAR)
253. Xzavier Dickson, OLB (UAL)
As usual the Patriots added a lot of young talent, made some weird decisions and gave little guarantee that anyone will make the team. One of the players likely to make the team is Brown who provides a big body like the departed Wilfork while most of the other picks will be given the benefit of the doubt as the Pats find great players every year. The Pats did not do great but then again it’s the Pats they will come out fine.

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