2015 MLB Preview: Early World Series Outlook


The World Series, like any championship, has gone through its ups and downs over the past few decades and right now it has never been better.

Last year seemed to be the peak of the excitement as the Kansas City Royals and the San Francisco Giants put on an instant classic.

Not only did it go seven games but the fact that both teams came from where they came from and the performances that were put in made it one of the greatest series ever.

Both the Giants and Royals came from the wild card and plowed their way into the World Series. Only the Giants had lost a game through the entire postseason while the Royals ran through every team they faced.

Despite the fact that both teams started out in the wild card and barely made the postseason they had proven to be the two best teams in the league when it mattered most.

As they approached the World Series it was a difficult series to predict as both teams were great in the postseason.

One was the potential dynasty in the Giants who had been here so often before and could clinch their third title in five years.

On the other side was a team that was rarely seen in the position as the Royals had gone 28 years without a postseason berth and this year was their chance to win only their second title.

Both teams had plenty to play for and they showed it in the games going back and forth throughout the series.

Eventually the more experienced team came out on top thanks, in large part, to the performance of Madison Bumgarner. With his 0.43 ERA over 21 innings through the World Series made him the easy MVP winner and a legend in the long history of the World Series.

As the new season approaches it is going to be a very tough act to follow in October but there are plenty of teams looking to put on another instant classic.

The last few years of the Fall Classic have not met their expectations with the Giants sweeping the Tigers 2012 and the Red Sox won in five games in 2013.

Now many are hoping that last year’s series is the new norm in the MLB and that the 2015 World Series can match the excitement of 2014.

With 30 teams beginning a new season all of them will be trying to find their way to that spot and all will look to get the title.

As with every season in every sport they all have a clean slate and as the Royals showed last year anything can happen.

Despite their best efforts some teams will fall while others who looked like they were going to fall behind may see everything go right and end up in the World Series.

All is yet to be seen though as the season is set to begin and two new teams are unknowingly ready to take centre stage during the Fall Classic months from now.


The American League was the home of the biggest surprise in baseball last year with the Kansas City Royals shocked the MLB in making the postseason. They did so with a year to remember as they took a wild card spot all the way to the World Series without losing a game. They fell just short in the Fall Classic but the stage was set for the hopeful teams that could be the surprising team this year. It may have to be a new team this year as last year’s Cinderella story did not do too much to help their chances of returning to the postseason. With them likely out of the running this year five new teams will be there to make a difference although most will be familiar with the postseason. Once again the American League East will rule the league as the Baltimore Orioles will work their way to the top of the division. The O’s were hampered by injuries last year but still almost made it to the World Series and with a healthier team this year they will once again rise to the top and take the East title along with the American League title. A little further behind will be the Tigers as they are not the dominant team they once were but they are still the best in the Central and are still a good team. Their time at the top of that division is coming to an end but it won’t be this year as they will find their way to the postseason again. The newest addition of the division winners will be the angels who are simply a better team this year even with some off-field issues and they will take the division title in what promises to be a close race. Meanwhile in the wild card the East and West will have their say as the Red Sox are a better team after an off year and the Rangers are hoping that the injuries will stop at Darvish. If the rebuild in Boston does work and the Rangers can stay healthy from here on out, they will find their way to the wild card game. It should be a tough battle throughout the postseason for the American League as every team has a chance but most have their questions marks. The Tigers are an older team that is not nearly as powerful as they used to be while the Angels are a team that has not been at this level in a while. The Red Sox are a rebuilding team that went out and spent to get back which rarely works out for those teams and the Rangers are already seeing the injuries pile up. The one team with the best shot could be the Orioles but as they learned last year any bad injuries could hurt their chances. The American League seems to be ready for the Orioles to take over and if they can avoid those devastating injuries this year they may be the next AL pennant winners.


American League Champion


The Baltimore Orioles are a team that seemed like they were on their way in 2014 to becoming the latest AL East team to earn a World Series. Then the injuries hit and all of those hopes ended but the team still pushed to the ALCS where they were swept by the Royals. So an Orioles team with their best players playing for them in the postseason seems like a better bet to make it to the World series. Although anything can happen between now and October it seems like a healthy Orioles team is a good bet to represent the American League this year.


The National League could be a dog fight when it comes to the postseason as the fight to get to the postseason will be just the start of what promises to be a good battle. The postseason itself will feature some great teams all with a good shot of making the World Series and taking the World Series. It was much the same last year when the San Francisco Giants took a wild card berth all the way to the World Series title. The Giants struggled throughout the season until they earned a wild card spot where and won every game aside from one on their way to winning the World Series. Now the National League will feature teams that could all be strong enough to win the pennant. The Washington Nationals are the team that is just starting to get into their groove and after a few disappointing performances in the postseason they have gained experience. They are led by two team-changing young players and have surrounded them with plenty of talent. As a result they have been one of the better teams in the last few years and they will rise to the top of the National League. Meanwhile right behind them will be the most consistent team in the MLB. The St. Louis Cardinals have consistently competed at the top of the league and this year is no different as the well-rounded team is too good to keep out of another postseason berth. The Dodgers will also be returning as they rebuilt plenty of their team but did not get any worse when they rebuilt. Shedding some big money for cheaper players could turn out to be a bad thing but it seems like they lost very little in the change and will overcome one of the toughest fights in the MLB to take the West. Another product of that fight will be the San Francisco Giants who will lose the battle for the West but still earn a postseason spot. It will be a familiar position too as they will take the wild card once again alongside the Pittsburgh Pirates whose window is closing fast to truly compete for a title, although it is not closed yet. Every team has plenty of strengths and not as many problems so it is a tough thing to choose who can win the pennant. The Giants may be in the same spot as last year but it will be tougher for them to find their way to the World Series and the same can be said about the Pirates who will find it tough to make the run from the wild card. In the end it will come down to a great fight between the top three and it will be the Nationals who will finally take that step to the World Series this year. It has been a long haul for the Nationals who have regularly been favourites and never accomplished the ultimate goal. This year could be it for them as the experience and talent on the team seems to be just right.


National League Champion


Every year it seems like the Nationals are a favourite to win the World Series and every year they fall just short of that mark. They continue to be one of the best teams in the league and have built a solid team but the main question is when they will actually reach the potential that many have seen. It might not be time to jump ship on them yet though as they remain a team that is well-balanced and can go all the way although their time may be coming to an end.

2015 World Series
The World Series will come down to two teams that have regularly been seen as two potential World Series champions. They will finally get into the Fall Classic and neither will give up that chance to win the championship too easily. It will be another great series as both teams will go back and forth with Strasburg and Harper leading the way for the Nats and Machado and Tillman leading the way for the O’s. As good as both teams will be it will be the Orioles, who seemed to be a step away from getting there last year if they didn’t have the injuries, who will take the title home and return to the American League East.


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