Wednesday Morning QB (Championship Weekend)

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The Super Bowl is almost here and the teams have been decided after an interesting championship weekend. Both games had plenty of storylines with the top ranked teams in each conference getting the chance to move to the Super Bowl. In the AFC there was a massive underdog led by the best young quarterback in the league as he tried to take on and beat a legend for the second week in a row. The NFC featured a second place team in a matchup of the tow powerhouses of the conference. It was a weekend of great football but when the dust settled there was a clear difference between the two conferences. The AFC and NFC have always been two very different conferences in the NFL. On one side was the old school NFC with traditional teams and on the other was the AFC with new teams and a new attitude. As the NFL moved on into this new era it has been a difference that has lasted for a long time. With some teams moving in between conferences it is not about the old school and new school anymore as much as it is about the differences in talent level. In the AFC the power has always been held by a select few with only a handful of other teams squeaking through. There has always been an imbalance of power in the AFC with top teams consistently remaining the top teams. The NFC has been different though as the power continues to shift between teams and any team having a good shot at making the Super Bowl. Both of these aspects of their conference were expressed in the championship games this past week when in the AFC a perennial power took over and in the NFC a new team made an attempt at making the Super Bowl for the first time in four years. The AFC Championship Game saw the consistently powerful New England Patriots take on the new kids on the block in the Indianapolis Colts. The Pats have been the most consistent team in the AFC for years and this year was no different. Ranked as the top team in the conference they looked destined to make the Super Bowl. The Colts were different though as an inexperienced playoff team had come through the conference fairly well this year and into the championship game against a juggernaut. The game was set up to be the true underdog story of the playoffs but that doesn’t always work the way that most would like it to. The Patriots were able to easily overcome the underdogs on their way to another Super Bowl. With a 45-7 win in the championship the Patriots proved that it is not necessarily the closest competition for the AFC as the top teams continue to hold all of the power. Meanwhile in the NFC it was a different story as the power teams are found in many more places than in the AFC. The battle throughout the NFC playoffs had been good and in the end it was the top two teams facing off. There was the top team and defending champion Seattle Seahawks who were seen as fairly good locks to win the game at home. On the other side was one of the best teams throughout the season the Green Bay Packers with an injured quarterback. It seemed like an easy win for the Seahawks, after all they were playing at home with one of the top home field advantages in the league. The Packers got out to an early lead in the first half but began to falter in the second. The Seahawks completed the comeback forcing the game to overtime and eventually taking the win on their first drive. The game was close, much like the rest of the season in the NFC and although they could have the first repeat champions since 2004-05 it was not an easy path to get there. The NFC and AFC continue to be very different but in the end it was the top two teams in the league that will play in the Super Bowl in a matchup that will show exactly what the Super Bowl is supposed to do, pit the best against the best.

Fifth Quarter:
(Thoughts on Championship Weekend)

Eagles want Mariota
With the Super Bowl set 30 teams are preparing for the NFL Draft and with a lack of depth in the quarterback position teams are looking to try to take a future franchise pivot which includes the Philadelphia Eagles who are reportedly trying to trade up to draft Marcus Mariota

Pats in the News Again
The Pats easily won their AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts but it was not without some controversy as the NFL determined that they had eleven balls under inflated by two pounds each in what could force the Pats to lose draft picks

Kubiak a leader once again
Gary Kubiak led the Houston Texans to plenty of success as their first head coach but eventually that success faded and he found himself in Baltimore as the offensive coordinator, now he will once again lead as the new head coach of the Denver Broncos


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