NCAA Football Report (Week 15)

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The time that everyone was waiting for in this season of the NCAA is finally here as the first ever playoff teams are in place. After rivalry week the top teams in the NCAA got one last chance to prove whether or not they belong in the College Football Playoff. Championship week was the last chance for teams to get a win on the season and take home a title that could help them make the top four in the College Football Rankings. The Top four in the rankings heading into the week needed to win and those standing outside needed to win in impressive fashion to get into the top four. After this week there was nothing else to be done as no game would take place before the new year when the semi-finals get underway. This week the entire top four of the CFP rankings were set and all four teams had their chances to make one last impression and stay in the top of the rankings. The Alabama Crimson Tide were sitting at the top of the rankings with one more game as they attempted to win their second championship in three years this time against the Missouri Tigers. The Tigers tried to unseat the Tide but it didn’t go their way as Alabama won another SEC championship game. Meanwhile the Oregon Ducks were looking to shake off their only loss of the year by beating the team that beat them, this time in the Pac-12 Championship Game. The Ducks took care of business in a defensive showing that won them another Pac-12 title. The defending national champions in Florida State were still alive in the repeat hunt but had fallen to fourth place and were hanging on by a thread. They did what they could in winning their second straight ACC title and awaiting the results of the poll. TCU was also just hanging on despite moving to third place in the rankings as they were the one school many thought would not be able to hold one. They did what they could in winning their Week 15 game but it was not enough to win them the Big 12 Championship. Instead Baylor took home the title after their win and after they owned the tiebreaker with a win over TCU this year. That loss of the championship proved to be the biggest story of the weekend. The playoff teams were announced on Sunday and the Big 12 second place team was not in the mix. Instead the two best teams in the Big 12 were given the 5th and 6th place spots and will be forced to watch rather than be a part of NCAA football history. In the place of the Big 12 came the Big Ten champions, the Ohio State Buckeyes. Their win over Wisconsin in the Big Ten championship game was just enough to push them into the top four of the CFP rankings. With the playoff teams announced three of the top four remained as Alabama, Florida State, and Oregon will all be in the first ever College Football Playoff after all three won their championship games. The Buckeyes are the odd team out although they too won a championship game. They are the team that many thought could do it but couldn’t get anything going at the start of the year. The end of the year is when they started to make moves and continued to win important games in the struggling Big Ten conference. Eventually the win over Wisconsin marked the last straw for the voting committee and it became a lot harder to keep them out of the playoff this year. For the championship win they get a date with the Crimson Tide while Oregon and Florida State face-off in the other semi-final. It will be a while for the debates to be had about who wins and who loses as the playoff begins in 2015 and teams have plenty of time to prepare for their chance to make history.


Heisman Watch

1. Marcus Mariota, QB (Oregon)
The season is over for almost everyone with two games left for Mariota and his Ducks if everything goes right. Before that though the Heisman will be announced and as it stands it seems like Mariota is the man to enter the playoff with the title of best player in the college football. His five touchdown performance in the Pac-12 Championship Game only solidified that notion as he seems like the best bet to win the Heisman Trophy.
Stats (13 Games):
68.3% cmp (117 att)
3,783 yds (669 rsh yds)
38 TD (14 rsh TD)
186.3 rtg

2. Melvin Gordon, RB (Wisconsin)
It was not the showing that Gordon needed to make a real challenge at the Heisman Trophy as he fell short of impacting the Big Ten Championship game. No touchdowns and only 76 yards on the ground was far from what he needed to get the win. Still he remains the best running back in the NCAA and with the season now over he remains the best running back and will be one of the top players in New York but seems to have fallen short of winning.
Stats (13 Games):
309 att
2,336 yds
7.6 avg
26 TD

3. Trevone Boykin, QB (TCU)
The Horned Frogs were not able to get their playoff spot after losing the Big 12 Championship to the Baylor Bears. Despite the loss of the championship Boykin still led his team to a big win and was the main reason for the win. Throwing for four touchdowns on the game was a big boost to his Heisman candidacy but it will not be enough as he remains out of the playoff and will not take the trophy home.
Stats (12 Games):
60.5% cmp (142 att)
3,714 yds (642 rsh yds)
30 TD (8 rsh TD)
141.9 rtg

4. Amari Cooper, WR (Alabama)
Stats (13 Games):
115 rec
1,656 yds
14.4 avg
14 TD

5. Dak Prescott, QB (Mississippi State)
Stats (12 Games):
61.2% cmp (195 att)
2,996 yds (939 rsh yds)
24 TD (13 rsh TD)
10 INT
151.3 rtg


Key Scores:
#2 Oregon Ducks 51 – 13 Arizona Wildcats #7
– The Ducks’ only loss of the season came at the hands of the Wildcats and now they got a chance to redeem themselves for the Pac-12 championship and did just that with another championship and a spot in the playoff after the 51-13 win

#1 Alabama Crimson Tide 42 – 13 Missouri Tigers #16
– The Tide and the Tigers faced-off for the SEC championship with plenty on the line as the top ranked Tide were looking for their spot in the playoff and got it with a dominant win for their second title in three years

#4 Florida State Seminoles 37 – 35 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
– The Seminoles continued to fall heading into the ACC Championship thanks to poor performances and they got another in the championship game as the Seminoles barely got by the Jackets to take their second straight ACC championship and a spot in the playoff

#5 Ohio State Buckeyes 59 – 0 Wisconsin Badgers #13
–  To convince the CFP committee that they belonged in the top four the Buckeyes needed to win impressively and they did just that taking out the Badgers with 59 points on offence and pitching a shutout on defence to earn the #4 spot in the playoff


Next Week:
Navy Midshipmen vs. Army Black Knights (Saturday December 13th; 3:00 pm ET)
– It may not mean a lot as the rankings are set and the playoff is good to start in January but it is still tradition as the Army Black Knights take on the Navy Midshipmen in the official end of the NCAA Football season and the beginning of Bowling season

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