NCAA Football Report (Week 14)

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Rivalry Week in College Football is the biggest week of the season for every team as they take on their most hated rivals. The reason that this week is the biggest in college football is clear. When two major rivals clash anything can happen. A #1 team can lose to an unranked team because there is something else on the line during these games. The emotion of the game brings something out of both teams and sends them to a new level. This year was no different as teams took on their biggest rivals in games with some great names and some great trophies attached to them. This year was a little different as well and as always it comes back to the College Football Playoff. This year everything continues to go back to the playoffs, as it will for as long as the playoff exists, and entering the last week of the season the playoff saw its value. Instead of two teams to watch and see if they lose it was the top four teams plus those teams on the outside looking in. All it takes is to get to the top four this year to make the playoff and for many of these teams this was the last chance to do just that. Many of these top teams will have one more game when they play in the championship but this last week was the chance to make a major impression before a game that many should take easily. If they could survive this week they could find themselves headed to the playoff in the new year. The top four all looked to survive big games that could easily have seen them take a loss. The Alabama Crimson Tide know this all too well as it was only a year ago when they lost to the Auburn Tigers that pushed the Tide out of the top two and the Tigers into the National Championship Game. The Tide were back in the Iron Bowl for another year this time trying to keep their #1 ranking and a spot in the playoff ahead of the SEC Championship. Going in they had plenty of fresh memories from last year’s game but they were not going to let that happen. In a back and forth affair the Tide came out with a win and will likely enter the championship weeks with the #1 ranking. The Oregon Ducks were looking for the same result this week when they went into the Civil War against the Oregon State Beavers. Many considered it a trap game for the Ducks who had come through most of their season unscathed, only dropping one game. Many saw the Beavers as a team that could give the Ducks a run for their money. It did not turn out that way though as the Ducks got past the Beavers in an easy win that will lock up a playoff spot heading into the Pac-12 championship game that represents the last true challenge for them. The defending champions had a tough test as well as the Florida State Seminoles took on the Florida Gators. The ‘Noles had been a team that had rarely dominated all year and were looking at a motivated teams that had the ability to get the win. The Gators did everything they could but they couldn’t take the win as the ‘Noles took the win and likely a playoff spot as they head into the ACC championship. It wasn’t until the bottom of the playoff teams that real change began. The #4 Mississippi State Bulldogs were #1 only a few weeks ago and were taking on a team that was #4 earlier in the season in the Ole Miss Rebels. Both were setting their Egg Bowl match up to be one of the most important games of the year. After losses though both were no longer in the same standing but the Bulldogs still had a chance at a playoff spot. They couldn’t get there though as the Bulldogs lost the game to the Rebels opening up the final playoff spot for anyone else within striking distance. Three teams seemed to have the shot at moving up if they could win and do it convincingly in their big games. All of them did just that as TCU took out Texas, Ohio State took out Michigan and Baylor took out Texas Tech. All three won with only Baylor in a close game, although Baylor had already beat TCU this year. The decision will be made by the committee as they take a look at everyone to find out who deserves that last spot with only championships left for the top teams in the nation.
Heisman Watch

1. Marcus Mariota, QB (Oregon)
Another big day for Mariota keeps him at the top of the list for the Heisman as he led the Ducks to a win in the Civil War. Accounting for 6 touchdowns on the day, Mariota had a great day and continues to be the best player in College Football. He now enters the Pac-12 Championship against Arizona where he can put his stamp on his Heisman candidacy heading into the playoff.
Stats (12 Games):
68.6% cmp (107 att)
3,470 yds (636 rsh yds)
36 TD (11 rsh TD)
190.2 rtg

2. Melvin Gordon, RB (Wisconsin)
Gordon remains the best running back in the NCAA as he once again broke 100 yards in Wisconsin’s win over Minnesota. Going for 151 yards and a touchdown Gordon was once again the best player for the Badgers. Now he gets one more chance to move into the top of the Heisman race when he leads the Badgers into the Big Ten Championship against Ohio State as he tries to prove he is the best in the nation.
Stats (12 Games):
283 att
2,260 yds
8.0 avg
26 TD

3. Trevone Boykin, QB (TCU)
The Horned Frogs are set to make the playoff after a big win on Rivalry week and a big reason for that is Boykin. Taking on Texas, Boykin was not the lights out player that he can be but he did what he needed to do to get the win. He now moves in to the Big 12 Championship game and tries to solidify his spot among the best players in the league.
Stats (11 Games):
59.3% cmp (134 att)
3,254 yds (598 rsh yds)
26 TD (8 rsh TD)
141.9 rtg

4. Amari Cooper, WR (Alabama)
Stats (12 Games):
103 rec
1,573 yds
16.4 avg
14 TD

5. Dak Prescott, QB (Mississippi State)
Stats (12 Games):
61.2% cmp (195 att)
2,996 yds (939 rsh yds)
24 TD (13 rsh TD)
10 INT
151.3 rtg


CFP Rankings:
1. Alabama Crimson Tide (1)
2. Oregon Ducks (2)
3. Florida State Seminoles (3)
4. Mississippi State Bulldogs (4)
5. TCU Horned Frogs (5)
6. Ohio State Buckeyes (6)
7. Baylor Bears (7)
8. UCLA Bruins (9)
9. Georgia Bulldogs (10)
10. Michigan State Spartans (11)
11. Arizona Wildcats (15)
12. Kansas State Wildcats (12)
13. Arizona State Sun Devils (13)
14. Wisconsin Badgers (16)
15. Auburn Tigers (14)
16. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (18)
17. Missouri Tigers (20)
18. Minnesota Golden Gophers (25)
19. Ole Miss Rebels (8)
20. Oklahoma Sooners (21)
21. Clemson Tigers (22)
22. Louisville Cardinals (24)
23. Boise State Broncos (–)
24. Marshall Thundering Herd (–)
25. Utah Utes (17)
– Last Updated November 25


Key Scores:
Stanford Cardinal 31 – 10 UCLA Bruins #8
– The Cardinal once again showed their defensive strength despite a bad season as they finished their year off with a big win against the Bruins who were coming off of a big win against the Trojans but couldn’t keep it going

Western Kentucky Hilltoppers 67 – 66 Marshall Thundering Herd #24 (OT)
– The Herd were coming off of a big week when they entered the top 25 in the playoff ranking but their perfect season came to an end in a overtime when the Hilltoppers took a risk by going for two after a touchdown to win the game

#19 Ole Miss Rebels 31 – 17 Mississippi State Bulldogs #4
– It was built as the biggest game of the year earlier when both teams were in the playoffs but it was all up to the Bulldogs in this one as they tried to keep their playoff spot but fell just short in the final game of the year

#16 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 30 – 24 Georgia Bulldogs #6
– The Jackets proved that their move up in the rankings was worth it as they took on their long time in state rival and beat the Bulldogs getting an important win while the Bulldogs dropped another important game this year


Next Week:
#11 Arizona Wildcats vs. #2 Oregon Ducks (Friday December 5th; 9:00 pm ET)
– The Ducks look to remain in the playoff as they play their final game of the year in the Pac-12 Championship while the Wildcats look to take out the Ducks and take home the championship despite having little chance of making the playoff

#1 Alabama Crimson Tide vs. #17 Missouri Tigers (Saturday December 6th; 4:00 pm ET)
– The Tide are sitting pretty at the #1 spot and they look to focus in on another SEC Championship as they take on the Tigers who will make their second straight SEC championship game this time trying to take home the win in the upset

#3 Florida State Seminoles vs. #16 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (Saturday December 6th; 8:00 pm ET)
– The Seminoles are trying to stay in the playoff picture and they will likely get their if they win their second straight ACC championship while the Jackets are trying to get the upset in the championship game

#14 Wisconsin Badgers vs. #6 Ohio State Buckeyes (Saturday December 6th; 8:17 pm ET)
– The Big Ten championship comes down to two teams that have flown under the radar for most of the year but will look to put on a show as the Buckeyes try to do everything they can to earn a spot in the playoff

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