MLB Week in Review (October 25-29)

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The MLB season as a new champion and yet it is a familiar ending to the season with the San Francisco Giants taking home the crown. It is the third time that the Giants have earned the World Series Championship in the last five years. That accounts for one of the best five-season stretches in the MLB and it brings about the debate of where the Giants stand. A dynasty is a team that has had success over multiple years in a small stretch. Generally the dynasty title is held for teams who repeat and become the team of an era. The requirements have changed though as the new age of sports don’t allow for many repeat champions. Most professional leagues have plenty of parity that sees new champion every year with very little repeats. So now it becomes success over a stretch of time that makes a team a dynasty. The Giants have met those requirements in the last five years after winning their third title in that stretch. The Giants once again sit at the top of the baseball world and once again will enter a new year as the defending champions. More than that they will enter 2015 as a dynasty and one of the best organizations of the 2010s. It was not an easy road for the Giants as they started their season fighting with the Los Angeles Dodgers for first in the NL West. Despite leading a few times more often than not they took a backseat to their longtime rivals. That included at the end where they finished second and were forced into the wild card to compete for the postseason. It was reminiscent of the rest of the MLB season as the unexpected was sure to happen with top teams failing to be themselves and underdogs rising up. The season was another great one for the MLB as the excitement of the game took hold. For the first time in a long time there was limited scandal in the MLB as steroids were not the major story of the season. Instead it was about the game and the changes that the game went through in 2014. There were still scandals here and there and of course steroids still made the headlines a few times but ultimately it was about where the sport is going. Above all it was about the dead ball era 2.0. The dead ball era was a time when offensive baseball was at an all-time low and in the current era of baseball that is happening again. The original dead ball era was broken when steroids were introduced in a major way to baseball and power hitters began to show themselves more than ever. With the new rules against steroid use the amount of players using PEDs has been reduced and so has the offence. More than the batters not being as good it is that pitchers have reached a new level in the game. There are more dominant pitchers now than ever before and with starters like Madison Bumgarner, Clayton Kershaw, and Felix Hernandez overpowering batters. The season was full of them and despite some great offensive performances there were more great pitching performances as the dead ball era returned. Along with the new era of pitching a new era of players stepped into the limelight while another group of players stepped away from the game. It was a transition year where faces of the game like Derek Jeter ended their long careers and new young stars like Giancarlo Stanton stepped into the spotlight to fill the holes. As the sport continued to grow and these young stars take over it is time for a new time in baseball and that will come with a new year in baseball as teams all begin the offseason with eyes on a new year and a new chance to sit where the Giants are sitting right now. They all get to work on their issues and prepare for a new season which is certain to provide only more stories after the winter break.


Extra Innings
(More on the week that was in the MLB)

Maddon to Chicago
The most in demand manager in the MLB right now has found a new home as Joe Maddon stepped away from Tampa to join the Chicago Cubs where fans hope he can be the man to break the curse

Youk retires
In a year where so many legends are stepping away from the game there is another to add to the list as Kevin Youkilis has announced his retirement taking away one of the most consistent hitters in the MLB

Gone too soon
Amid all of the excitement of the World Series a tragedy took hold of many as bright young prospect, Oscar Taveras was lost to a car accident ending a career and a life that had barely started



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