MLB Week in Review (October 18-24)

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The World Series is underway as the Kansas City Royals and San Francisco Giants have started their attempt at becoming the best team in the MLB. Three games into the World Series the Royals have a lead but it has not been that easy. Before the series began there were a lot of theories on what would happen in the championship with two teams that have found their way to the World Series. The Giants were an experienced team but only made it into the postseason through the wild card. From there they were dominant only losing one game through the entire first three rounds. The Royals were an inexperienced team that made the postseason in the wild card but were not expected to do a lot. Then they went through three rounds of the postseason without losing a game and looked like the most powerful team in the postseason. When these teams were set to meet in the World Series it was the experienced team against the inexperienced team or the team without a loss against a team with one loss. There was a lot to consider the when speaking about the World Series and who could actually win the series. Questions arose over whether or not the Royals could continue their run through the postseason as an undefeated team. Whether or not the Giants had what it takes to beat the hottest team in the postseason and continue a great run in the last few years. Some of the biggest question arose over whether or not the Royals could lose a game and keep their heads about them to win the World Series. The theory was a good one as the Royals were a young team with little experience in the postseason. They had never seen the postseason before and in their first appearance they had yet to lose. When winning as well as the Royals had been winning it can seem very easy for a young team. That could have all changed though as a young team taking their first loss could be a big blow. When a team doesn’t know how to lose the pressure can get to them in taking their first loss as they must recover and get back to winning. The ability to climb back after a loss is usually reserved for teams with plenty of veterans that know how to settle things down and get back to playing. These veterans have been through everything and know that a short memory is sometimes the best thing. A young team that has not been through the pressure of the postseason and does not have the experience that is needed to calm everything down. That was the Royals as they lacked the experience in of losing in the postseason to see how they would react to their first loss. The chance to see that reaction came after their first game of the season when the Giants took Game 1 in the series. The Giants not only got the win but did it in a big way beating the Royals 7-1 to hand the young team their first loss of the postseason. So started the questions about whether or not the Royals could recover from that loss. It wasn’t only the loss itself but the amount by which the Royals lost by. They were finally put in front of a team that could beat them and the Giants did just that with a big offensive game. It started from the first inning when the Giants put up three runs immediately and never looked back. The win was a good one and one that was sure to test the Royals. The Royals answered the first loss in the best way possible beating the Giants in game 2. They put up 7 runs in the second game and evened the series at one a piece. It was a statement game for the Royals who showed that a loss was not going to end their run at the World Series. Now with the series at 2-1 for the Royals the questions are all about who can take the win in this back and forth series to end at the top of the MLB.


Extra Innings
(More on the week that was in the MLB)

The Target for All
This week Joe Maddon decided not to exercise his option to stay with the Tampa Bay Rays as the man who revolutionized defensive shifts in the MLB is now free to join another team with plenty of teams sure to want him

Braves find their man
The Braves found an interim GM in John Hart this year but it was clear he wanted more and he got more as he would not return as the GM for 2015instead taking the team president of baseball operations which is essentially a bigger title for the same job

Gold Glover Finalists Announced
The Gold Glove finalists were announced this week with typical names like Mark Buehrle, Robinson Cano, and Adrian Gonzalez on the ballot while controversy swirls with Lorenzo Cain being left off this year



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