Wednesday Morning QB (NFL Week 4)

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They are called the skill positions in football, those positions that touch the ball more often than other positions. These are the players that find themselves in the headlines and one the post-game shows every week. They are the most talked about players in the sport and are the players that everyone watches closely in every game. Although multiple positions carry this moniker there is one that stands above the rest when it comes to the NFL. The quarterback is king in the NFL and has been since the beginning. Despite not having much of a pass attack when the league first began it was still the quarterback that was considered the leader of the team and the face of the franchise. With the evolution of the pass game that has only become more prominent as it is widely considered that without a top-tier quarterback there is little to no chance of winning a Super Bowl. That theory has been argued for a long time, see Trent Dilfer in Baltimore, but to have a good chance at winning the Super Bowl there is no doubt that the quarterback is one of the most important positions. With the concentration on the quarterback there is also a lot of pressure on that position as they can represent the accomplishments and failures of a team. Despite his performance a quarterback can be blamed for the shortcomings of any offence and sometimes the defence. It is a tough spot to be in and it takes a special type of person that has not only the skills and mental capacity to play the position but the attitude to not allow the criticism to affect their performance. It can be a struggle for some young quarterbacks to adjust to that level of expectation and with teams continuing to look to the draft for their next franchise quarterback these young quarterbacks are being tested more and more. After four weeks in the NFL season many of these young quarterbacks are being pushed to their limits and some are succeeded at a surprising rate while others are crumbling under the pressure. This week in the NFL these quarterbacks took a little more focus with a quarter of the season now finished. In Indianapolis one of the brightest young quarterbacks continues to have a great season and proves the thought that he might just be the best quarterback in the league. Andrew Luck threw for 393 yards and 4 touchdowns against the Tennessee Titans. He has continued to tear through defences and although he may have some competition with Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Peyton Manning to be the best QB in the league he is certainly leading the way for the younger generation. Another young star that has turned into one of the most exciting quarterbacks in the league showed his talents this week when Colin Kaepernick who threw for 218 yards, ran for 58 yards and earned 2 touchdowns in a gutsy performance that showed his leadership ability. With great performances on the week Luck and Kaepernick continue strong seasons that alongside Russell Wilson and Cam Newton as they lead the younger generation of quarterbacks. The younger generation has not been all good though as the state of New York has not been having the best luck. The Buffalo Bills continue to struggle after a good start and for their young QB the leash has been taken away after two interceptions in Week 4 as EJ Manuel has been benched for Kyle Orton in Week 5. Down the road in New York City the calls for Geno Smith to be benched are growing by the week with Michael Vick seeming to be the best option for the Jets. The young quarterbacks have been a highlight of the season so far and although some have struggled the new age of quarterbacks has made their impression and will continue to do so throughout the season with the focus squarely on them and how they continue to lead their teams while under tremendous pressure.


Fifth Quarter:
(Thoughts on Week 3 in the NFL)

Oakland Pulling the Plug
The Oakland Raiders did not wait a very long time to make a change on the sidelines as they have started 0-4 this year and would fire Dennis Allen after two years as the head coach with patience wearing thin in Oakland

Buffalo Benching
The Buffalo Bills lost patience with their starting QB after Week 4 announcing that EJ Manuel will be benched for their Week 5 game with Kyle Orton now taking the ball next week in a questionable decision

Blackout rule repealed
The NFL has had a long-standing rule that when a game is not sold out they will not show it on TV and when that rule almost threatened a playoff game in Green Bay last year the merits of the rule were challenged with the rule being repealed this week ending NFL blackouts

More pressure on Washington
Washington has been pressured all offseason to change their nickname and after losing their copyright on the name the pressure increased but they have stood strong on keeping the name which could change if the FCC decides to ban the name on TV and radio




Key Scores:
Green Bay Packers 38 – 17 Chicago Bears
– Aaron Rodgers told Green bay fans to just R-E-L-A-X during the week and he backed it up with a 300 yard, 4 touchdown performance putting the worries about the offence to rest and beating the rival Bears

Miami Dolphins 38 – 14 Oakland Raiders
– The NFL once again travelled to London, England for their International Series and the trip turned out to be what the Dolphins needed to get their first win while the Raiders took the loss in a game the eventually cost their head coach his job

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27 – 24 Pittsburgh Steelers
– The Tampa bay Buccaneers looked like they were on their way to a terrible season after a dismal Thursday Night Football appearance but they put those thoughts to rest for now after beating the Steelers

Kansas City Chiefs 41 – 14 New England Patriots
– The New England Patriots hit a low this year as they were easily beat by the Chiefs in one of Tom Brady’s worst performances of his career throwing two interceptions and fumbling the ball twice on his way to a 2-2 record

Next Week:
Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings (Thursday October 2nd; 8:25 pm ET)
– Which Packers team is going to show up on Thursday Night? The one that put up 38 points against the Bears or the one that could only manage 7 points against the Lions? That will be the focus of this game while the Vikings focus on just getting a win over a division rival

Houston Texans vs. Dallas Cowboys (Sunday October 5th; 1:00 pm ET)
– A matchup of Texas teams is a little more interesting with both teams at 3-1 as the Texans look to continue the season that is expected of them while the Cowboys look to beat their in-state rivals to continue to surprise everyone

Arizona Cardinals vs. Denver Broncos (Sunday October 5th; 4:05 pm ET)
– The Cards are leading one of the toughest divisions in the NFL at 3-0 as they try to continue to roll but the Broncos will have another thing in mind as they look to come out of their bye week by beating an undefeated team and end the streak

Cincinnati Bengals vs. New England Patriots (Sunday October 5th; 8:30 pm ET)
– The Bengals are one of the few undefeated teams left in the NFL as they take on what will be a very angry New England Patriots team after one of their worst showings in recent memory as they look to recover

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