Wednesday Morning QB (NFL Week 2)

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The NFL is not having a good start to their new season as the issues continue to come up and jobs continue to come into question. The indefinite suspension of Ray Rice for Domestic abuse, the multiple drug suspensions, and the issues of Adrian Peterson. It has been one of the worst two weeks for the NFL ever as they continue to deal with off-field issues while trying to put the concentration on the game on the field. They still have to deal with the issues off of the field though as the NFL has been forced to make changes on the fly for problems they never expected to happen. The first of these was changing the Domestic Abuse Policy that was almost non-existence before. This new policy would change the punishment for domestic abuse with the first offence meaning a 6-game suspension while the second offence meaning a lifetime ban from the NFL. The new policy has yet to come into effect although Rice received an indefinite suspension after a new video was released of his assault on his then fiancée. The NFL received plenty of criticism during the Rice scandal for giving him only a two-game suspension for the assault. The criticism was only heightened when looking at other suspensions around the league for drug use. With Josh Gordon receiving a season long suspension for his second offence relating to marijuana use the league seemed to be skewed on how it punished players. Rice received two games for hitting a woman and knocking her unconscious while Gordon smoked marijuana and received a season. The NFL had it clearly wrong and needed to adjust their drug policy to reflect the times and realize that their drug policy did not reflect what is happening. That can be said even more for marijuana which is now legal in Colorado and Washington. The changes for both of these states made many wonder why the NFL continued their policies on the drug to hand out major punishments despite a changing attitude towards the drug. This was a main factor in the NFL looking to change the Drug Policy as the league took a look at the old ways and tried to adjust to the new world and new attitudes. The NFL went to work changing their drug policy amid the issues of the first two weeks. The league decided to make the changes to their policy regarding marijuana by increasing the threshold for testing positive. Under the old threshold players had claimed that they would test positive for even being around the substance. That was not the only changes to the drug policy for the league as they introduced HGH testing to the league. It has long been a point of debate for the league that has never had a major PED scandal. Despite a lack of major issues with PEDs in the NFL there has been a thought that the league has had a problem without having it exposed to the public. A large part of this perceived issue could be the use of Human Growth Hormone in the league but there has never been a comprehensive testing program for HGH. That would change with the adjustments to the drug policy as the league would include testing for HGH. The testing is another big step for the league in their renewed drug policy as the league continues to make adjustments on the fly. The season from hell for the NFL continues on after only two weeks as the league continues to try to fight their way out and adjust as they go. That includes the drug policy that has been changed and is still awaiting full approval from the NFLPA. The league tries to adjust as things happen and tries to get back to talking about football and only football.


Fifth Quarter:
(Thoughts on Week 2 in the NFL)

More Accusations
In the same week where Ray Rice was suspended indefinitely for domestic abuse another star running back in Adrian Peterson was indicted on charges of child abuse after hitting his son with a switch in attempting to discipline his child

Robert Griffin III was one of the most exciting quarterbacks to enter the league but injuries have plagued his short career and in Week 2 another injury put his future in doubt as he dislocated his ankle in an injury that won’t require surgery but could keep him out for a while

The Debut
It has been a long time coming for most fans even if it is only Week 2 as Johnny Manziel made his debut in Cleveland but it was not what many would expect as he had one hand-off and an incomplete pass that was clearly just an exercise in quieting demands for Johnny Football


Key Scores:
Buffalo Bills 29 – 10 Miami Dolphins
– The Buffalo Bills were not expected to be much of a challenger in the NFL this year but they are putting together a great start to the season starting 2-0 after beating Miami convincingly in Week 2

Dallas Cowboys 26 – 10 Tennessee Titans
– The panic surrounding the Dallas Cowboys was clear as they fell in their first game and looked terrible but they rebounded ending the talk around them and bringing calm back to the fans of America’s Team

Cleveland Browns 26 – 24 New Orleans Saints
– The Browns barely lost their opener but still many were seeing the same team they had seen year after year, that all changed in Week 2 when the Browns were able to pull a win out against the Saints on a last minute field goal

Green Bay Packers 31 – 24 New York Jets
– The Green Bay Packers did not look like themselves in the opening half of the game as mistakes multiplied putting them down 18-points in at the start of the game but they climbed back thanks to a great performance from Aaron Rodgers and mistakes from the Jets

Next Week:
Washington vs. Philadelphia Eagles (Sunday September 21st; 1:00 pm ET)
– Washington is now without Robert Griffin III at quarterback for the near future as Kirk Cousins takes over and tries to lead them past the Philadelphia Eagles in a key divisional matchup for the two teams

Dallas Cowboys vs. St. Louis Rams (Sunday September 21st; 1:00 pm ET)
– The Cow boys have shown the good and the ugly in their first two weeks while the Rams have only shown the ugly as the Cowboys try to continue to put wins up after a Week 1 performance that had many wondering if they could compete this year

Baltimore Ravens vs. Cleveland Browns (Sunday September 21st; 1:00 pm ET)
– The Browns have kept it close in both of their games this year and they are trying to get a win against a divisional opponent as they have yet to truly show what type of team they are and if they can compete with the other teams in the division

Denver Broncos vs. Seattle Seahawks (Sunday September 21st; 4:25 pm ET)
– The last time that the Denver Broncos took on the Seattle Seahawks it was not a good night for Peyton Manning as he lost another Super Bowl to the tune of 43-8 and the Seahawks are hoping to see that result again while the Broncos look for revenge

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