MLB Week in Review (September 6-12)

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The postseason is creeping closer and closer as teams continue to try to move their way into the top six teams in the league. With only a few weeks remaining in the season teams are trying to stay or get hot as they look to go into a groove heading into October. That plan does not always work out though as teams have fallen fast this year as they struggle to keep hold of a postseason spot. The biggest collapse has come from the Milwaukee Brewers who one month ago were sitting at the top of the Central division. A first half of the season that put the Brewers far ahead of the St. Louis Cardinals and Pittsburgh Pirates in the division. They seemed like the team to watch after the first half and had almost clinched a division before the postseason race started. A 20-8 record in March and April and an 18-10 record in June had the Brewers on top and looking like a strong team. Then the second half of the season came and the Brewers ended up with a 9-16 record in July and a 13-14 record in August. Since July the Brewers have struggled to stay in the postseason race as one of the biggest second half collapses in a long time. After staying so far away from everyone else in the division it took a while for the Brewers to lose their division lead but eventually they did and the Pirates and Cardinals began their now annual battle for the lead. The Brewers are still in the fight for the postseason and if they can grab a wild card spot they will save face for the season. If they do not get a wild card spot it will be a terrible season for the Brewers who would have a massive collapse in the second half of the season. They are playing better than they have in the last few months but there is still a lot of work to be done to earn a postseason spot. The Detroit Tigers were where the Brewers are now only a few weeks ago after taking a commanding lead in the AL Central division. Their lead slipped away quickly but it was less about their play and more about another team beginning a run at the division lead. The Kansas City Royals have had a great second half to the season and are challenging the Tigers who have rarely had to fight for their division. The Royals were boosted by a great August where they went 19-9 and took over the lead in the Central. They have lost that lead heading into the last few weeks of the season but are right there hoping to get the lead back and earn the division win or at least a wild card spot for their efforts. Meanwhile in the AL East the Toronto Blue Jays are hoping to make an improbable run into the playoffs. After a great start to the season the Blue Jays fell behind at midseason but are hoping that September can be better with a 7-3 record so far in September the Jays look stronger than their last few months but they have a long road to go if they want to make it in and not have a hot streak too late in the season. The postseason race is in full swing as the season winds down in the next few weeks. Still there are no postseason spots that have been taken yet with plenty of room for teams to make one final push through the season. As the race continues the NL West, NL Central, and AL Central are all close with only a few games separating the top of the division with the second place team. The last few weeks will mean all the difference for these divisions as the leads will change every day. The race for some of the divisions is almost over and aside from a collapse by the top teams they will clinch their divisions soon. Other divisions may come down to the last day of the season in what could turn out to be the best race in recent memory as more than one division could come down to the end to determine the winners and the postseason participants.


Extra Innings
(More on the week that was in the MLB)

Baltimore Blow
Chris Davis has been one of the best sluggers in recent years but he will not be there to help his team in the stretch run after admitting to using Adderall for the last few years under a medical exemption but not having that exemption this year and receiving a suspension for it

Pace of Game Committee
As Bud Selig ends his time as the Commissioner of Baseball he looks to solve one of the biggest issues that the MLB has had as he has formed a Pace of Game Committee to solve the issues of the pace of the game that has come under scrutiny this year

Bad End to the Season
The Miami Marlins have not had a great season but Carlos Stanton has been the lone bright spot for them until now as Stanton was hit in the face with a pitch this week ending his season and his MVP candidacy

Red Sox ready to spend
The Boston Red Sox have had a season to forget but with their season quickly coming to a close they have made it clear that the offseason will be one that they are willing to spend on to get back to the top




Key Scores:
New York Yankees 6 – 2 Kansas City Royals
– The Royals are trying to keep pace in the American League wild card race and their own division race but the Yankees would hurt their chances with a win as the Pinstripes try to extend their postseason race

Pittsburgh Pirates 6 – 4 Philadelphia Phillies
– The Pirates are trying to get into the playoffs again with the division all but locked up by the Cards and they would get closer to locking up a wild card spot, beating their in-state rivals the Phillies who couldn’t play spoilers

Atlanta Braves 6 – 2 Washington Nationals
– The NL East has regularly been the division of the Braves but the Nationals are on top and trying to extend their lead in the division while the Braves chipped away at the lead with this win

Seattle Mariners 4 – 2 Oakland Athletics
– The Mariners and Athletics may be heading to a one-game wild card playoff as they got a taste of what either team has to offer as the Mariners took the win with both teams trying to earn a wild card spot

Next Week:
Los Angeles Dodgers vs. San Francisco Giants (Sunday September 14th; 4:05 pm ET)
– The Dodgers are having some issues lately trying to keep he power that gave them the division lead and the Giants are hoping to take advantage of that as they try to chip away at the lead and take over the West

Toronto Blue Jays vs. Baltimore Orioles (Monday September 15th; 7:05 pm ET)
– The Blue Jays are in a weird spot where they are playing great baseball but may have fallen too far behind although the opportunity to beat the division leader could be a chance for them to make a true run at the wild card

Washington Nationals vs. Atlanta Braves (Wednesday September 17th; 7:10 pm ET)
– The Braves and Nationals again face-off with the Braves sitting just on the outside of being a true contender in the division but they are still trying to earn a wild card spot and to get some revenge on their division rivals

Milwaukee Brewers vs. Pittsburgh Pirates (Friday September 19th; 7:05 pm ET)
– The Brewers have fallen far from where they were at the start of the season but they still have a shot at the postseason and they are hoping to take the Pirates out of their wild card spot to earn a postseason spot

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