MLB Week in Review (August 2-8)

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The MLB will go through a major transition heading into next year as the long-time commissioner of baseball will step down from his post. A former owner of the Milwaukee Brewers Selig became the commissioner under some controversy. Fay Vincent became the commissioner in 1989 and oversaw a tumultuous times in the league. When he blamed the owners for stalled labour negotiations because of collusion the owners struck back forming a group that attempted to forcefully remove Vincent as the commissioner. The move worked as the owners voted out Vincent in a non-confidence vote that ended with Bud Selig taking over as the chairman of the Executive Council of Major League Baseball. That position essentially made Selig the commissioner of the baseball as the head of this council. He held this position until 1998 when the owners voted to give him the position on a full-time basis after a tenure that saw him change the postseason format and a players strike. Since 1998 Selig has served as the Commissioner of Baseball and oversaw dome of the biggest growth in the league along with numerous changes. There are plenty of mixed feelings about whether Selig has been a great commissioner or not but the fact is he will leave the league in a better state than when he started. The retirement of Selig has been seen before as multiple times Selig has claimed that he will leave his seat but he never gave up the spot. This year is different as the 80-year-old Selig will finally step down and try to find a replacement. This week it was announced that the new commissioner will be announced next week. At the beginning of the season a committee was created to decide on the replacement for Selig. The current commissioner had little to now say in the process as he took a step back from the process. Claiming that they need to find someone who they want rather than having him put in his two cents, Selig is simply staying out of it while being informed. During the owner’s meetings next week the owners will vote on who they want to be the new commissioner out of the suspected three candidates. The list of candidates has not been officially released but there are three names that have been widely considered to be the top candidates to be the commissioners. The three names are Rob Manfred, Tim Brosnan, and Tom Werner. Rob Manfred is currently the Chief Operating Officer of the MLB and has been involved in the league for multiple years. A labour lawyer who served as council for the owners during the 1994-95 labour dispute and in 1998 joined the league as the Executive Vice President of Economics and League Affairs, Manfred as been involved in important parts of the league for years. He received a promotion to the Chief Operating Officer just last year and is now one of the leading candidates for the Commissioner’s seat. Tim Brosnan is currently the Executive Vice President, Business and has held that position in 2000. He originally joined the league as the VP of International Business Affairs in 1991 and before that was a member of the New York State Commission on Government Integrity. Brosnan has also been a part of the league for a while much like Manfred and has been along with Selig since he took over as the commissioner. The final candidate is Tom Werner who currently serves as the chairman for the Boston Red Sox. Werner is much like Selig in the fact that he is an owner that is looking to take over the league and lead it through his experience as an owner. Originally a television executive at ABC, Werner began his ownership career in 1990 when he led an ownership group in the purchase of the San Diego Padres. After John Moores bought an 80% stake in the Padres, Werner was no longer the majority owner. In 2002 he co-founded the Fenway Sports Group and purchased the Boston Red Sox and Fenway Park. Now Werner looks to become the commissioner as an owner who understands what the owners want. One of these three baseball executives will likely find their new job come next week when the MLB decides on their next commissioner.


Extra Innings
(More on the week that was in the MLB)

An MLB Name Controversy
As the Washington Redskins continue to see pressure from outside to change their name the Cleveland Indians are beginning to hear the same sentiments as a call to change their name and remove the use of their Chief Wahoo logo is getting louder despite the already changing

Biogenesis Continues
The MLB continues to fight against the steroid era as they asked the DEA for a list of names in the Biogenesis scandal although reportedly there were no new names to come out of the request as the league hopes to put the scandal behind them

Pence Signs
As the season continues on there will always be the odd trends that start and one began this week when a pair of New York Mets fans created signs making fun of Hunter Pence and the trend began as anywhere Pence goes the signs come out




Key Scores:
St. Louis Cardinals 9 – 7 Milwaukee Brewers
– The Cardinals are still trying to make up for the massive deficit that was created by the fast start for the Brewers and a win against those Brewers helped as they continue to fight for the top to the division

Los Angeles Angels 5 – 0 Los Angeles Dodgers
– The Freeway Series is always a good one but this year both the Angels and Dodgers are trying to get their spot in the postseason and the Angels took their opportunity beating the Dodgers 5-0 and moving closer to getting that postseason spot

Baltimore Orioles 9 – 3 Toronto Blue Jays
– The Blue Jays and Orioles were fighting for the division crown but the Jays continued to struggled in the second half of the season as they took the loss to the Orioles and fell out of the wild card spot in the process

Pittsburgh Pirates 7 – 2 Miami Marlins
– The Pirates started the season in a bad way after looking so good two seasons before but now they are fighting their way back into the postseason and a win against the Marlins helped them get back into the fight

Next Week:
San Francisco Giants vs. Kansas City Royals (Saturday August 9th; 7:10 pm ET)
– The Giants and Royals are fighting to stay in the battle for the postseason as this series becomes important for both teams as they look to stay in the wild card and make up ground in their own division races

Toronto Blue Jays vs. Seattle Seahawks (Monday August 11th; 10:10 pm ET)
– The Blue Jays are still in the hunt for their first playoff appearance in 20 years and they will have to beat the Seattle Mariners to get their while the Mariners are looking for their own return to the postseason

Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Atlanta Braves (Tuesday August 12th; 8:05 pm ET)
– The Dodgers are at the top of the west and looking to hold that position while the Braves are trying to take over the top spot in their division as both teams look for a win in tight battles for the postseason

Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Washington Nationals (Friday August 15th; 7:05 pm ET)
– The Pirates continue to fight back from a slow start as they hope to take a postseason spot while they take on the East leading Washington Nationals who are hoping to take a hold of their division lead

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