MLB Week in Review (July 12-18)

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The Midsummer Classic has come and gone once again as the MLB All-Star would provide the American League with home field advantage in the World Series. It was another display of the best of the best and was a typical game these days with the AL winning 5-3. More than just home field advantage and a display of the best players in baseball this all-star game would see a passing of the torch. Derek Jeter has been the man in the MLB for years as he is the one player that everyone can say has done it the right way. His time is coming to an end though as this will be his last season in the MLB and the end of an era in baseball. After getting his start as a much touted rookie in 1995 Jeter would make himself into a one of the most beloved players in the game. Granted he will always get boos when he walks into another park but there is no better sign of respect in a sport. The reason people boo Jeter is because they know how dangerous he is and how he can turn a game around with one hit. So they try to get into his head by making it as uncomfortable as possible but any fan from around the league cannot argue the ability of the Yankee captain. In itself that title carries some of the most weight in baseball as some of the biggest names in the sport have been captains of the Yankees. He has built a reputation of being one of the most clutch players in baseball but that is not necessarily the case. Instead Jeter is the most consistent player in baseball as the situation that he is put in means nothing to him and he just consistently performs. Whether it was the middle of the season or the final game of the World Series Jeter never changed. That is what has made him one of the best players in baseball as he was always looked to as a leader for the Yankees. He would also become the model that players have built themselves off of for years. The MLB would like nothing more than having more Derek Jeters in the league as he has been the type of player that the league can proudly say is their own and can use as a model of how to do things. He has rarely been in trouble and does not keep many things public despite his larger than life celebrity. Now the MLB will have to say goodbye to that superstar and would begin to do so at the Midsummer Classic. The all-star game would put this on full display as they would make sure they honoured the perennial all-star on the night. It was a good night for Jeter too as he would play the leadoff role and hitting 2-for-2 with a run. He would be pulled midway through the game to a standing ovation in yet another farewell for the Yankee captain. As Jeter left the game it felt like an era was ending in baseball as it would act like an almost unofficial goodbye to the league. While Jeter said goodbye another player would breakout to announce Jeter’s replacement. It has long been thought that Mike Trout could be the one to fill the hole left when Jeter is gone but much of the talk has been silenced with Trout continuing play well and making not much noise. Trout would start the talk again with his performance in the All-Star game going 2-for-3 and hitting 2 RBIs to earn the All-Star MVP. It was a great performance by the young outfielder and would act as an announcement that Trout is ready to take over the position of the face of the MLB.


Extra Innings
(Extra Thoughts on this week in baseball)

Sabathia out for season
The Yankees have seen plenty of injury woes this season and it has been a large reason for their struggles this year and they would get worse news this week when CC Sabathia was ruled out for the rest of the season having to undergo knee surgery

Top pick unsigned
The Houston Astros have had some bad seasons as of late but they are also building a great minor league system but that system will be without their top pick this year as the Astros failed to sign Brady Aiken

Repeat for Cespedes
The All-Star festivities would kick off with the annual home run derby and it would see a familiar face and an unknown in the end as Todd Frazier would face-off against Yoenis Cespedes in the finals with Cespedes repeating as champion



Key Scores:
American League 5 – 3 National League
– The Midsummer Classic would be a good one with a little bit of everything but in the end the American League would come out on top thanks to performances by Derek Jeter and MVP Mike Trout earning the AL home field advantage in the World Series


Next Week:
Milwaukee Brewers vs. Washington Nationals (Sunday July 20th; 1:35 pm ET)
– The Brewers had a great first half of baseball but struggled into the break while the Nationals were the opposite as both face off looking to stay at the top of their divisions as the second half approaches

Boston Red Sox vs. Toronto Blue Jays (Monday July 21st; 7:07 pm ET)
– The Toronto Blue Jays were sitting at the top of the division in the first half but they would fail to keep it going into the all-star break and are now fighting to get back to winning while the Red Sox are fighting to just start winning

Kansas City Royals vs. Chicago White Sox (Wednesday July 23rd; 2:10 pm ET)
– The Royals and White Sox are looking to get out of the middle of the pack in their divisions as they begin their second halves with mixed results in the first half of the season as the second half means another shot

Oakland Athletics vs. Texas Rangers (Friday July 25th; 8:05 pm ET)
– The A’s and Rangers were fighting for the division in the last few years and now the Rangers are just looking to get back to the race as they try to make up for a poor first part of the season where they can get back into the hunt

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