No Place like Home for Hamilton (2014 British GP Review)

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The British Grand Prix was a continuation of a season were the majority of people were expecting another dominant race by the team that has dominated all season. For the home fans it would be a good thing as they were hoping to see a home favourite win the race in Lewis Hamilton. It was not out of the question either with Hamilton being one of only three drivers to win a race this year. They would be looking to their home guy to win once again as Hamilton would go up against teammate Nico Rosberg on the day but after a 6th place qualifying it was not looking great for the British driver. As Hamilton had struggled a number of other drivers would try to take advantage and earn a spot on the podium that has been tough to get all season. Every driver would go into the race with the expectation of a fairly straight up race with little to no events but that would not be the case. The race has never really been the most exciting ace in a season with an open track that leaves plenty of room to pass. That would not necessarily be the case for the 2014 version of the race as it would get exciting almost immediately. In only the second lap of the race Kimi Raikonnen would lose control of his car and hit Felipe Massa. The crash was a major one as both Massa and Raikonnen would leave the race. The course itself would take some damage and the race would be stopped to repair a broken barrier. It was a lengthy gap in the race as driver’s would reset on the grid and get out of their cars while the track officials repaired the damage. With the race ready to start-up again it was Rosberg heading the pack as he had kept his pole position through the start of the race. Meanwhile Hamilton had made up some ground at the start of the race after qualifying 6th. He would be fourth on the restart and look to take out Jenson Button and Kevin Magnussen to begin the race with his teammate and the championship leader in Rosberg. It wouldn’t take Hamilton too long to get up to the spot that he was looking for as one lap after the restart Hamilton would get past Magnussen and Button to sit in second pace. It was the race that has been happening all year as Rosberg and Hamilton would continue to battle it out for the top spot once again. They would stay that way for most of the race as Hamilton would look to make up ground on Rosberg but could never quite get there. That was until the 28th lap when Rosberg would suffer a gearbox problem with his car stuck in 5th gear. The problem would give Hamilton the opportunity to overtake his teammate for good as Rosberg would be forced to drop out of the race. Hamilton would takeover the lead and take the win but his was not the only accomplishment of the day. At the restart there was a lot more than just Hamilton coming up from back in the pack. Valtteri Bottas would do the same as he would climb from much further back and continue to pressure Sebastian Vettel as they creeped closer to the top of the pack. With fresh tire Bottas would take Vettel and move into second place where he would finish. Meanwhile Daniel Riccardo would continue his strong season as he would move his way up to the podium once again. It was an eventful race in what was expected to be a fairly uneventful race.

It was a race that would see some new faces on the podium as Rosberg would finish off of the podium for the first time this year. Meanwhile his team would cruise to the victory and would break a long streak for the British fans. It had been a long time since the British fans would see a hometown driver get the win at the British Grand Prix. The last man to do it was Hamilton who won the 2008 Grand Prix. When he won in 2008 he would break the streak of seven straight races without a British driver standing on top of the podium. Since that time there had yet to be another British driver at the top of the podium. Coming into the race there was a good chance for Hamilton to break the streak again and he would go out and do it in great fashion. With the bad qualifying the race was in doubt at the start but with some great diving and a bit of luck the Brit would take the win at home. More importantly Hamilton would make up some major ground on his teammate with Rosberg unable to earn any points with an early retirement ending his race. Rosberg still sits at the top of the driver’s championship, although with less of a lead, and Hamilton is sitting right behind him as the race remains close. Meanwhile Bottas would take his first podium ever after some good races leading up to Britain. With the win he would get something going for the Williams team that has struggled this year to keep their cars on the track. Filling out the rest of the podium would be Daniel Ricciardo who his having the season of his career so far. Clearly taking over for world champion Vettel, who finished 5th, Ricciardo has been a constant in the race for the podium and would finish with another podium finish. After Britain not a lot has changed but the race for the driver’s title remains a close one and is sure to be something to watch for the rest of the season.


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