MLB Week in Review (May 31-June 6)

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The MLB is in an era where pitchers have become the most important aspects of the game every year. With the evolution of a new dead ball era teams are always looking to get the advantage on the mound. They are all trying to find the next great pitcher for their team to take over games and to do that they have looked in plenty of places. One of those places that these teams look for their next great pitcher is the MLB draft where pitchers become the most sought after prospects. The MLB draft represents a chance for teams for teams to reload their minor leagues and prepare for the future. Unlike most drafts though the MLB draft has a lot less of a direct effect on the MLB teams. The young players that are being drafted in this MLB draft may not have an impact on the league for another few years. It takes a lot of time to develop n baseball and drafted players usually have to go through the steps to make it to the major leagues. That can take years and more than half of the players drafted never make the major leagues. With the success rate so low for players the MLB draft is more of a chance to grab as many potential great players as possible with the chance that only a few will ever make an impact on the major club. So as teams prepare for the draft they look to add as many good bets as possible in the hopes that one of them will work out. That is truer now than ever for pitchers as every team is looking for five good starters and they try to find their future starters in the draft. Pitchers are some of the most popular picks in the draft with the pitchers going in the top three picks of the draft this year. As important as pitchers are in this era what is becoming more important for every team is a chance to get a player that can change a game by beating the pitchers. Position players were very popular in this year’s draft as teams looked for that player that can provide some offence in a league that has struggled to find offence. They will be the future of the game as teams hope that with some development they can be the next generation of baseball and can break the hold that pitchers seem to have on the game right now. The MLB draft is an important part of the MLB season as teams take a look at the future they may have on their teams. The draft is still not a big part to the calendar though as many people don’t realize that it is happening and there is not a lot of media surrounding it. The draft is getting bigger and with the MLB Network covering every round of the draft they are looking to make it a big event much like other sports. The obstacle is the fact that these players don’t have a big impact on their teams right away. Seeing somebody drafted in the NFL, NBA, or NHL means that the player could likely be with the team the next year and have an impact. The MLB draft sees a player drafted and that player may have an impact in three or four years. For fans it is not the most thrilling to see a player drafted only to not see them for a long time. These draft picks are an essential part to the MLB teams but for fans they are forgotten easily. The talk of someone being a first round or first overall pick is rare in baseball as it’s only seems to come around during the draft. Aside from that there are very few players that have a big enough name to be watched from the start to the finish in the draft. In fact there were only really two in Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper who made an impact immediately and were both considered can’t miss prospects. This year there are no players like that and there will be forgotten names but for the MLB teams it was a chance to reload and get that pitcher or that position player that can make a difference down the road.


Extra Innings
(Extra Thoughts on this week in baseball)

First Overall
With the first overall pick in the MLB draft the Houston Astros would take Brady Aiken a left-handed pitcher from Cathedral Catholic High School in California as the Team USA product will look to develop quickly for the Astros

A Legend Lost
He was a great manager and one of the true baseball men, spending almost 6 decades in the game, but this week Don Zimmer would leave the baseball world, passing away after heart surgery at 83 years old

Ahead and Behind it’s time
In 1989 a stadium with a retractable roof with 50,000+ seats would open its doors for the Toronto Blue Jays in a feat that was ahead of its time and 25 years later it is still standing as the, now Rogers Centre, celebrated it’s quarter-century this week



Key Scores:
Toronto Blue Jays 12 – 2 Kansas City Royals
– Just a few days after ending their long winning streak the Jays would come back strong beating the Royals with a powerful offence that would put up 12 runs while rookie Marcus Stroman shut down the Royals offence

Oakland Athletics 5 – 2 New York Yankees
– The Oakland A’s would take on the big bad Yankees that they have become very familiar with through the playoffs in the last two years and they would get past them as they continue to have a steady season at the top of their division

Cleveland Indians 7 – 4 Boston Red Sox (12th)
– The red Sox continued to struggle this year as the World Series hangover seems to be taking hold as they would take the Indians into the 12th inning but could not pull out the win as they slipped further to the bottom of the division

Los Angeles Dodgers 7 – 2 Colorado Rockies
– The Dodgers would continue their climb back into the battle for the division as they would take on the team ahead of them and overtake them in the standings with a win while the Rockies are beginning to falter as the summer gets going


Next Week:
New York Mets vs. San Francisco Giants (Sunday June 8th; 4:05 pm ET)
– The Giants will take on the team that was essentially their replacement in New York as they look to get a bigger lead in their division while the Mets are trying to get back into the fight in their own division

Boston Red Sox vs. Baltimore Orioles (Monday June 9th; 7:05 pm ET)
– The Red Sox and the Orioles are struggling this year after being two of the best last year and they will take on each other looking to get something going before they are out of the race early in the season

Oakland Athletics vs. Los Angeles Angels (Wednesday June 11th; 10:05 pm ET)
– The battle for this division has been between the A’s and the Rangers for the last few years but this year it seems to be coming down to the two teams from California as the A’s and Angels look to take a win in the battle for the division

Washington Nationals vs. St. Louis Cardinals (Friday June 13th; 8:15 pm ET)
– The Nationals are just starting to get back into the fight for the East and they will have to take on one of the more steady teams in the league as they try to continue their rise against the Cards

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