MLB Week in Review (May 10-16)

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This MLB season will be the end of an era in baseball as two of the most important figures in the sport will end their careers at the conclusion of the season. Derek Jeter and Bud Selig have been the face of baseball for two decades and both will end their time in the league at the end of 2014. For Derek Jeter the end of the season will mean the end of being the face of the sport and the prototype of a baseball player. Jeter has long been considered the one player who has done things the right way through his entire career. He is the type of player that every team looks for to help lead the team to championships. He is a player that is rarely in trouble on or off the field as he has never been suspended. He has also been one of the most consistent players in the MLB since he started his career in 1995. He has rarely had a bad season and has been able to produce year after year. He is the player that every team looks for because they can count on him being there, day in and day out and producing every season. This will be his last season in the MLB as the end of an era on the field for the MLB as the face of baseball will step away from the game. Although he is sure to be around the league for a while after he ends his playing time his time on the field will end. As the face of baseball on the field ends his playing career the face of baseball off the field will call it quits as well. Bud Selig has announced that the 2014 season would be the last announcing his retirement as the commissioner of baseball. Selig has been the man behind some of the biggest changes in the history of the game as he would establish inter-league play, the adjusted postseason, MLB replay, and would oversee some of the most challenging times in baseball including the steroid era. Selig has made his mark on the game of baseball and although the debate over whether his changes were positive or negative will go on for years after he walks away from the commissioner’s office. He was a part of some of the best and the worst times in baseball and among it all he remained true to what he wanted to do. The debate can be over if his way was right or wrong but there is little doubt that Selig was a leader with a strong vision for where baseball should be and where it needs to go in the future. As the season moves on both of these men will see their time as the face of baseball end and so people begin to look for their replacements. For Bud Selig the replacement will be decided at the end of the year when the owners choose who their next commissioner will be. The decision is a big one as the MLB must choose someone who follows the same traditions as former commissioners and yet must also choose someone with the ability to see that the MLB does need to move forward. The new commissioner will need to please the owners but also make sure that the MLB is not lost in the shuffle of an always changing sports world. A few names have emerged as the potential successor to Selig and the process has already begun. A selection committee to decide the successor to Selig was formed this week with St. Louis Cardinals CEO Paul DeWitt Jr. leading the committee. Names like Bob Bowman, Rob Manfred, Stan Kasten, Tim Brosnan, and Ruben Amaro Jr. have all been brought up as a replacement. All have been in the business of baseball with some owners or executives on teams and other involved in the front office of baseball. The selection committee will decide, in private, who will succeed Selig in this office in a very important decision for the league. For the other face of baseball leaving the game the replacement is not as neatly decided. Derek Jeter has been the face of baseball for a long time and there has rarely been another player that has been a hero and has not gotten in trouble after the pressure built. The search for his replacement has been coming for years but there has yet to be somebody who has fit the bill. Many are looking to a young star in the making in Mike Trout to be that replacement as he seems to fit the bill. He is a young star with down home roots in New Jersey that wants to live a simple life and likes to stay out of the papers. He is also a lot less streaky than most players as he remains calm at all points whether he strikes out or hits a home run. For many traditionalists he is the replacement as he plays the game the right way. If he can continue to do this and can remain consistent he may just be the replacement for Jeter as the face of baseball but there is still some years before he can take the title despite Jeter leaving at the end of the year. The end of this season in baseball will be like no other as two staples of the game will walk away and leave a lasting legacy on the game forever.


Extra Innings
(Extra Thoughts on this week in baseball)

Another Young Arm under the Knife
The Tommy John epidemic in baseball continues as the young up and coming ace for the Miami Marlins, Jose Fernandez, will be the latest young pitcher to go under the knife for Tommy John surgery bringing the epidemic into focus once again

Another shot for Tejada?
Miguel Tejada is a former MVP and was in the league up until the end of last year when he was suspended for testing positive for amphetamines but the Miami Marlins seem to be willing to give him another shot to play baseball with reports that they are prepared to sign him

Targeting Pitchers in the Draft
The MLB draft is only a few short weeks away and MLB teams are clearly looking for one thing as the draft approaches with pitchers taking most of the top spots in many mock drafts as everyone tries to find the next great pitcher




Key Scores:
Los Angeles Dodgers 6 – 2 San Francisco Giants
– The Dodgers have had a rough start to the season as they have slid to the middle of the division where they were supposed to be competing for the top but a win against their division rivals made a small dent in trying to get to the top of the west again

St. Louis Cardinals 6 – 5 Pittsburgh Pirates
– The Pirates are trying to climb back into the fight for the Central as they would try to do that against one of the top teams in the division but would come up just short despite an attempt to come back late in the game

New York Mets 12 – 7 New York Yankees
– The subways series would get underway again but in what usually was an easy game for the Yankees the Mets would show some offensive power dinging the Bronx Bombers for 12 runs and out-scoring them in a big way

Toronto Blue Jays 2 – 0 Texas Rangers
– The Blue Jays have struggled to find consistent pitching and Drew Hutchison has been one of the problems but in this game it would be different as Hutchison would go toe-to-toe with Yu Darvish and would outduel him guiding the Jays to the win


Next Week:
Detroit Tigers vs. Boston Red Sox (Sunday May 18th; 8:05 pm ET)
– The Tigers have once again risen to the top of the Central division building a strong lead in while the Boston Red Sox have sunken near the bottom of the East as they look to gain some ground as they hope to beat the Tigers

Los Angeles Dodgers vs. New York Mets (Tuesday May 20th; 7:10 pm ET)
– The Dodgers hand the Mets have both had their money issues in the past but both have recovered and are now looking like promising teams but they are both sitting at the bottom of their divisions hoping to get back into the fight

Texas Rangers vs. Detroit Tigers (Thursday May 22nd; 1:08 pm ET)
– For the last few years Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera would form one of the scariest tandems in the MLB but this offseason Fielder was shipped to Texas and now will make his return to Detroit for the first time hoping to show that the Tigers made the wrong choice

St. Louis Cardinals vs. Cincinnati Reds (Friday May 23rd; 7:10 pm ET)
– The Cards and the Reds have been fighting it out for the Central division for the last few years but now the fight is for second after the Brewers stand at the top spot in the division as the Reds and the Cards look to position themselves in a fight with Milwaukee

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