MLB Week in Review (April 12-18)

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One year ago this week the Boston Marathon would take on a new place in history when two bombs were detonated during the race. These two bombs would kill three people and injure 264 in a terrorist act that would rock the world. The attacks would become a much bigger story with the manhunt of the two people responsible for the bombings. The attacks would have a massive effect in Boston as a new movement arose out of the tragedy when Boston Strong was created. Bostonians have always been known as a proud people that have extreme loyalty to the place that they grew up. That would be shown more than ever when Boston Strong became a rallying cry for the city. Boston is also known for their love of sports as they are some of the most loyal and diehard fans in every league. When Boston was going through the worst event they have ever seen the Boston Red Sox would put the city on their back and carry them out of the darkness of the day. On the day of the marathon the Red Sox had played an afternoon game and fans were happy and celebrating until the bombs went off. After the bombings the Red Sox would become the rallying point for the entire city and they would carry the city through the rough time. The Red Sox have always been a team that seemed to perfectly express the city and the fans would feel that every time the new season began. In 2013 they would do the same thing when the season started. After the tragedy their position in the Boston sports became even more important. They would take that position to heart and would play their entire season for the city and for those who lost someone or for those who were seriously injured at the Boston Marathon. They would take that role all the way to the World Series where they would win another championship and in the end help to heal the city with their team coming out on top and having some type of normalcy back. A year after the tragedy at the Boston Marathon the Red Sox were back in action and the marathon is planned to race on April 21st as the city continues to recover. Meanwhile the Red Sox continue to be the team that binds a city together and an example of the power of sports. It has happened time and time again where a city is in dire need of something to believe in and something to make everything seem normal. Sports can be that escape that people need to forget about everything bad happening in their lives. That is why we all love and watch sports as it provides an escape from everything else and in a time that everyone just wants to get back to normal, even if it is for the length of a baseball game it is still an escape. The Boston Red Sox provided this escape that all Bostonians were seeking as they could forget about what happened for a brief time and focus on their favourite players and their favourite team. The events a year ago would only make Boston’s connection to the Boston Red Sox that much stronger. The Red Sox now hold an even stronger connection to the city that they play and it has become something that almost no other team in baseball or another league can or ever will have. It has become a special thing to play for Boston as it is much more than a team as they continue to play for a city that is still healing. They will forever be known as the team that was there at the worst time and a team that was there when everything was unsure. It will become even more evident when the Red Sox host the Orioles on April 21st during the celebration of Patriots’ Day when the Boston Marathon runs for the first time since the bombings.


Extra Innings
(Extra Thoughts on this week in baseball)

Strange Yankee Stat
There is a lot of debate over whether CC Sabathia is still a true MLB ace but he does own a very unique distinction after this week as he became the only pitcher to be on the mound for the last three Yankees’ triple plays since 1969

The New Super Rookie?
The Astros continue to be one of the worst teams in the league despite a hot start to the season but they would show a glimmer of hope when they called up Jordan Springer who is the most prized prospect in the Astros’ system

Puig’s Life in Danger?
Yasiel Puig has caused a lot of problems off of the field but now he is dealing with something a lot more serious as he received death threats from the people that brought him to the USA in a daring escape that became public in an interview with ESPN The Magazin




Key Scores:
Cleveland Indians 12 – 6 Chicago White Sox
– The White Sox are looking to try to come back this year and begin to fight with the Detroit Tigers for the top spot but they will not be able to do that if they keep performing like this as the Indians would stomp them putting up 12 runs

Seattle Mariners 7 – 1 Texas Rangers
– The Mariners had a good start to the season and they would show that they are ready to fight despite falling to the bottom of the standings as they would send a message to the Rangers in putting up 7 runs and taking the win

New York Yankees 3 – 0 Chicago Cubs
– The Yankees would do something that has rarely been done as a cancelled game would lead to a second game on the days that they would be able to win via a shutout that marked the second shutout of the day for the Yankees

Minnesota Twins 9 – 5 Toronto Blue Jays
– The Blue Jays and Tins would fight it out in a very cold day that would see a double-header thanks to snow the day before and the Twins would win both games including this second game where the Blue Jays would collapse thanks to their bullpen allowing 6 runs in the 8th inning


Next Week:
Baltimore Orioles vs. Boston Red Sox (Sunday April 21st; 11:05 am ET)
– The Red Sox will host the Orioles on what is sure to be the most emotional day of their season as they play their annual game on Patriots’ Day just before the Boston Marathon starts again for the first time since the bombings

Chicago White Sox vs. Detroit Tigers (Tuesday April 22nd; 7:08 pm ET)
– The matchup will always bring back memories of the Disco Demolition Night as these two division rivals continue to fight as the White Sox look to become the first team to truly challenge the Tigers in the division

Cincinnati Reds vs. Pittsburgh Pirates (Wednesday April 23rd; 7:05 pm ET)
– The Reds and Pirates would fight it out all year to try to earn a spot in the postseason and they will resume that battle this year with both teams looking like they will be at the top of the division and in the wild card hunt again

Miami Marlins vs. New York Mets (Friday April 25th; 7:10 pm ET)
– The Marlins had a great start to the season but have fallen off and back into their old losing ways as they take on another teams that has gotten used to losing in the Mets in a matchup of two long suffering teams

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