Sochi 2014 Olympic Update (Day 16)

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The Olympics would officially end on Day 16 as the Closing Ceremonies would officially end the spectacular two-week display of winter sports. In the last day of the games the Canadians would take home the gold in the premier event of the games. They would beat the Swedes 3-0 in the gold medal hockey game while Russia would sweep the Men’s 50km Cross-Country race, and would take the gold in the four-man bobsled. They were the last few events in the Olympic program for another four years as Russia would say goodbye to the biggest sporting event in Russian history. 18 days ago the world would look at Russia with a lot of questions leading up to the first competitions of the 2014 Winter Olympics. When Sochi, Russia was announced as the host city seven years ago the world would turn up their eyebrows wondering how they could get it. Russia was still a mystery to most of the world as the thoughts of them being a backwards country stuck in the 1980s were still prevalent. That thought was only added to when Russia would announce an anti-gay law before the Olympics and would see a $51 billion price tag to the games with reports of corruption throughout the building of the Olympic venues. The Olympics were under a lot of scrutiny as many people did not know what would happen when a sub-tropical city would host the winter games while under threat of terrorist attack. It was an Olympic games that were under a lot of scrutiny as the slightest problem was going to be brought to light and shown to world as the Russians dropping the ball. Days before the Olympics this was true as the hotels for media were far from ready as rooms were still under construction and the water was undrinkable. Then the game would start and Russia would be thrust into the limelight and would soak in the glare. The Winter Olympics were a display of not only great stories and great sports but what can be done when a country takes the games as a chance to show the world that they are ready to step into the modern world. Russia would spend $51 billion on the games but that money would go about to create an almost brand new town. Sochi was a resort city before the games but during the games the city would turn into a brilliant modern city with some of the best looking buildings in the Olympics. They would create a ski resort from scratch at Rosa Khutor and would plan far ahead of just the 2014 games. Some of the buildings have already been sold and will be shipped out soon while the rest will remain and will play host to many more events in the near future. Sochi will host a Formula 1 Race this year that will use Fisht Stadium, home to the opening and closing ceremonies, as the middle of the stadium will be removed to let the cars drive through. The stadium will also be featured in the 2018 World Cup when Russia hosts and will use Sochi and Fisht Stadium as one of the venues. The money was spent and it was controversial but the money was spent for much more than two weeks in 2014 as Sochi will be a focal point in the sports world for years to come. The money would also go to one of the largest security budgets in the history of the Olympics to ensure that the threats on the games were not realized and that would prove to be a good investment. Luckily nothing would happen in the Olympics as the biggest fear in the Olympics was not realized. Another fear for Sochi was the weather but despite as a few days were fog would hamper the weather would not affect the games, although it would still be a major story. Russia would take the spotlight of the world watching them to show that they are a lot more than the Cold War images that most people think of when they think of Russia. They would show that they are a modern country ready to take a focus in the new world. There are plenty of problems to fix in Russia of course as corruption and anti-gay laws are still major issues but the Sochi Games would become as much a political statement as a display of great sports. After all of the worries the Olympics would end up being a great two weeks for everyone involved and the fans would love watching it. Although there were still issues outside of the games it was a successful Olympics as fans cheered and athletes achieved their dreams in another great two weeks. Now the focus will shift to Rio de Janeiro where the 2016 Summer Games will take place while the winter athletes and fans look to Pyeongchang, South Korea for the 2018 games as the 2014 games are in the books and have been put as another chapter into the Olympic history and it is sure to be a great one.


Canadian Story:

Good Showing for Canada
Team Canada went into the Olympics wanting to be the top team in the Olympics and although they wouldn’t get there the Canadians would have a good showing earning 25 total medals. Although a number of athletes would disappoint the new Canadian attitude towards the Olympics would show as the home advantage was gone and yet they remained one of the top teams in the Olympics and would show that the extreme sports suited them. They would have amazing performances by some athletes and amazing displays of sportsmanship by athletes and coaches alike. It was not the games that many were expecting but it would put the Canadian athletes on the map where they will stay as a true winter power in the Olympics.


Day 16 Medal Results:

Four Man Bobsleigh
1. Russia
2. Latvia
3. USA

Men’s 50km Mass Start
1. Alexander Legkov (Russia)
2. Maxim Vylegzhanin (Russia)
3. Ilia Chernousov (Russia)

Men’s Hockey
1. Canada
2. Sweden
3. Finland


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